• People mostly killed danny but when they realized clem saw it we were like oh sh*t and felt bad that clem saw it so we spared Andy

  • A couple of reasons. A big one is that they were obviously toast already. They were both in severely bad shape, they lost the farm, and they were getting swarmed by zombies with nowhere to go except into the woods filled with the starving infuriated bandits they've been alternating between cheating and eating and with how they were they probably weren't going to get that far.

    Also Clementine was pretty much right there, and they were doing the "Abandon all hope and become monsters because it's how stuff is now!" routine and screw that. Instilling any kind of hope or sense that you can make the world not a crazy kill-fest, even if only in the very limited sphere of the part of it you happen to control at any given moment, is a huge deal and was well worth delaying gratification on offing the brothers myself. So yeah. I pretty much took the position that "I'm going back to my motor inn now, with my little girl and my group of still nominally semi-sane-ish people. Enjoy your overrun farm, angry bandits, and dinnertime with the zombies. I'd leave you a few bullets but, you know, they're valuable now and stuff."

    • but we don't see zombies coming until after you spare/kill Andy so that still leaves me puzzled bc yeah he got beat up but he could've recouped, and if you spared danny he could have released the bear trap from his leg

      • Ben's teacher (Mr. Parker) was caught in an identical bear trap at the beginning of episode 2 so assumptions are that the bear trap had been set by the St. Johns. At that point, it was stated the bear trap was modified so it could not be opened. Only way to get out was to cut off your own leg.

        I killed Danny the first time I played and spared Andy when I realized Clem was around to see it. Second time, I spared both. Sometimes, there are things worse than death. Leaving Andy alone after his mother and brother are dead and he just lost everything can be seen as being worse than killing him. By killing him, you're just giving him the easy road out of the hell they were living in.

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    Beastwolf BANNED

    If clementine hadn't seen you kill Danny probably 70% would kill both

  • They were going to die already, why kill a person who's already been beaten and is about to die anyways?

    Clementine was there, why let her see Lee kill them?

    Also, if you kill Danny you simply give him the satisfaction of being killed, he wins. If you kill Andy it's the same situation. And of course Clementine watches if you kill Danny and your whole group watches if you kill Andy, both of which were obviously done fighting. Who wants to let the bad guys win AND look bad in front of their friends at the same time?

    It's selfish to kill them, in my opinion. You do it because you hate them. Not because you have to, because you want to. They deserve death but it's going to come to them in a few minutes regardless and the only benefit to killing them your self is having the satisfaction of killing them your self. Is it worth the satisfaction? Your choice.

  • The reason i didn't kill either brother

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  • I killed both. I was sad that Clem saw it but then I reassured myself that it was for the best. I mean, they were cannibals man!

  • I didn't kill either of them, because they wanted me to.

  • I kill them BOTH EVERY TIME i play

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    I don't care whether Clementine saw me kill both or not, she had to grow up anyway and they couldn't be allowed to live.

  • I didn't kill either for many reasons:

    • I didn't want to stoop down to their level and become a killer
    • Because they wanted me to and I didn't wanna give them the satisfaction
    • They were gonna die anyway (and much more horribly)
    • Clementine
    • Pretty much this. I feel if you kill them both you're no better than they are.

    • I didn't kill either for many reasons:

      ◦ " I didn't want to stoop down to their level and become a killer "

      Well. Lee was a killer already and was on his way to prison before the apocolypse started, remember?

      • We don't know if he intended to kill the senator though. For all we know Lee could've killed the senator unwillingly during a fight. There's a difference between accidentally killing someone in the heat of the moment and killing a helpless person for revenge.

        • Anyway, i decided to kill both of them. They were crazy and very dangerous people and i didn-t want to take the risk of one of them surviving and trying to get revenge! (Yes, it's possible to survive such " hopeless " situations. Kenny proofed that!)

          I know Clem was watching me doing that, but she needs to grow up sometime and learn that we have to make hard decisions sometimes, to protect the people we care about.

          • I don't think it's plausible for the St. Johns to have survived. Danny got stuck in an altered bear trap with no release, and Andy pretty much lost all will to live and if you choose to punch him enough, has severe brain trauma.

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          You usually don't go to prison for self-defense, unless you are poor as fuck, which Lee clearly wasn't.

          • But self defense or not, killing someone as important as a senator, he was going going to jail in either case, atleast thats what I think. Taking down a huge public figure like that is gonna mark you as a murderer for life regardless of how the event went down sadly. Tbh I'd like to think it was an accident in (my) Lee's case though.

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