• Love can make you do crazy things?
    With everything going off he's probably quite stressed and she's the nearest person and bears the brunt. Or someone is glamoured as Crane and doesn't realise how Crane actually feels about Miss Snow. Seems unlikely though.

  • I don't know if love is the right word.... But my answer is gonna be: Because he's a weirdo.

  • I think it's more of "lust" than love. If I remember correctly, in the comics it mentioned that he had rape fantasies of him and her.

  • Because he knows she would never have anything to do with him, so he 'punishes' her for it and lives out his fantasy with hookers. He's a vindictive old pervert.

  • He probably made a pass at her and she rejected him so he settles for tormenting her to her face as payback.

  • Crane isn't in love with her, he lusts after her. And as mentioned in the comments above, he knows he's nowhere near her league. Also, Snow is known as the Ice Queen in the comics, mostly due to Charming being such a bastard to her, but also because of her past history leaving the Homelands. He also follows the characterisation of Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow (where his story originates). He is, for want of better wording, incompetent in love there too.

    I know I always say it, but read the comics. They are fantastic.

  • He's covering his tracks. The last person you'd suspect to have a Snow White fetish is the one who apparently hates her most

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