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Your favourite lines from each character

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Nick : carlos impression Luke, he's becoming a danger to the group

Kenny : Fuck Fuck Fuck FUCK

Luke : Don't worry I'll catch you... Probably

Lee : Put the gun down bitch!

Clem : I'm not an asshole

Carlos : if she knew what the world was really like, she would CEASE TO FUNCTION


  • Clem: I see a little house

    Carlos: How big is it?

    Enough said :P

  • Luke: Nick, this is suicide!

    Nick: I'll live with it.

    Carver: If folks don't trust you, how can you trust them?

    Omid: Between your arm and my leg, I'll cripple fight you right here, buddy.

    There's plenty more I can't think of off the top of my head.

    1. Kenny: FUCK THAT!

    2. Lee: Oh Shit.

    3. Clementine: Oh shit.

    4. Lilly: SHIT!

    5. Molly: Shit.

  • Kenny: I'll ring their mother fucking bell for em

  • Carlos: " Luke, he's becoming a danger to the group! "

  • Lee: [looks at jump from bell tower to roof] "......I'm so fucked."

    Lee: "Mmm... pointy."

    Lee: "Fuck you Larry, eat up!" (when you let Larry eat the filet o' Mark)

    Kenny: "Jesus, man! I’m from Florida! Crazy shit just comes out my mouth sometimes."

    Kenny: [defeatedly] "...that's fucking stupid, Ben."

    Larry: "You and what homo parade?"
    Kenny: [very emphatically] "THIS ONE."

    Clem: "I guess I know everything. Being a little girl and all."

    Luke: "No offense kid, but ARE YOU CRAZY?"
    Clem: [completely deadpan] "...maybe I am."


    Luke: "So some dog just comes up, bites you, and then runs off. Just some asshole dog out in the forest."

    Nick: [imitating Carlos] "Luke, he's becoming a danger to the group!"

    Nick: "The fuck you do."

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Going from the list of my favourite characters:

    Lee: "You wanna get violent you old fuck? Well come on! You better have a plan to kill me though, 'cause me, before anyone else in here!"

    Clementine: "I'm still. Not. Bitten. I never was!"

    Kenny: "Whatever man, I find whoever's doing that, I'll ring their motherfucking bell for' em."

    Omid: "Our cat's gonna be pissed."

    Luke: "I'll catch ya if you fall. Probably."

  • Lee: "You want to hurt people becase you're afraid! Losing Duck ain't enough for you, because you fucking lose everything acting like this! I'll fucking kill you before I let that happen!"

    Clementine: "Ta-da!"

    Larry: I've got charm coming outta my ass."

    Omid: Our cat is gonna to be pissed!"

    Kenny: "You don't just end it 'cause it's hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about."

    Ben: "Fuck you, Kenny!"

    Alvin: "Tracking? Who do you think they are, ninjas?"

    Carver: "You have a real good day now."

  • Omid: "You ruined that dude's face"

    Nick: "Luke, he's becoming a danger to the group"

    Lee: "This is NOT how the world works now"

    Clem: "I'm STILL. NOT. BITTEN."

    Alvin: "Damn."

  • Another favorite, if you let Kenny win the fight on the train he starts beating the crap out of Lee while screaming at him.

    Kenny: I FUCKING HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE...I...I don't know what to do.

    Lee (beaten on the ground): Stop...the...train.

    It's heartwarming, especially if Kenny and Lee are bros. Lee is willing to take the beating, if it means that Kenny will come back to his senses and accept what is happening.

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