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What are your unpopular opinions about the characters/anything in the game?

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What do you think about certain characters? Share any opinion that you think not to many people agree with here.

  • Carlos is an idiot oh wait everyone thinks that lol. but in seriousness I think sarah is naïve but cool a lot of people would probably disagree with me there. I still like bonnie despite this episode I think she will turn out to be cool.

    Nick is the coolest, funniest character, and probably my favorite character in the game(excluding Clem and kenny)

    • Yeah I really think Bonnie is going to end up being a good person (ie: Helping Clem escape with the group or something), as for Carlos, I actually like him, even though he is a bit overprotective of Sarah. Sarah annoyed me at first, but I genuinely think she's a kind girl, and I hope she brings that side of Clem we are all missing back.

  • That I dont like Kenny. That's probably the main one

    Oh and that I like Nick

  • Rebecca might actually be cool.
    She's still a jerk, but maybe I'll start to like her soon. I still remember her wanting to shoot clementine.

  • Carlos is pretty stupid and a bad doctor of what we have seen so far, but atleast he can shoot a gun. I'm looking at you Alvin.

  • I felt no emotion toward Omid or Sam the dog deaths both felt so forced for me without building enough depth so just found them annoying

    I Hate new direction on first game only needed 100,000 sales to break even with small budget and sold over 21 million so in theorie could potentially making a game where could expand everything in great depth gameplay, decisions, length etc. Instead like tried make cheaper game less gameplay, more cutscenes, linear sections, no hub areas, short episodes etc.

    Not happy with Kenny I just got lucky answer lazy shortcut by the writers

    Carlos a doctor?

    Adults need unknown child to do everything who can't do basic things?

    Love the game but here come the downthumbs but at least I'll be honest

  • Kenny.

    Lack of emotional investment in characters.

    Clementine doing everything. Turning off a turbine? Dafuq?

    The 16 month time skip and the 5 day time skip


    Rip Omid!!

    Small nitpick things (Carver henches firing from the hip)

    Where is Christa?


    Initial reaction by the people in the cabin, specifically Rebecca

    The overall stupidity of the cabin group members

    Oh.. and Kenny.

    Begin the downvotes, I'm prepared.

    • haha, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, did I mention Kenny? :)

    • Expand Viva on kenny which one

      A) Because he killed larry

      B) His return didn't make sense

      C) Wanted some one else to return

      D) Rather Kenny die a hero then live long enough to become a villain

      E) Liked old beard better


    • Clementine doing everything. Turning off a turbine? Dafuq?

      Clementine volunteers to do stuff like that because she wants to prove that she's not some little kid. Also they were quick to let her do so in that situation because they needed as many people as possible to scan the trees for walkers, so arguing about it would just make them lose time.

      • Alright, if there were a bomb ticking away would they have let her disarm it? Even if she asked real nice like? I doubt it. It's just silly to think the adults would let her turn it off. Hell I would have expected one of them to throw her out of the way and tell her to shoot the walkers long before they would let her tackle the turbine by herself. That scene was disgusting, I'm just trying to forget it.

        • Just think of it like this Viva so it can seem more realistic. She was the only one with a light source. Yea it sounds like i'm forcing it there but that's what made the scene work a little for me.

        • I just had this one big "HOLY FUCK" moment.

          In S1E1,Clementine told Lee that her dad was an engineer,now a brief Google search has told me,that engineers DO work on wind turbines. So,maybe her dad taught her how they work!!

          • That would be really cool. If only she had said "My dad worked on these," as justification for knowing how to turn it off. I'm going to go with your theory, it makes the horrible scene a lot less terrible, but it doesn't fix the overall stupidity of the group members who didn't know this, and weren't told this by Clementine. The scene is a lot better now though, so thank you :D

            • As for their stupidity,I think the following...

              1) I,and a lot of people do NOT work well under stress. This is a turbine,making noise,and walkers could show up behind you,and murder you at any second. The people with you are panicking,and can't get their heads straight. So,I think they're justified in not knowing,

              2) I think the group members let Clementine handle it as a way of showing they trust her. Same reason she was the one crossing the bridge,why she was the one who talked to Matthew,why she was the one to climb the ladder. She's shown she's capable of handling things,she's shown she has a way of talking to people to make them trust her.

              3) And finally,Clementine didn't really have to tell anyone,she was going to do it anyways,so why tell them? Why guide someone in turning off a turbine,when she can just reach over and turn it off herself?

                1. That doesn't matter. It still needed to be done and leaving it in the care of a child is the worst option there was. It's understandable to be fearful and scared but if you have the calm to realize it needs to be shut down then you have the function to realize an 11 year old shouldn't be the on to do it. Though the person who posted down below makes a valid point, perhaps she told them in the 5 day time skip. This is nearly guaranteeably not intended to be true by telltale, but someone has to fix their mistakes right?

                2. The talking to people is understandable. Even if she fuck up and says something "wrong" then it could be chalked up to child stupidity. Going up the ladder wasn't a task which required skills beyond the scope of a normal 11 year old, especially one with her mental and physical prowess. The turbine on the other hand is not a task fit for an 11 year old. Is was completely stupid. Unless again, we return to our own description of the 5 day time skip.

                3. Wait what? She did tell then she was going to do it. And they were fine with letting her do it alone. Which makes no sense.

                • Oops number 3 was incorrect context.

                  I'll retry with this.

