The Walking Dead: Nowhere To Run Part 1

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Three weeks later, Clementine is beginning to adjust to life in the camp in spite of what Christa said. Despite many boys and girls in the camp that are her age, she tries her hardest to distance herself away from them to prevent growing too attached to them. But one girl has managed to befriend her:

Eliza: She's the same age and height a Clementine. She's of Irish-American descent with blue eyes, blonde hair and glasses. She wears a brown jacket with a purple shirt underneath, blue jeans and white shoes covered in dirt.

Clementine and Christa are both sitting down, eating a bowl of cereal in the tent. Junior is napping on Christa's sleeping bag. After awhile, Clementine puts her still-full cereal bowl down.

  • Christa: What's wrong? Aren't you hungry?
  • Clementine: ...why do we have to leave?
  • Christa: What?
  • Clementine: You told me not to get too comfortable. I've tried my best to not make friends, but I can't help it. I've already found someone to be my friend.
  • Christa: Clementine, I'm sorry but it just can't happen.
  • Clementine: But why?

  • Christa sighs and puts her bowl down.

  • Christa: There's another settlement somewhere up north. A place called Wellington. If we get there quickly, we won't have to worry about walking through the cold. The cold slows down all of the walkers. I talked to Donald and he said this place was built around three months ago. We won't survive here once the winter comes. Do you understand?

Clementine's sad but nods in agreement.

  • Christa: I'm sorry, but your safety is my priority now. Yours and his (gestures to Junior).

They are interrupted by Donald, who pokes his head into their tent.

  • Donald: Hey, girls. Sorry to disturb ya both but Christa, I was wondering if you could help us go huntin'?
  • Christa: Let me just finish my breakfast first, then I'll meet you at the armory.
  • Donald: Gladly 'preciated, Miss. How 'bout you, Clem? You doin' alright?
  • Clementine: I'm fine.
  • Donald: That's good. My wife can look after yer baby for ya. Just meet me at the armory and we'll get started (leaves).

Clementine gets up.

  • Clementine: I'm gonna go find Eliza.

She heads out.

  • Christa: Clementine. As soon as I get back, get ready to pack your things.

Clementine walks onto the beach, where she sees Eliza and other kids playing soccer. Eliza's happy to see her.

  • Eliza: Clementine! Come play with us! Be on my team and let's show them how awesome we are!!
  • Clementine: Can I talk to you for a second?
  • Eliza: ...uh, I'm kinda playing a game here! I could use your help too!
  • Clementine: Just...please?
  • Boy: It's okay, Eliza. I'll take over for you.
  • Eliza: Thanks!

As the kids resume their soccer game, Clementine and Eliza walk towards the lake and sit near the water. Eliza picks up a rock and tries skip it. No dice. Clementine tries and gets at least two skips.

  • Eliza: Okay, you better teach me how to do that or we're no longer friends!
  • Clementine: Eliza...
  • Eliza: What?
  • Clementine: After my friend comes back from hunting, I'm leaving.
  • Eliza: (chuckles) What are you talking about?
  • Clementine: I'm going away. To someplace else. Somewhere safer.

Eliza frowns and looks away from Clementine. She starts crying. Clementine goes in for a hug.

  • Clementine: I'm so sorry--

Eliza pushes her away and stands up.


Eliza runs away from the lake and towards the bit of forest near the water's edge. The kids stop their game and look at her running away. Clementine runs after her. Eliza, still crying, slows down and stands near a tree. Clementine catches up.

  • Clementine: We're not supposed to be here!
  • Eliza: Why do you care?! You didn't have to follow me! You're leaving me anyways, so why do you care?!
  • Clementine: Shh! Keep your voice down!
  • Eliza: (sobbing) Why do you have to go? You're the bestest friend I ever had! I didn't have any other friends before my Mom and I came here!
  • Clementine: I'm sorry, but this is just the way it has to be.
  • Eliza: It's not fair. You don't know what It's like to lose a friend!
  • Clementine: ...You don't know that.

Suddenly a walker, roused by the noise Eliza was making attacks her. Eliza's pinned down, trying desperately to push the walker off of her. Clementine pulls out her pocket knife and gores the walkers head. Eliza, covered in blood, quickly pushes the walker off of her and backs up towards the tree. The kids arrive to see what's going on. One girl notices Clementine's knife and quickly runs away.

  • Boy: We're not supposed to be in the woods! What did you do to her?
  • Clementine: Nothing! A walker attacked her and I killed it!
  • Girl: Pfft! No you didn't! A kid like you can't kill that thing! You're too little!
  • Clementine: (angered, she holds the knife up) I stabbed it with this!
  • Boy: Eliza, is she lying?
  • Eliza: ...
  • Girl: I'll take that as a yes.

