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Are there any choices or dialogue options that are 'off limits' for you?

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I've completed TWD a few times now, attempting to give Lee/Clem different personalities each playthrough. Over time I've noticed that there are some choices and dialogue options that I can't bring myself to use, no matter how much of an jerkass my character is. Here are some examples...

  • Siding with Larry at the drugstore

  • Making Kenny kill Duck

  • Hiding the bite

  • Lying to Walt

Are there any lines that you refuse to cross? Any options that are just too brutal, cowardly or mean?

  • Can't pick any hardened/badass dialogue choices as Clem in S2.

    I just can't.

    • You mean like "who's baby is it?" That one is too much fun to pass up! I've never blackmailed Alvin though.

      • You can blackmail him, then apologize and back out of the blackmail attempt ("I wouldn't really do that...but I don't have a lot of options"). It's rather cute, you still get the supplies and the juice box because he realizes how desperate Clem is, and for once it's the only going-halfway course of action ever to work in TWD.

  • Yeha, I always try to be an asshole on my second playthrough, but I never can. I'm just a little inpolite...

  • Telling Vernon to do anything but walk away. Granted, I think "Walk Away" is far too aggressive, but I'm not agreeing to give Clem over to him.


  • Great thread nice and original love it

    • Siding with Larry was No NO for me wouldn''t want hurt innocent child
    • Not saving Larry was big NO for me as he does have charm coming out of his ass
    • Calling Kenny a murderer and not siding with Kenny over what he did to Larry anything else NO
    • Not saving Ben yes big idiot but just so evil really hard choice but never let him drop
    • Ask Vernon to take Clem NEVER GOING HAPPEN!!!
    • Eating all the food to yourself while kids starve is big NO for me
    • Tell Clem to shoot Lee for me never happening

    But so many more lol

    • Out of curiosity, why not let Clem shoot Lee? In my mind, it's a no win situation. Either Clem is traumatized by having to shoot you or she feels even more guilty, because she left you to turn. Personally, I tend toward having her shoot him for the sake of closure.

      I agree about the food. I don't think I've ever kept the last piece.

      • Just back now

        Because for me never can give up hope that lee will live and in that moment actually felt like Lee in the scene once bullet shot all chances are over. Second thorough whole game never killed anyone but walkers to show Clem killing is wrong never lose your morals and I refuse to have Lee life on her conscience and lose moral I Taught her. Thirdly Save a Bullet more for herself

    • Gotta respect the charm out of larrys ass

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I try not to let Clem swear too much as she hated to in season 1, the only time i chose to swear on my first playthrough was "I'm not a asshole" as it seemed like a funny response and it isn't too rude.

    On my second playthrough i did make her say "holy shit" when she saw Kenny :P

    In season 1 i did a asshole Lee playthrough but i could never be a asshole to Clem no matter how hard i tried.

  • Threatening Vernon was definitely one of them. It's amazing how much an asshole Lee becomes to them at that moment.

  • I think just that I can't leave Lee to turn but apart from that no. Though several season 1 options dont make much sense.

  • Going with Nick = No Way. It's Pete always. Had to watch on Youtube that Nick scene.

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