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I think I found something, the person in amid the ruins might NOT be_,and are carley and doug there?

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When you look at the Amid The Ruins slide and you look to the left of clementine you can see a a shadow there. Most if not all people say its Kenny. But I found that it might be Vince.
Alt text
^ it would be vince with longer hair.
Alt text
Alt text

I also found this, look ALL THE WAY to the left of the slide... Alt text
I know Doug cant be alive, sadly he is dead :(((( but maybe this means that clem will have memories or dreams of them (if that is even suppose to be Doug)

Now if you look ALL THE WAY to the right, this is what is there... Alt text
again, I know carley isn't alive and I know doug isn't alive, sadly. but why would they be put here? if its them.

Alt text

And lastly I found this:
Alt text
idk if this is true, it would be anyone with a cap on or a bald head but I thought I should just show you

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