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Rick at Lee's Level?

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Well i honestly think that Rick has done more for Carl especially what he did in the last episode of season 4 :P, not saying Lee didnt do enough seeing as how he didnt have much screen time to show that but Rick be doin his stuff and his thangs!

Opinions? :D

  • NO ONE is at Lee's level... He is THE number one Urban.. IF Rick can push through hundreds of hordes of walkers while chopping them up with one arm then he has my respect.

  • It's not really fair to compare Rick and Lee. Rick is the original Walking Dead guy, featured in the comics and the show from the beginning. Rick has existed in the Walking Dead universe for so long that it's really not fair to say that Rick has reached Lee's level, since Lee was only featured in a single game's length of time. Rick has seen many hours' worth of action in the comics and screen time on the show that one really can't compare him as a character to Lee since Lee had such a small amount of time to develop and perform in comparison. Season 1 of The Walking Dead game took me about 12 hours to finish, as opposed to however many hours it would take one to read all the Walking Dead comics and watch the entirety of the show.

  • maybe comic book rick but not tv show rick

  • Lee did the world a bigger favor by keeping Clementine alive. Rick only does stuff and thangs

  • I'm giving points to Rick just because he had to deal with Lory the bitch and that lil shit of a son named Carl

  • Lee can strangle a guy to death with one arm while dying from a bite.. It cant get more badass than that.

  • The thing he did to Joe, pretty badassery material if you ask me ;) but im glad i didnt get hate for this though!:D

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    No, He will never be at Lee's level.

  • I am getting sick of every mention of the comics and the show in this forum. Not because I hate them, but because I hate the hate they receive. Everyone treats the game as so much superior that it downright annoys me to read their comments. As someone who likes all TWD medias, I just can't stand how much people differentiate them when they, in fact, aren't that much different from one another.

    People in this forum would even rate a dump taken by Lee higher than Rick these days. It makes me feel like Lee is overrated even though I loved his character.

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      I like all TWD medias too, I just like the Game the most.

      As for me liking Lee better then Rick, I use to like Rick but then he started going crazy, I just don't think he is likable anymore.

      • I can accept your opinion, but I have to say that I disagree, Characters who are able to show more sides to them than just one are actually the most interesting ones. When characters start as good ones, but eventually develop a darker side due to certain events? That's what makes characters interesting. Or when a bad guy slowly starts to doubt his ways and starts being more...good. And I don't mean "suddenly he becomes superman and a real hero" but more like "he slowly starts to become good in his own way." Like Merle. Remember him? NO ONE liked him, but I loved his character. He was by no means a good man even right before his death, but heck, he realized the problem and tried to do his best right until he met his end. He went out like a boss. These are characters I find to be interesting. They seem human. If Rick had remained the same man he used to be from the beginning, I would have hated him, because he would have turned out to be inhuman and thus a character that simply isn't believable due to his unrealistic behavior.
        That's also why I find most anime characters these days not likable at all. Most of them are just strictly black and white. There are no shades of grey (this is not a pun, people) in between. Especially in the shounen genre. I know that this is a bit off topic now, but I decided to mention it, since I realized that you also watch anime and thus might understand what I mean by making that example.

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          I understand that, I like Rick's character, Sure but I don't like him as a person, With Lee, I can like his character & like him as a person at the same time because I am Lee, I know that's not fair on Rick but you get the point.

          Thanks for respecting my opinion btw :)

          • Hmmm, I am not quite sure what you mean by liking his character but disliking him as a person? Do you mean the actor who portrays him? I actually like him, though I can never be bothered to remember his name.

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              GOUSTTTT BANNED

              Now i'm confused, Are we talking about Comic Rick or Show Rick? I thought we were talking about Comic Rick.

              • There aren't many differences to me, aside from how much they have experienced so far. I mostly view them as the same characters. Their biggest difference may be that one has two hands, while the other has only one.