                  It isn't that she didn't tell them. It's that they didn't question it.

                • Okay,I don't want to make this go on longer than it has to,but I'm noticing something.

                  So,this little girl,can take down walkers and climb tall ladders,where one little fuck-up,she could end up dead. But,turning off a turbine isn't something a little girl should do? Why not? Carlos is a doctor,I don't know many doctors who handle wind turbines. I can't see Kenny letting Sarita go outside on her own,seeing how he's very protective over her. Nick,owned a farm. And unless the farm got electricity from turbines,that rules him out too. Clementine knew how to turn it off,so they let her. What does her being a little girl have to do with it? Let us remember our hobro Chuck's words.

                  "You have to consider her a living person. That's it. You're either living or not. Your not big or little,you're not a boy or a girl,you're not strong,or smart. You're alive,that's all that matters."

                  Also,Sarita doesn't strike me as all that knowledgeable on the turbine. Just because she lives in the cabin,doesn't mean she knows how to work it.

                  • Age. Carlos is older. Sarita is older. Kenny is older. Nick is older. They have all had time to work with electricity, and machinery in any form in a capacity Clem never has. It's simply reasoning.

                    Clementine has adapted to this new world. Killing walkers and climbing things doesn't require much knowledge beyond footing, positioning, and placement. It's muscle memory more than anything, so comparing the ability to do everyday necessities to turning off an advanced piece of machinery which is now all but extinct in this new world is plain silly.

                    Clementine knew how to turn it off. That's fine, but them leaving it in her care is ludicrous. It's downright idiotic reasoning on the characters and telltale part (leaving out the already conceived notion we discussed earlier which leaves this entire conversation not applicable).

                    Chuck's words are perfect when referring to purely survivability on a scale complacent with basics. Gun knowledge, supply finding, environment manipulation, etc. Not when it applies to knowledge which could only be received via precise teaching or at the very least a basic understanding of machinery.

                    In the end, taking your theory into account, it's completely feasible she could turn it off. But not that the group would have so readily agreed to her turning it off with no reason to believe she had any knowledge of the turbine.

                    Maryslittlelamb put forth another theory which I will adopt into my overall story which makes the characters reactions to her telling them that she could do it completely understandable. If all be it it wasn't intended as canon with the actual story they told.

          • With that logic, we can pretend she told them about her parents over the 5 day time skip :o

            Telltale still done gone an' goofed, but we fixed it for ourselves.

          • You know what would have been cool? Is if the key was out of Clementine's reach. She could have still figured it out, but the writers could have given that knowing nod that yes, Clem is still not physically prepared to accomplish certain tasks.

            Her having to call one of the adults over to manually work what she had already figured out would have been perfect for me, while still retaining the sense of accomplishment on Clem's part.
        • Id rather let the little girl flip the one switch that turns off the turbine while the adults shoot the walkers. She didn't do anything complicated like rewire the whole turbine, she just flipped a switch.
    • But how do you feel about Kenny?

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    CathalOHara Moderator
    1. I kind of actually like Rebecca now. I began to feel sorry about her when we talked while Alvin went off to get something for her.

    2. I still don't hate Bonnie yet. Until I see her side of the story I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. People are already yelling wanting her dead like Rebecca was in the first episode, and look how Rebecca is now.

    3. Nick is not the new Ben as some people call him, in the end he's not a complete coward. He shot Matthew thinking he was going to hurt Luke and Clem. Granted, it was still a dumb move but he's still nowhere near the trainwreck that Ben was. And I actually like Ben, before people decide to call me out on those comments. Nick is quite a realistic character and I do feel really sorry for him. It's saddening he has to have a determinant status now.

    Oh and one more thing, I actually don't like Starved For Help as much as other people do here. It's not my least favourite Episode of Season One but it's most certainly not my favourite.

    • I agree with all of those! Especially three!

    • I agree with the third one at least. Ben was one of my favorite characters, because I enjoyed Trevor Hoffman's first performance as Glenn. But we didn't get to SEE Ben fall apart. Nick is better developed like that.

    • I don't think people mean "New Ben" as in he's a coward, because Nick has proven to be anything but. They say "New Ben" to mean that he's the new fuck up of Season 2, which is pretty accurate. He hasn't fucked up as badly as Ben yet, but it's still there.

  • I like Luke but i don't trust him

    I don't trust Alvin

    Rebecca is still a bitch

    Nick is a stuff up

    Pete is/was a legend

    Carlos needs to decide wether he hates or likes Clem

    Sarah is cool even with the mountain of naivete

    That's just the cabin group.

  • I don't like Uncle Pete that much...I know, I know! Settle down and let me explain.

    Uncle Pete has a absolutely uncanny resemblance to one of my uncles, down to the way he speaks and the fact that he's a hunter. Don't get me wrong, I love said uncle as family and think he's a good guy. That said, his political views and some of the things he does/says annoy the hell out of me. I sort of feel for Nick, because if I had to live with my uncle on a daily basis I would probably be a miserable asshole too.

    • I didn't like Uncle Pete that much at first either because I thought he was a little hard on Nick but I gained more respect when he said "Sometimes ya gotta play a role, even if it means people ya love hate ya for it." I think he was just trying to shape Nick. but idk.

  • I think Carlos is blamed for most things for no reason. Other than the dog bite misdiagnosis (which is just as easily justifiable) he really is the smart one of the group.

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