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Should Snow White Have Stayed Dead?

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Now hear me out. i like snow white in this game, i just like a good story with a lot of twist and turns more. She was clear killed off in episode 1 but after the 5 month Dry Spell (took forever for episode 2 to come out) they just decided to play it off all casually and say it was the troll instead. the scenes from the episode didnt match ANY of the scenes from the trailer of episode 2 that u get to see after playing episode 1

  • She's a major character in the comics, so there's no way that could have ever happened. Still, it might have been good if Bigby thought she was dead for more of Episode 2, just to add weight to his actions during that time.

  • Even though the chances that you are a troll are really high, i'd say ''killing'' snow was indeed a cheap move by telltale. She stayed dead for such a short time, her coming back in the begining of the episode made her ''death'' seem pointless.

  • Yup.

    Nope. I would've like her to come back maybe the end of Episode 2 or 3.

    • And lose one of the most important female characters? No thanks. Besides, everyone knew she wasn't really dead, so would have been dumb to drag it out.

      Especially since Snow was never dead and it was Lily the whole time. Or did you forget that part? The whole point of that was to show us that there is blackmarket glamour going around and eventually learns that Crane has been stalking Snow. Both of which we needed Lily for.

      It was never and it would make sense for her return to be at the end of episode 2 or 3, her return had to be at the start of episode 2. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense.

  • She couldn't have stayed dead, she's alive in the comics.

  • This is like saying Kenny should have died in room/alley. I like Snow too much to want her to die even though she should have. Funny though how Telltale made the person glamoured as her a troll. Get it?.... Troll. We got trolled.

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  • I think the story could have had her gone a bit longer, or at least have had a meatier explanation for why everyone running Fabletown thought she was dead for that whole time.

    If her reveal was part of the confusion of the end of episode one it'd be one thing, but the way it's kind of glossed over in the start of the second didn't really do the cliffhanger justice.

    • Have one of the leading ladies gone longer? That would have been extremely sexist, especially since there aren't that many other female characters in the game yet.

      • Dude aint nobody thinkin about gender, this is all for the sake of story telling. She was thought to be dead in a nowhere near casual way but then the next episode its like she just got back from her grandma house shouldn't do that to people or to advance a story, make the answer just as deep as the problem.

      • Her gender's irrelevant to her reveal. I don't think that bringing her back in itself is bad for the story, it just felt a tad abrupt considering the way that the plot point was set up in the prior episode.

  • I just purchased the season pass this weekend and played Episodes 1 and 2. I have no experience with the original comics or stories outside of a brief Game Informer development story a year or so ago.

    Based on that limited information, when Snow died, I was completely shocked as I expected her to be in every episode. When I started playing Episode 2, it completely changed the way I wanted to play the game as I just played Bigby then as someone who didn't care about anything except finding the killer and would use any means necessary now. Seeing her return was a disappointment in that sense as my Bigby lost that extra emotional rage.

    • YES, YES, YES!!!! YOU uNDERSTAND MY GUY.! We are NOT experts of this series, WE only know what we have SEEN. So bringing us a great story like that only to have it spat on in the next episode (which i waited DESPERATLY for) kinda fucks up the flow you feel me?

      • Having not spent much time on these forums (outside of a little bit when I finished Walking Dead Season 1), I find it odd that so many posts get "thumbed down" despite being decent posts. I've been on enough forums to see terrible trolls and hate posts, and I don't see that from the community members here.

        For me, I kind of enjoyed my start to episode 2 where I played Bigby as a guy who had nothing to lose and lost his moral compass in Snow. I think I would have enjoyed playing the rest of the game that way, but with her coming back, I personally feel like I cannot make his story go in that direction again yet.

      • Killing off an important female character isn't a great "storyline", it's cliche. The fact that she's still alive actually makes the story better.

        The game is in continuity with the comics, so they obviously were never going to kill her.

        • Fables revive if their story is still popular, she could have died then came back since this game is BEFORE the comics, chill out. And how is it cliche? How many story books and games have YOU played where snow white or some other very popular princess DIED?? You got yo vision stuck on pan while we tryin to look at widescreen homie. And plus we just said we've never read the comics, so imagine how this all looks to us. Step outta yo shoes dude.

    • Except Snow never actually going to die, the comics even establish she is near immortal. Also, killing her off would have been extremely sexist.

      • Look what i mean when i say that its a great story it this. I already liked the game since the demo i played, it was amazing to see fairy tale characters become so dark but when they made Snow appear dead they took me across a bridge i NEVER SAW COMING. now while im tryin to figure out where it goes they release that lack luster beginning to episode 2 and now i feel like they burned that bridge i was on. Why put the thought in my mind if it was a lie from the beginning? i've never heard of fable until this game and y'all was showing me shock after shock with beautiful story telling, Listen to this, this is what i saw. The game starts with him talkin to a girl thats a fable i think shit bouta happen between them then her HEAD is LAYIN on top of the STEPS to this nigga place of business. omg thats crazy. Then after a couple of other twist the lady i thought was gone be there with him until the end (cuz like the other girl i think shit bouta happen between them) but NO the episode ends with him walkin BACK to the SAME place of business NO TROUNLE IS CROSSING MY MIND then all you see is cop cars and hear sirens in front of his place with the boys in blue tryin hold back, but he breaks thorough to find HIs girk, Snow White, head layin in a puddle of her own blood...poetic if i ever saw it. Then the next episode she say hey like she just went to go take a shit. -_-

    • But that's on you. TellTale said that this game was in continuity with the comics from the start, which means snow was never going to stay dead. If you actually bought that she was dead, that's on you.

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