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                  GOUSTTTT BANNED

                  Comic Rick doesn't say thangs as much as Show Rick, I like Rick's character but I don't like his personality, Same with Lilly, That's what I meant.

                  • you are acting like Rick saying "things" would be terrible. I never even paid attention to it before this whole stuff and thangs meme started. And I dunno if I am just being stupid or something, but aren't character and personality sort of...the same? I mean...the personality is pretty much what defines a character, aside from his past and appearance which also comes into play when forming a character. Could it be that you mean you like his past and his looks, but can't stand his personality? If I am wrong, please correct me...I seem to miss something.

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                      GOUSTTTT BANNED

                      I don't care about there looks, What I mean is I like how they evolve from good people into psychos, It's great character development that makes me like these characters, What I mean by not liking there personality's is I don't like what they say half of the time, I just want to punch Rick sometimes & Lilly is a very unpleasant person to be around.

                      Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm writing this when i'm half asleep.

        • I definitely wouldn't say no one liked Merle. I was under the impression I was in the minority on disliking him. :P Everywhere I look, I see, "bring Merle back", "he was so badass", "Daryl was better with him around", "he was better than all the characters", "Michael Rooker was awesome". Only one I agree with is that last one, by the way. Rooker was indeed awesome in the role, and though I'm still not a fan of Merle, I did gain respect for Merle for how he chose to go out, doing something for someone else.

          Unless by "no one", you were talking about the characters not liking him.

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            I like Merle.

          • I was talking about the characters, but was also under the impression that the fans didn't give a damn about him either. I felt like the only one around who actually cared about his death when everyone else was just crying because Daryl was sad. "OMG my poor, sweet Daryl! Don't cry!"

            Yeah...stuff like this gives me a vague idea why some people really dislike Daryl sometimes.

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      CannibalCarl BANNED

      Exactly, every time someone says something like "ClemXD could beat superman lolol :D" it really makes me angry. Not because I dislike Clementine, that's not it, but because I like how she acts exactly like a hardened eleven year old that isn't stupid would act. This realism is what makes the game and the characters good, not Mary/Gary Sue self-inserts.

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        No one ever said Clem could beat Superman :P

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          CannibalCarl BANNED

          Ask that question somewhere on this forum and they will give you this answer.

          • sadly, that's true. I find all this hype quite irritating. You know how Daryl gets a lot of shit because he is liked too much for no real reason? Everyone pretty much does the same with every TWDG character. I get that there ARE reasons to like the characters, but some are quite overdoing it, even though they might not really be serious about it.

            • Seriously? You are on TWD forum where a lot of people love these characters, have a teaspoon of cement and harden up..

              • There's a difference between loving characters and them downright overhyping and worshiping them

                • What do you mean overhyping and worshipping? Maybe on Tumblr but i havent seen that on here. If you come on a TWD forum expect people to obviously like Lee more.

                  • Wtf are you talking about I like lee more than rick I was referring to how guilty was referencing how people (whether you see it or not) there is such a thing as overdoing it
                    Please know what I'm talking about before stating the obvious (about lee no offense)

                  • lol "on tumblr". Come on, man. it is obvious people are overhyping characters in here. You don't even have to strictly look at Clem or Lee. Just look at Kenny. Sure, he gets hate, too, but that guy has practically formed a cult, lol. I like Kenny, and I occasionally give in and drop a few mustache jokes as well, but you can't just come in here and say there is no overhyping going on. That, combined with the bashing of everything show or comic related is just very hard to swallow sometimes. I often end up sighing, rolling my eyes or even groaning at some comments. It's fanboy/girlism to the max and that stuff really read sometimes.

    • THANKYOU! XD I was waiting for the one person who doesn't just fanboy the game and acts more open-minded!

      • You are welcome. I like to believe I am very open minded towards a lot of things and I also like to voice my thoughts, even if I often tend to get shit for it, haha. It's always nice to see some people who agree with me, since I often end up being the odd one out.

    • I totally agree with you in every way. Have my like.

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