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What do you think of Luke as Clementine's guardian?

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Honestly, I'm not really comfortable with it.
Luke seems like an ok guy, but I don't really trust him.
I would sooner have Kenny looking after her, not only cause he and my Lee were pals, but also cause I know him, and I know what lengths he'd go to to protect her.

Luke hasn't shown how far he'd be willing to go, yet.
After all, he ran off when Carver took the others hostage.
Kenny's the only one who stuck around and tried to save them!
That's another reason why I don't feel comfortable with Luke looking after Clementine.

How about you?

  • I don't like the idea of Luke being Clem's new guardian. He can never replace Lee.

  • No one can ever replace Lee, but just because he was awesome doesn't mean Clem can't have somebody else to watch her back.. I do like Luke and Clem becoming a 'team'. Although we don't fullly know him yet, I think he's a good guy.

  • He's okay, but let's remember, that asshole threw Clem.

    • only because he was shocked when he saw her bite (in which case anyone would first register as a walker bite). You'd probably do the same thing if you picked up some woozy stranger with a bite who could turn at any moment. You wouldn't want them to bite you, would you? It was a quick reaction but I think he's been pretty trustworthy and nice to Clem ever since (although I'm not sure what happened at the end of S202).

      • After two years into the zombie apocalypse, Luke should have known better than drop a little girl upon seeing a bite. You don't turn THAT fast, and there's normally a span of three to five minutes before reanimation occurs following death. I'm guessing Luke was just a little twitchy thanks to the way Nick's mother was killed (which still doesn't excuse his assholish behaviour immediately after dumping Clem.)

        • He was probably just shocked.

        • I think he was just really surprised to see her with a bite. As he was carrying her, she kept falling in and out of focus and could likely turn into a walker that would bite his face off at any moment. To be fair, I don't think I'd carry anyone with a probable bite. Also a reaction is something you subconsciously act upon and quickly thinking "I don't want to be close to someone who's been bitten" is pretty reasonable.

  • I don't think "guardian" is the right word, to me that will always be what Lee were. And we all know no one can replace Lee.

    However I do like the thought of Luke and Clem becoming a team (as seen on the bridge) and I really hope Telltale doesn't decide to make Luke into a bad guy.

    so yeah, I like the thought of Luke becoming a brother figure and someone Clem can rely on and I really hope they can continue being a badass team through the story.

  • He's never there for Clem like Lee was, so no.

    • Never there for her? I can give you a list of the things he did for her.

      • Saved her life in the forest. If it wasn't for him and Pete, then Clementine would've been eaten alive.

      • Defended her from the group and apologized when he failed because he was outnumbered.

      • Convinced the group to let Clementine out of the shed. Remember when Luke opened the shed after the walker attacked? Well if you listened to the kitchen conversation, he was arguing that they let Clem go and apologize for being assholes.

      • Made Nick apologize for almost shooting Clem and and being "aggro."

      • Fed her and took the time to listen to her story and sympathize with her. I believe it was best for Clem to talk about her trauma rather than repress it.

      • Went out to look for Clem when she went missing. Remember when Rebecca said that she tried to convince Luke to not go look for her, but he couldn't leave her out there.

      • He's giving her first hand experience by giving her tasks while still being there for support. For example, when he told Clem to climb the tower so she can see if anyone was following them. He said he would catch her if she fell and tried to get her mind off of the fear of falling by telling something about himself. Remember when Clem almost fell? He was worried about Clem and was ready to catch her. Kind of like when a kid first starts riding a bike and a parent is right behind them so they can catch them if they just so happen to fall.

      He has done plenty for Clem. They make a good team while at the same time Luke is training her if it ever comes down to her being alone again. He realizes her potential and wants to build on that so she can become the ultimate survivor. Not saying she isn't already.

  • Whereas I saw Lee as a surrogate father to Clem, Luke feels a little more older brotherish to me.

    Curious where he is now. Hopefully he's preparing to bust her out or something.

  • It's too early to decide this. We don't even know his and the group's story, but for what we've seen recently, he looks like a good man. I would still prefer Pete, but...

  • Not guardian. Brother sounds about right. Kenny is her uncle or maybe just "friend" I dunno.

    • The difference is, Clem only knows Luke for one week. She definitelly likes and cares about him, but people saying that he is like a brother for Clem isn't true. Kenny was part of Clementines life for a much longer time then Luke was and he/she considers him/her as " family ", atleast in my playthough. I like Luke, don't get me wrong here, but i will be one my old Bros side no matter what!

