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(Resolved) Season 2 ep 1 disappeared after it couldn't find season 1 save

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EDIT: Turns out in order to get the game back I had to download the trial version of Season 2 episode 1 as well. Weird. I also tried 'jumping' straight from Season 1 to Season 2 like some others in the forum have suggested, and now it's found my save files.
Couldn't work out how to delete this post, though!

Hi, I downloaded The Walking Dead Season 2 pass from PlayStation Network. After downloading and installing episodes 1 & 2, the game can’t find my Season 1 save files to import. All Season 1 episodes were completed. I bought a disc copy of Season 1 and also completed the 400 Days DLC.

I was signed into the PSN and online when I installed Season 2 and I think it installed the patch/update. It could not find the Season 1 save files so I restarted the PS3 console. When it could still not find the save files, I tried deleting the Season 2 game and re-downloading it. However, even though it says Episode 1 is downloaded, it doesn’t show up on my PS3 anymore. Only episode 2 shows up.

I am trying to play on a PS3 and all games were purchased in the UK.
I also emailed support about this (Ticket 25649) but realised they wouldn't reply until at least Monday so thought maybe someone would be able to help me before then on here? This is really frustrating!

- Eleanor

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