• You are not the only one disappointed, TRUST ME. But I am not one of the disappointed.

    • Yeah, plenty of people who just want to see fights and action always get disappointed when the characters actually try to talk to each other. It kind of drives me nuts. But there are plenty of fans who do appreciate the show or else it wouldnt be breaking ratings records.

  • I think it was pretty good.

    • same, but if you read the comics you know everyting that will happen, so much of the episdoe wasnt shocking to me. like rick bitting the neck,i knew that was gana happen. carl getting almost raped, i knew that was gana happen.

      • I knew dat was gaaaaaannnaaaaaa happen

        Best word ever.

      • Not really, they actually change lots. They can't win with fans, people whine if they do and whine whine if they don't

        • when joe grabs rick i was like, rick is about to bit his neck. when the fat guy taped on carls window, i was like: hes gana try to rape carl but rick is going to stab him 37 times for trying to rape him.

          • But that kills people :/

          • I didn't read the comics, so please let me ask you something. Did Rick suddenly turn into a bad fighter/leader in the comics aswell? He was such a badass in the first 3 Seasons of the TV show (exept this unnessesary " Rick goes crazy and sees Lory " part) and i definitelly expected him to win the fight with the Governor and obviously the fight with Joe aswell. The neck bitting scene was nice and shoking, but i am just dissapointed how Rick's character is developing.

            • Rick is not a bad fighter or leader. He was trying to create some normalcy for his son. He felt like Carl was getting too cavelier about killing and he wanted to bring him back from that and try to give him some kind of childhood. Rick is not shoot a first ask questions later type. He's a negotiator. If he can talk people down, he will try to do that first. He's the exact opposite of Shane and thats why his people have stayed so loyal to him for so long.

              • I know that, it just seems weird to me that Rick suddenly seems to lose every man fight he was in lately. The Governor totally owned him and Joe also did. He seemed to be a very strong fighter to me and now he suddenly needs to bite people to death, to win a fight.

                • He won that fight against the guy that was on the toilet. And he was still recovering from his wounds.

                • Joe had a gun to his head. What did u want him to do? If Joe was unarmed Rick would've beat dat ass lol

                  • Rick punched him, Joe punched back and Rick was going down. Rick bitting him was a move out of frustration, because he wasn't able to win the fight.

                    • No, that was a "I only have my mouth free and dammit Im going to use it if that means saving my son from getting raped" move. All of them were getting beating, Daryl, Michonne and Rick. They could only fight so much with guns trained on them. Rick can fight. We've seen it, but sometimes the circumstances are stacked against him. In which case, he does what he has to do.

    • What did you think of the ending? Felt empty to me :l

  • I quite liked it. The first(and only, I guess) fighting scene was super intense. The rest of it was pretty ok. It wasn't the best season finale ever, but it was ok. The finale "They're messing with the wrong people!" thing was super cheesy though.
    It kind of didn't feel like a finale though, at least to me. Finales typically have... At least SOME kind of resolve to them, but this one didn't. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is also the first season finale that no one died in?

  • One action scene? You didn't even count them. Character development sucks though I agree, more zombie killing right?

  • I think the issue was the ending. It was bad so people see the whole episode and season as bad.

    Season 2 was the slowest thing ever but both mid and final episode had great endings so people loved it. Overall this is my favourite season so far the development has been great.

  • Well I enjoy all the episodes. Some more then others. I love everything about it, from the conversations, to the zombie killing. Its actually probably my favorite show because its just awesome! Even now the people that Rick talked to are with him like we saw in the finale with Hershel. I like it mainly because I just love zombies and I enjoy seeing people's stories unfold, how they survive, and how long they live.

    Why do you say talking shit? The Walking Dead Game is full of dialogue and "talking shit."

  • The scene where Rick tore that guy's jugular out was pretty awesome. But yeah, I know what you mean when you say, "Monotonous." I feel like they've used up all their ideas. I was expecting someone major to die, but that'll probably be in the next episode. I think Beth might be eaten for breakfast in the next season.(Which sucks because I love her) And it'll be a situation like the St. John's where someone finds her all torn up and half alive. Or maybe it'll be a random person, but still. Gross.

    • There are lots of ideas, it follows the comic. People don't need to be killed in the finale ep, they already killed Hershel, The Gov, Lizzie and Mika which is four major characters, same as the previous Seasons. It's better than the shock value of S3 where characters were just killed before their arc was even developed much

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