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Homestar Ruiner: Did You Try?

posted by I HAVE FURY on - last edited - Viewed by 319 users
Check out the Homestar Ruiner page, they finally added Did You Try?!
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  • Yep, thanks there for the info.
  • Indeed we did. :D

    This was tough because we wanted to point out Easter eggs that didn't overlap too much with the Awesomeness ranking stuff.

    Anyway, enjoy! And feel free to post any we missed in this thread.
  • Holy cow, you stickied this!!! Also, thanks for the link Emily.
  • Hey you forgot,

    Did you Try Clicking on the fridge when Homestar is in the kitchen?
  • These lists are very important to some folks, get your head in the game telltale
    Understood, but getting the games made is pretty important too, and sometimes we just have to prioritize... :p

    Anyway, thanks! We'll update the list to include some of these. :)
  • They have updated the image

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