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I have found some awsome OC's since I got into The Walking Dead. My dad created a character named Tony who is a lawyer, HallowShell15 on DevianArt created Liz Coaler, and I created Parker. So, I am planning on writing a FanFic on this forum on how I would have done TWD from the beginning(lots of similarities, lots of differences). To make it work, I need good OC's. If you create a good one, I will let you know and I will use it. Obviously I will give you credit. So, create a way!

  • By the way, here is the format. Or you can send me a link to a FanFic, picture, etc.

    Signature Weapon(s):
    Additional Information:

    • I will draw my character.

    • Alt text

      Exactly like this ^

      Age: Mystery

      Hair: Green

      Race: White

      Eyes: Dark brown

      Signature weapons; Little gadgets and hidden magic and tricks

      Hometown: Ireland now America

      Just use character without backstory if you want lol

      I am the Joker my corrupt government killed my parents as they knew the secret corruption going on behind the scenes and were about to report them so government secretly killed them. Police never investigated as Government controlled everything.
      I lost my mind so was sent to a mental institution I was convinced I was a clown hellbent on murder and revenge to make the world feel my pain in chaos of zombie apop.. I escaped.

      Motives: Revenge

      Personality: Full of jokes and Puns Appears trustworthy but capable of random acts of violence

      Strengths: Intelligence, Battle Tactics, Manipulation, Good with weapons and has hidden blades, Unpredictable, fearless

      Weaknesses: Not that physically strong, Appearance causes trust issues
      Expand more if want

      Carchphrase: Why So Serious, Have these morals and think there save you, HAHA I DON'T WANNA KILL YOU

  • Hmm. I was actually thinking of a short story just the other day, sort of like an addition to the 400 Days. Realistically, I prob won't have time to write for quite some time, though. I'll post the character if you want to use it.

  • Also, any additional requests(When they are introduced, relationships, death, etc.). By the way, I will not say if your OC will die or not. It will be a SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Name: John Kozlov Age: 22 Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Race: Caucasian Signature Weapon: M9 Beretta/Swiss Army Knife Additional Info: Moderate Russian accent. Single.

    • Name: Marcus
    • Age: 33
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Race: African American
    • Signature Weapon: Machete
    • Additional Info: Worked in a factory pre-apocalypse, has bouts of depression but puts on a hopeful mask for his friends, even though he's a cynic deep down.
    • Name: Deanna Snyder
    • Age: 17
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Eyes: Green
    • Race: Caucasian
    • Signature Weapon: Aluminum Baseball bat
    • Additional Info: Star of her High School softball team, Deanna was at a state tournament when the zombie apocalypse hit. She shows a particular interest in protecting children. Very suspicious of older men.
  • Name: Marley Mendez
    Age: 15
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Race: Hispanic
    Signature Weapon: A Hammer
    Additional Info: Before the out break he use to be in a band and he is kinda a hippie

    • Name: Pim Smith (nickname: Porky)
    • Age: 18
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Race: Caucasian
    • Signature Weapon: Golf Club
    • Additional info: He's chubby, kind of the joking type, Surprisingly fast for bieng fat, He's usually optimistc
  • Name: Luke Rubyford (I know, I know...but I wrote a Fanfiction before S2 was out, and the OC's name was Luke. Change ot in Lucas if you want)

    Age: 16

    Hair: Dark Blonde

    Eyes: Dark Green

    Race: Caucasian

    Signature weapon: Glock (I don't know what Glock :P)

    Additional: Very cold-hearted and not easy to be convinced of other opinons than his

  • EDIT: I almost forgot. I was taught to lean toward the side of excess when creating characters. Feel free to change or scrap anything you want. I also leave his life span to your discretion. :)

    • Name: Manuel Ortiz

    • Age: 22

    • Gender: Male

    • Race: Black/Hispanic

    • Build: Medium

    • Hair: Buzz cut (black), no facial hair

    • Eyes: Brown

    • Hometown: Monroe, Georgia

    • Occupation: College Student, National Guardsman (deserter)

    • Family: Parents, little sister (status unknown but presumed dead)

    • Signature Weapon: Metal, military-style Tomahawk. He (initially) has all the normal standard-issue military gear, including an M16 assault rifle. He is decently acquainted will most kinds of firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

    • Personality: Good-natured, empathetic and relaxed. Though his laid back attitude frequent earned the ire of his superiors, Manuel is a level-headed team player who naturally shies away from leadership and group conflict. He prefers to avoid trouble when possible, using diplomacy as his first line of defense. If worst comes to worst, he is a brutal fighter who is capable of killing other humans without hesitation, though not without remorse.

    • Biography: Manuel was born to working class, immigrant parents. Though an excellent student, he was forced to join the National Guard to put himself through college. After enduring a tour in Iraq, Manuel returned to Georgia and studied Literature at nearby UGA. After the outbreak, Manuel was called back into active service along with the rest of the Georgia national guard. His company was deployed to the Macon area to restore order and establish an evacuation zone. He is one of a few survivors from the failed operation in downtown Macon. Disgusted by the pointlessness of the operation and the senseless deaths of his friends, Manuel chose to desert rather than face a similar fate.

    • Introduce: 10-30 days after outbreak.

    • Relations: That depends on who else is in the group. Out of the pre-existing characters, he would probably be rather friendly with everyone. It's possible that he might know about Lee Everett and his past, since he went to UGA. One benefit is that he wouldn't try to start a power struggle. His role would likely be similar to that of Mark in the game.

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