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Game Crash when leaving Bosco's store

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The game crashed when leaving Bosco's store for the first time. I got an error message saying something about a "pure virtual function call".
I have not gone back into the game to see if the problem would occure again.
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    I had the same problem, Ughh. Now I gotta try again from my last auto save.

    UPDATE: After trying it again it worked fine leaving the store. Don't know why it happened. Gotta remember to save often!
  • Thanks for letting us know about this. We'll look into it!
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    Can you do me a favor and

    1) reproduce the issue
    2) close gametap
    3) run GTUtil located in your (installed gametap directory)\bin\release\ folder
    4) go to the Advanced tab
    5) click Scan System
    6) when that finishes, click Send Logs to Gametap
    7) reply here with the submission code (looks like "Romeo-326") so we can track the issue and keep you updated in this post

    When we receive the logs we can take a look at what happened!
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    the biggest porblems with games on gametap usually relates to the software driver for you video card, make sure you have the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your computer, or the manufacturer of the video card.

    expanding the grounds at which we play on.
  • @RBURKE: Done. The error handle is Kilo-576. You may also want to see the other thread I created, titled: Sound cuts out, pure virtual function call. The problem seems also to be aggravated by skipping lines...
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    Hey could you reproduce this again and post the issue handle again the last one did not have the info i needed to look at. Thanks

    gt tech
  • The new handle is Juliet-294

    By the way, it seems to be caused in part by minimizing the game while it's doing certain things...
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    I never had the problem again (one time occurance), so I never checked back here.
  • My game crashed as well, when leaving Bosco's. I left the store a few times already without any problems. I was playing for almost an hour when it suddenly happened.

    This is the message, if that helps:


  • Yeah, I just had the exact same problem. Happily, I had just saved it.
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