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want on disk !!

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I hate down loadable games. Why waste space on my hard drive ? I want this game but on disk !! when will it be availiable to buy on cd ?? i bought season one with the 400 days and was excited. but cant wait till season two is all done and ready to play. so will or will this game be available on disk to buy ??

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    As stated in The Walking Dead: Season Two FAQ:

    We usually release all five episodes of a season on disc or other retail format sometime after the fifth episode is made available to download. Telltale is a ‘digital-first’ company.

    • I get that, that is why the question is when is the fifth episode due to be released ?? is there a release date for the disk ?? i bought season one, then i bought season one game of the year with the 400 days added onto it. so just wondering when i will be able to buy season two on disk ??

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        Macfly77 Moderator

        No one (not even Telltale) knows when episode 5 will be released, let alone the disc.

        At this time, there are still three episodes to be released, so even in the best case scenario, episode 5 will not be released before June.

        To give you an idea of what to expect, the last Telltale game to have an end-of-season DVD (not including Jurassic Park, which was a completely different animal, all four episodes having been released at the same time) was Back to the Future. The fifth episode was released in June 2011 and the disc was up for pre-order in August and started shipping in September.

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