This is what´s gonna propably happen in the final episode of the walking dead season 4

Episode starts with Rick, Carl and Michonne walking through the woods, Rick spots a homemade trap and takes a rabbit that is stuck in it.

Rick then explains the functionality of the traps to Carl. Almost an instant later a scream is heard and Carl starts to run, followed closely by Michonne. Rick chases Carl and Michone, they reach the site where the screams were heard and witness a few walkers, Carl pulls his gun and shoots two of them, a man comes running by saying he did not want to go to Terminus, soon after he is surrounded and eaten by walkers.

Starts Music
The walkers are distracted eating the remaining man, some goes toward Michonne and ends up getting killed with her katana, then she finds a walker stuck on the ground and steps on it!
Then we see the group of Daryl walking on the road and find traces of the possible killer of Lou (Rick carl and michonne) and decide to follow the traces.
Daryl says that they may be walkers, but Joe says they are not walkers and that the tracks are too close together and that they are approaching them, so the Marauders start running.
Michonne talks to Carl about how he shouldnt have done what he had done previously and then
they start walking with Rick.

At one point they find a walker who comes to them , but kill it immediately , then more walkers are close. Rick seems to be surrounded by walkers , when the group of Daryl appear and kill the walkers.

The Marauders finally catch up and start claiming: "This is mine" and take all of Rick, Carl and Michonne's belongings ( weapons, bags).
Tony pulls Michonne 's katana from its holder, Daryl is watching the situation and rages, and is immediately struck by one of the marauders, and gets a black eye, Joe starts talking about the rules of the group.

Joe changes his mind and decides not to hit daryl again,and starts being racist with Michonne and stroking her sword then mocks Carl how nice it would be to abuse him. It unleashes the fury of Rick, Rick stands in front of Joe and begins a furious, fight to the death , Michonne pushes Tony, taking her katana back, killing Tony and Harley, Daryl kills Billy with his crossbow, Carl at last kills Dan.
Rick soon falls to the ground all bloody after brutally beating Joe, but Joe starts to laugh even all bloody.

Daryl goes to joe and kills him with his crossbow, Daryl says that "he is mine".
At another point, we get a peek at Tyresse speaking with Carol about ther past lives and what will change when coming to Terminus.
After that, Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl arrive outside Terminus, but do not go ahead , due to mistrust and being told by the stranger that Terminus is a trap .
Rick tells Daryl to stand outside and keep watch, Rick, Carl and Michonne are approached by two people who lead them to Mary, who invites them to make themselves at home.
Rick, Michonne and Carl are going slowly, they go through a hidden room and enter a room that is full of candles. There is writing on the walls "always ", Rick, Carl and Michonne note the coziness of the place, but the place has bad smell, and it draws the attention of Rick.
Rick asks why the smell is so foul, the two guys say it's the food today,and attack Rick with knives, Michone and Rick murder them and two of the members, including Mary, Rick captures another member and makes them a hostage, then asks him who is the leader at terminus, if they dont speak up he will kill him.

Daryl and Rick then strategize and Daryl asks if everything is alright, Rick says is not, asks Daryl to provide hidden coverage.
The Member of Terminus reports that the leader is called Gareth, Rick asks to be taken to him, Rick with the member in custody and starts a discussion with Gareth asking where are the rest of his people. ( as in the promo), Gareth nods his hand and another member on the residence shoots at Rick, screaming at him to release the hostage.
The shootout begins , Gareth escapes, Rick shoots at the member, as the member falls over from fatal injures, Daryl hears the commotion and murders the hostage!
In another scene we see Carol and Tyresse reaching Terminus, Carol gets happy, but Tyresse distrusts and tells Carol to not go in, it is not safe. They argue and Carol enters insistently, behind follows Tyresse.

Rick and Michonne explore the grounds and upon entering another room , where there is a lot of smoke, Daryl asks what it is, but nobody answers , so Daryl also enters the room, they open the door of a kitchen, on top of a table is the head of Beth and Rick starts screaming desperately.
End of the episode and the season.

So I found this text on site which name I don´tremember so there is chanche that this text isn´t 100% true but it sounds legit to me.



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