• I would leave Kenny if that was an option, or atleast not side with him. I wouldnt kill him though - I may not be a kenny fan as much as others but I wouldnt kill him.

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    It indirectly was her fault. But actually, Lee is the only one who is really at fault for getting bit, since he got careless and zombies are just mindless flesh-eaters.

    • Exactly, it indirectly was her fault that Lee died, aswell as it was indirectly her fault that Omid died in the bathroom. I didn't choose the option to say " I got Lee killed " i said " He saved me " , but i understand why some people did it. It's just logical if Clem would blame herself and feel guilty for this 2 events.

      Anyway, i would probaply be mad at Kenny if he would blame Clem for Lee's death, but i would understand why he does it.

      • I chose "I got him killed" because Clem needed to get the possible guilt off her chest and Kenny was the best person to do that with. He already knew her and Lee and what most of what went down. I was so happy when Kenny told her it wasn't her fault, she needed to her that and it was a lot more powerful coming from Kenny (rather than Luke -thanks for trying Luke) who actually knew her and Lee since the beginning. She was much more inclined to be influenced and listen to Kenny who she had known longer.

  • Yeah i can say in no uncertain terms that, that would putt a very sour taste in my mouth. I would definitely tell Kenny where to go.

  • I would show Kenny a list of all the people he got killed, starting with Shawn Greene

  • As much of a prick I think Kenny can be sometimes, I couldn't imagine him saying something like that after having just reunited with Clem. It might be something that creeps up in conversations with him later if he gets pissed off enough but he wouldn't put the blame on Clem right then and there. At most, he might respond to Clem's "I got Lee killed" with something like "We've all made mistakes, Clem. You just gotta deal with it and move on."

    • I agree that I don't think Kenny would say that to Clem right then even if he felt that way (I don't think he blames Clem at all for Lee's death, though). The point of the thread is just how you'd respond to a what if scenario if Kenny were to blame Clem for the events that took place like how he blamed Ben for getting his wife & son killed.

      I personally would of felt like the reunion with Kenny would of been ruined if he had reacted that way towards Clementine, and I would of probably defended myself towards Kenny's hostility. While I would understand why Kenny would be upset, I can't fault a child for wanting to find their parents.

  • That...hurt bro...
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  • [Glass him]

    But in reality, I can't see Kenny ever saying that. Clementine is the only person left from their original group. And he himself feels a lot of guilt for the people he lead to the deaths of, like Shawn Greene.

  • That would be the final nail in the coffin for me. If Kenny ever says that, I would know that he has really changed.

  • I'd be like, "Yeah, kinda."

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