The Walking Dead Season 1: A New Vision

Hello!!!! I am still taking OC suggestions. Do not post them on here. Post them on my other forum OC Creation. I have accepted the following characters. All credit for these characters goes to their respective owners.
Lucas Rubyford- EpicMustacheGuy
Manuel Ortiz- BigBlindMax
Libby (Elizabeth) Franks- Firewallcano
John Kozlov- Gobananas
Marcus- Rock114
Deanna Snyder- Toxic Emu
Alexander Stoneburg- Ohyoupokedme
Phoenix Peirce- Dont_Look_Back
HallowShell15- Liz Coaler
DomeWing333- Simmons
PorkyTheWalker- Nero
This story will include 6 episodes of The Walking Dead. Episode 2 takes place between the three month gap between Starved For Help and A New Day. Also, I will include 400 Days and Season 2. Enjoy!



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    Episode 1: A New Day-Chapter 1- How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching television? When is the last time any of us really worked to get something that we wanted? How long has it been since any of us really needed something that we wanted? The world we knew is gone. The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months society has crumbled. No government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living.

    The city of Atlanta, Georgia could be seen on the skyline. It was what a weatherman would describe as a perfect day. Kind of ironic, considering the events to come. A police car drove under a bridge, on its way to a Georgia Correctional Facility. In the back of the car sat Lee Everett, his hands tied by Handcuffs. A look of sorrow, regret, and longing came over his face. Lee had been convicted for killing a Georgia State Senator who was sleeping with his wife. Lee was going mad from boredom counting the cars that drove by. Station Wagon, Truck, Ambulance.... They drove by as if the world would never change. Like nothing bad would ever happen. The officer who drove the car adjusted his front mirror. Lee and the officer met eye to eye in the mirror. They acknowledged each other's presence. Almost as of they had both been dead the entire time. "Well, I reckon you didn't do it than?". "Why do you day that?" Lee replied. "Y'know, I've driven a tonna folks down to this prison. Lord knows how may. Usually it's bout now I get the (I didn't do it)." "Not from me." Lee said with sadness and despair. "Why? Cause guys like you already said it enough?" Lee responded with a mild shrug of the shoulders. The officers police radio came on from the front. "Reports of domestic disturbances. Any Avaliable officers please respond." The transmission ended. Squad cars drove by the window. They moved to reveal a family with a Station Wagon on the side of the road. One child wore a bright red jacket with BROOKLYN embedded on the front of it. "Followed your case a little bit. You bein a Macon boy n'all." "Your from Macon than?" Was all that Lee could say. The very word Macon triggered flashbacks of his childhood. He fought to hold back the tears banging to get out of the ducts. "Yep, I came up to Atlanta to be a city cop in the 70's. Always wanted to work a murder case. Like that Senatorial case you got yourself into, with all due respect. A real shame that is." As the officer finished speaking, more squad cars drove by followed by fire trucks and an ambulance. "I got a nephew up at UGA, you teach there long?" UGA, Lee's former job. The word sent the memories flooding back like a Tsunami. He remembered congratulating his favorite student, Russell, on graduating. He remembered teaching Civil War history. He remembered the time that all his students threw a huge party for him. The memories kept coming and coming until Lee finally snapped back into the present. He answered the officers lingering question. "Going on my sixth year." "Did you meet your wife in Athens?" He remembered pushing that Senator out the window. Down to the street below. His head busting open when he hit the ground. His wife screaming as the police came in the distance, waiting to take him away. Lee stared out the window. This time multiple army vehicles, FBI trucks and Helicopters headed towards Atlanta. Whatever going on was big. Not that Lee cared, a month ago he would have been foaming at the moth for information. But, things change. "I was drivin this man once, and he was the worst one. He wouldn't stop goin on about how he didn't do it. He was an older fella. Big soft eyes behind a pair of smart folk glasses. And he's just wailin back there. Cryin and snotting all over, right where your sittin." The radio was about to come back on before the officer turned it off and went back to his story. "Than before long he starts kickin the back of the seat. Like a fussy baby on an airplane. And I tell him he's gotta stop. That there's government property. And I'll be forced to zap him otherwise. So he stops, and having exhausted all his options. He starts cryin out for his mama.(Mama! It's all a big mistake! It wasn't me!). Lee remembered hearing something about a guy like that on the news. "So, did he do it?". They caught the fucker red handed! Stabbin his wife, cuttin her up as the boys came through the door. He sits in my car screamin bloody murder that it wasn't him. I Think he actually believed it himself. As the officer started his next sentence, Lee noticed a figure in the road. "Now, I gotta another...." "Look out!!!!". The car swerved off the highway. It knocked down a metal blocking on the highway. The car tumbled up and down. As one of Lee's old college body's would describe it, it felt like "riding a roller coaster on LSD." After that, everything went black.