The girl who ran off comes back with to adults. One is a member of the camp's council named, Rob. The other is Eliza's mother, who quickly runs to her daughter.

  • Eliza's Mom: Oh my God! Eliza, sweetie! Are you okay?!

She turns to Clementine.

  • Eliza's Mom: What did you do? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY DAUGHTER?!
  • Clementine: (intimidated by the adults) I...I...
  • Rob: You, in the blue cap.

The kids to turn to Rob, even though he was talking about Clementine.

  • Rob: Follow me.

Everyone glares at Clementine as she slowly walks towards Rob.

Inside a large tent, Clementine is sitting at a table face to face with Rob.

  • Rob: Little girl, in this community we have a system that involves strict discipline especially to children. We make these rules not just to keep all of you safe, but to keep you from killing each other. Now, when Donald brought you here what was the first thing he told you about what we do with newcomers?
  • Clementine: ...You take their weapons?
  • Rob: Correct. And why do we take their weapons?
  • Clementine: ...For safety reasons?
  • Rob: Very good. Now given the circumstances of our policies, do you wanna explain to me why the fuck you have THIS with you? (holds up the knife).
  • Clementine: I...I took it from the armory.
  • Rob: (Nods his head in frustration) You took it from the armory. Fuckin' useless guards. I don't know HOW you didn't get caught, but what you did was stupid and careless! You went outside our boundaries and your noise drew in a walker that almost got another child killed. Even though you saved her, you still put her life in danger.
  • Clementine: If I didn't have my knife, she would have died!
  • Rob: Doesn't matter. If you won't follow the rules, you and your friend are gonna have to leave.

Enraged, Clementine gets up from her chair.

  • Clementine: Fine!

As Clementine heads to the exit, gunshots are heard followed by screams. Clementine and Rob leave to the tent and see a man shooting an assault rifle into the air while on a pickup truck. Four other men stand in front of the truck, aiming their weapons at the civilians.

  • Bryce: Now that I have your attention! No one fucking move or my men will mow y'all down! The name's Bryce! Whoever's the leader, step foward!

Rob turns to Clementine.

  • Rob: (whispering) Pack your things, find the kids and get the hell out of here!
  • Clementine: Wha-what are you going to do?
  • Rob: I'm gonna go see what he wants. Once they leave, we'll send a group out to find you.
  • Clementine: But--
  • Rob: Just fucking go already!!

  • Bryce: Last chance. Leader! Step forward NOW!!

  • Rob: I'm coming! Don't shoot!

Clementine makes it to her tent and grabs her backpack. She carefully walks to Eliza's tent.

  • Eliza's Mom: What the hell's going on?!
  • Clementine: Men are attacking us. Where's Eliza?!
  • Eliza's Mom: She's in the medical tent. What are you gonna do?
  • Clementine: In case things get worse, I'm getting her out of here.

Clementine begins to make her way out of the tent before Eliza's Mom grabs her arm. Clementine looks at her, confused.

  • Eliza's Mom: Did you really save my baby girl?

Clementine nods. Eliza's Mom get's up to hug her.

  • Eliza's Mom: Thank you.

As Clementine sneaks her way to the med tent, she can hear the conversation going on between Bryce and Rob.

  • Bryce: Now I know this looks bad, but I promise. We ain't hear to hurt you, we ain't hear to rob you, and we certainly ain't here to kill you.
  • Rob: Really? You won't hurt us?
  • Bryce: Well if you try something stupid then I can't guarantee my promise.
  • Rob: Then what do you want?
  • Bryce: We're looking for some people who have halved our group. You see, some of our people went missing for a long time so we finally decided to go find them. By the time we did, they were dead...except for one had a wounded leg. Poor man was barely alive, lost a lot of blood, starvin', dehydrated.
    When we asked him what happened--

Clementine makes it to the med tent to find Eliza hiding under the covers. She walks to her bed.

  • Eliza: Clem! What's going on?! I heard shooting!
  • Clementine: Shh! I'm gonna get you out here!
  • Eliza: What about my Mom?
  • Clementine: Don't worry about her. She'll be okay.

The conversation between Bryce and Rob continues.

  • Bryce: He told us they were attacked by black pregnant woman.

This gets Clementine's attention

  • Rob: A black woman...and a little girl in a blue hoodie and a blue cap with a D on it.

Everyone starts chatting while Clementine is scared trying to figure out what to do.

  • Bryce: Our search is over boys! Now (cocks rifle). Where. Are. They?


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