Telltale Give Your Moderators the Ability To IP Ban Petition

As we all know troll attacks have been getting worse as of late. Trolls have been more aggressive in their attacks, going so far as to post child pornography. If you look at The Walking Dead forum, you'd get the idea. This place is supposed to be a clean place for people, and in some countries child pornography is a crime! For example, Canada, where I live. Trolls are not only insulting and ruining the community, but also risking people's lives by increasing the chance of getting arrested for unintentionally viewing such distasteful images.

Yes, mods has the ability to ban user accounts. But that does not stop trolls from coming back with new accounts and posting the same crap. I believe and a majority of the community would rather have IP bans now, after latest events. I'm seriously considering of not being here as much, perhaps never again, after the crap I've seen. Also I believe we need moderators who live in different time zones so we have at least 1 mod around all day long, per se. Please Telltale Games, give moderators the ability to IP ban!

Please help this community in keeping this place safe!


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