  • Its good but for the people talking I'd put a line between each one to break up the text a bit more, rather than it in one big clump

  • Aw my character isn't accepted :(

  • Nice work, I will definitely be following this. The introductory paragraph in particular was excellent. A bit of constructive criticism: Consider writing out conversations in dialogue form. It's difficult and can feel unnatural to write, but it's worthwhile in the end, as it provides the reader with much more information about Lee's thoughts and non-verbal communication.

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  • I just realized that, sorry. I did this on my Ipad and it automatically did that. I'm going to fix that.

  • I can not draw to save my life. I know 4 year olds who can draw better than me.

  • Thanks. I will be writing in a standard dialogue format from now on. Also, just a reminder to everyone. I am still taking OC's.

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    My character Joker didn't get picked :(

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  • that cause your character was waaayy to awesome to be in the story ^_^

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    Episode 1: A New Day- Chapter 2:

    You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning after a long night? The one where your incredibly thirsty and drowsy. Now, imagine that multiplied by 1000. That's the feeling Lee Everett had as he woke up. "Uhh! Ahhhhh! Raw!". Through a blurred vision, Lee could make out the officer surrounded by numerous figures. He heard several gunshots before coming in and out of conciuosness several times. Finally Lee woke up. "Ugggg..... What the hell. Ah! Fuck, my leg!" Lee looked down to see his right leg. It was swollen. Covered by Pus, dried up blood and god knows what else. Lee looked behind him. An unpleasant odor attacked his nose. He could see the officer lying in a pool of blood with his Remington-800 on the ground beside him. "Officer!! Hey, officer! I'm still cuffed back here!" Lee got the feeling that the officer wasn't waking up. He rattled his cuffs, obviously to no luck. He kicked the window three times, every kick he let out a distressed "Ug!". He crawled out the window, landing on his leg. He moved along the side of the car. Lee was in a state of shock, still trying to register everything that happened. Why had no one come yet. The forest and the highway above were silent. Not a car on the road. Lee walked over to the officers decaying corpse. He searched his back pockets. He found the keys and unlocked the first hole before clumsily dropping them to the floor. "Shit!". The keys landed in front of the officers face. Lee knelt down half way, quickly grabbed them and pulled them back up again. He freed himself from the restraints. He rubbed his arm due to the soreness of waring them for days. "uhhhh....". The officers "dead" corpse let out a moan. "Uh, officer?". "Rawwr!!" The officer jumped at Lee, knocking him to the ground. Lee didn't utter one word. He remembered all those assemblies he attended as an elementary school student. The ones talking about the "fight or flight" stuff. Well, he only had one option, obviously to fight. He picked up the shotgun and the shell. While trying to load the shell in, he dropped it. "Fuck! What the hell are you!" He reached down, this time placing the shell correctly into the barrel. He looked down the barrel of the gun. "Don't make me do this!!!" The officer didn't respond and continued to lunge at him. He flicked the trigger and blew the head off of the officer. Lee the the gun to the side. The only word he could find was "man". He had now murdered two people. This was in self defense though, that reassured his mind a little bit. In the distance, Lee could see a shadow. He called out to it. "Help! Go get someone! There-there's been a shooting!" Lee breathed heavily before seeing another one of those things coming from behind a tree. He got up and limp-ran towards where he last saw the figure. He tripped over the officers body and crawled back up. He passed one by one. He finally reached the fence and climbed over. He than landed in a back yard.

  • Just a quick question, do you know when my char is going to be introduced?

  • If any of you want I can try to make your character like I made mine!?. If you want me to make your just ask. It may take a day or to cuz I have he and my birthday is tomarro and stuff so.I will probably have it by mid sat.
    I just need you to post what you made your character look like,the eyecolor, the hair color, etc

  • Sure! My accepted character was Deanna Snyder. She's 17, not too good-looking... But she has blonde hair and green eyes. Athletic build and a skinny face. I love visual art, but am very incompetent, so... I would love to see your take!

  • You don't have to but my character is Nero Zedlum

    • Hair Black
    • Eyes Blue
    • Tan skin
    • Kind of scrawny but with kind of a crazy look to his face
      If you could draw my character that would be great but you don't have to
  • I occasionally like to think of my own stories for TWD game too. :)

  • I have some very interesting plans for Nero.......... Ranging beyond Season 1.....

  • You could take crack at my character, if you feel like it. I had the national guard guy. Black hair, brown eyes, Latin-American/mulatto skin tone. Probably still has his helmet and stuff.

    No rush, I don't think he's going to be introduced for awhile.

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  • Sure! I won't stop taking OC's until..... A really really long time.

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