      And about that: " What do you think of Luke as Clementine's guardian? "

      Clem doesn't need a guardian, she can take good care of herself. She needs someone she can count on and who is there for her no matter what. (Kenny/Luke)

      • Couldn't agree more. Clem doesn't need a guardian as much as she needs a reliable friend and/or confidant. I can definitely see a 'cool older brother' dynamic starting to take form, but only time will tell if it stays that way. Kenny is like an uncle in some ways, especially if he was best bros with Lee in Season One.

        • Did Kenny ever talk once to Clem tho? I can't seem to remember a specific scene other than Herschel's barn.

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          Kenny/Lee BANNED

          Since you mentioned Kenny, if someone was to become her mentor, not guardian, I think he'd be perfect for the role.
          Not only is Kenny older and therefore has more life experience than Luke, but has also the experience of being a parent, which means he would be in a good position to give Clementine "fatherly" advice, when she would need it.

          Even Rick, a full grown man, and a father himself, benefited when Herschel gave him fatherly advice every now and again.

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        Kenny/Lee BANNED

        I agree with you 100%.
        And my playthrough is the same as yours.
        In that, Kenny, Lee and Clementine are like family.

        The only thing that would make me turn against Kenny, is if he killed a member of the group, without any reason at all,( Like Lilly did to Carly).
        Even so, it would still be hard to turn against him.

    • I see Kenny as an "uncle" figure as Lee was her "father" figure. I think both Kenny and Luke should look out for Clem. Luke is the brother figure for sure

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        Kenny/Lee BANNED

        And a derelict brother figure at that. Luke abandoned her when she needed him most, during the Carver incident.
        Only Kenny stuck around and had her back!
        Kenny is far more reliable than Luke has shown himself to be.

        I'm not saying Luke may not try to help her later, however, when everything went to hell in a handbag, Kenny stayed.
        I know if I see Luke again, I'm gonna chew his ass out somethin' fierce for abandoning everyone!
        And if at that point, if it comes down to siding with either Luke or Kenny, I'm siding with Kenny.
        And since Kenny and my Lee were pals, and Kenny thus showed his loyalty as such, thus giving him a good track record, I know my decision will be a good one.

        But to be fair, if Luke is able to give a solid explanation of why he wasn't around, then I'll try to work it out with him.
        Though, to be smart about it, even though I'd try to work it out with Luke, it doesn't mean I'd be trusting him anytime soon.
        He'd still have to earn it again!

        • I totally agree, I'm sided with Kenny and he did show his loyalty and those weren't even his people to defend. I like Luke because I feels he's a good guy and tried to make up for his mistrust of Clem but when he bailed I felt betrayed and he showed his true colors. So I'm with you, Luke has to earn the trust back.

        • We don't know the true reason as to what happened he could've bailed or kenny couldve done something (considering he doesn't really answer you if you ask what happened to him) I wouldn't be so quick to jump the gun yet mate
          There might be more than meets the eye

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            Kenny/Lee BANNED

            You're not implying Kenny perhaps harmed Luke in some way, are you?
            I'm not trying to jump the gun!
            I'm just trying to understand exactly what you're saying.

            After all, saying Kenny harmed Luke in some way, or visa versa, is a very serious implication.
            And generally one that shouldn't be made without hard evidence.

            So what exactly are you suggesting?
            Even if you think Kenny murdered Luke, like Shane did Otis, I'd like to know.

            • I'm not necessarily saying he murdered luke I'm saying something happened that hes refusing to tell Clem something

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                Kenny/Lee BANNED

                Yeah, I don't think Kenny would kill Luke either.
                Kenny has killed to survive, but that doesn't make him a cold-blooded murderer.

                Here's my theory, provided what you're saying turns out to be true, perhaps Kenny and Luke started having a very heated argument, Kenny slugged him, and accidentally knocked Luke out.
                And maybe he's afraid to tell Clementine that, worried about how she would react, if she found out Kenny decked him.

                After all, it wouldn't be the first time Kenny took a poke at someone.
                Remember what happened with Larry at the drugstore?
                Larry wants to throw Duck out, whom he thinks has been bitten, and provided if Lee tells Kenny to knock Larry out, Kenny does punch Larry, which Larry responds to by knocking Kenny on his ass.

                What do you think about that theory?

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      ItsGabee BANNED

      A brother can still be a guardian ya know. :)

    • Kenny could play Lee's role, but not replace it.

  • I think I can trust him but I wouldn't say that Luke is her guardian. Lee will always be that, dead or alive. Yeah, he's probably more of a brother, I think they make a good team but it'll never have the same feeling as Lee and Clem.

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