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I just want to ask does anyone know how the Release System works in The Walking Dead Season 2. I live in Slovenia, Central Europe, and I already downloaded and played A House Divided...I also purchased the Whole Episode pack so I own it now. I saw that In Harm's Way will be released around in 15th April 2014. But it always comes a little late in Europe. I have two questions:
1. How much days later do the episodes come in Europe?
2. Will they always come to Europe??? They will never just release it in USA, right? They will do it worldwide? I hope so. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR ANSWERS!


  • " I saw that In Harm's Way will be released around in 15th April 2014. "

    Wait, what? Where did you see that? Link please!

  • It's on several sites. Wait a little I have to find the exact one again.

  • it is most likely not coming out on april 15th, everyones best guess is the first tuesday of may since they seem to have gotten down a bi-monthly schedule for releasing episodes, for europe the latest they usually release is probably the week after (i'm not from europe so don't quote me on that lol) they always come to europe but here in north america they always release it first europe and others always come after.

  • I can't find the exact site, but you can just type: "When is The Walking Dead In Harm's Way going to be released?" in google search and you will see the 15th April 2014 is mentioned several times. Hope it helps.

  • the april 15th thing is just people assuming

  • There different. Longer wait means longer episodes.

  • No way in hell is Telltale going to release TWAU and TWD within a week of each other. Based on their prior release schedule, I'm going to guess May 13th or May 6th at the earliest.

  • I think the people are saying that it will release on the 15th because it will have been 6 weeks since the release of A House Divided, and the FAQ says it's "usually 4-6 weeks". As we know, that is highly unlikely.

  • Thank you all for the answers...Yeah I always say: "Better take your time and make a GREAT episode than make something fast."

  • well they assume wrong :P there is most likely no chance of it releasing that early

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    Well going by the last 3 episode release dates from Telltale:

    • The Wolf Among Us Ep.2 "Smoke & Mirrors" - February 4th

    • The Walking Dead Ep.2 "A House Divided - March 4th

    • The Wolf Among Us Ep. 3 "A Crooked Mile" - April 8th

    We should expect something like this:

    • Episode 3: In Harm's Way (Early May)

    • Episode 4: Amid The Ruins (Early July)

    • Episode 5: No Going Back (Early September)

    Just my thoughts. Now that Telltale seem to have some sort of schedule to go by.

  • WeMissYouCarley, thank you very much for the answer.

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    You're very welcome my good sir :)

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    I hop they stick to the by monthly releases, i don't want another wait like the one between TWAU episode 1 and episode 2.

    3 and a half months is too long.

    Edit. That reply was aimed at WeMissYouCarley, but it's 4.40 in the morning and i reserve the right to stuff up my replies.

  • actually, based on their habit of releasing on or after the first of the month,and always on a Tuesday, we can hazard a guess for may 6, July 8, and September 2 or 9.but with any luck we might get episode 5 in Late august.

  • 20th May confirmed by Soontellgames

  • Damn...that's a long time, but worth waiting.

  • Well, like another poster said in a release thread, TTG is sticking to their 4-6 week release schedule if you count the time between releases of TWD and TWAU together, rather than separately. Makes sense, since regardless of franchise, it's still the same basic jobs to finish for each game.

  • The trailer for episode 3 of TWAU just came out, so we should expect TWD either late April or early May.

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