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POSSIBLE New theory on the Killer

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So, I'm not sure if this has been something brought up in discussion's about the possible killer, but I think it is an EXTREMELY important detail. The killer seems to be targeting the high up in government Fables. (Snow White, Crane, Bigby) Whoever it is (Since I have my own list of suspects), is doing it as a revenge. Now this is all speculation, but because I've read the comics, I know that there are a lot of angry Fables who aren't exactly happy with the way things are run in Fabletown. I doubt any main characters from the comics will be responsible for the deaths (Which for me personally, rules out canon characters completely). A lot of people believe that Crane was framed, as do I. It's obvious that whoever it is doesn't like Bigby, Snow, or Crane. They want power maybe, or simply hate the higher-ups. I think the reason he's targeting these prostitutes is because it's too easy to get rid of them. And I think the killings might even be a distraction to what's really going on (Something we don't know yet.) This is all from my own thinking and I'm sure there are other explanations that make as much, if not more, sense than this. Post what you think.

  • Like the theory, and I'm intrigued by the idea of the killings being a distraction to some other happenings.

    There are three things which I'm contemplating on:

    1. The fact that the second crime scene had many references to Snow White, i.e. the book, props and costume, makes me think the killer is obsessed with her and is possibly jealous of Crane - otherwise, why be so focused on the details? Surely the glamoured body would be enough and there would be no need for the attempt at replicating her glass coffin if it were an attempt to bring down these particular higher-ups. However,
    2. Why kill Faith? That would definitely fit the bill for someone trying to sabotage the governing of Fabletown, yet is surely contrary to any obsession over Snow other than that the two look a little similar.
    3. Finally, the heads. Lily's/Snow's was surrounded by Mundy police officers - did the killer tip them off or did someone passing happen to see the head? Yet Faith's remained unnoticed by them. If this is at all important it seems counter to both the obsession and angry-at-the-highers theories, though it really could be nothing.

    Any ideas? Or is it nonsense?
    Also, as I've only read the first three comics, do any of the Seven Dwarves turn up?

    • Not nonsense. You made some really good points actually. I didn't even consider the third one. The dwarves won't turn up because they were killed (I assume you can guess who, it's in 1001 Nights of Snowfall). I believe the Killer might have obsessively taken those photos to make Crane look like the killer. I don't think Crane is stalking the real snow at all, actually. He does have a....fetish, I suppose. There's no way he'd leave those things behind. So yeah.

      • The Killer taking photos to further strengthen the idea of Crane being the murderer makes sense. Do you think the Killer believes that Snow and Bigby will go for the idea of Crane being the murder or will they realise that there is sufficient room for doubt? Either way they're seemingly furthering their plan, I suppose.
        I've read up a little on the Dwarves - sounds like they won't be missed too much.

  • Enough emphasis has been put on the Fabletown government's failure to support its citizens that I think it will be the ultimate motive of the killings, or whatever is really going on. Most serial killers want to make a point to their pursuers, and so far at least one of the goverment's elite has been taken down.

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