• Well as I always say...

    LOL NO.



      Especially sassy Clementine.

      And I wouldn't say she is actually mean to everybody. She's changed,granted. Living in the apocalypse will do that to you, people can't really expect her to be the "old" Clem from the beginning of ep 1.

    • Whoever the guy was who said hyping only happened on tumblr: Look at this post...look at it and tell me this is not hype, lol.

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    Kartal5 BANNED

    The part about getting Lee killed is true but i dont understand why you think Clem is being mean, she is still a sweet pea to me.
    I detect a troll.

  • She didn't really look all that frowny to me. Maybe it's just that her default S1 expression was always a smile and so whenever you see her neutral S2 face, you think she looks pissed off. I also don't really see how she's rude or mean outside of certain dialogue option that you can pick.

  • She's just a kid. A special kid.
    lol, trolls incoming...

  • She met a lot of good people

    Who locked her in a shed. I don't know about you but I wouldn't be so quick to forget that.

  • There's nothing wrong with her. Clem is on the verge of becoming a teenager. Of course she's going to get moody from time to time, and that's not even taking into account that she's got a heck of a lot more to be hurt and defensive about than the average youngster in today's modern industrial world. But this doesn't mean she isn't a good person anymore. Once in a while, we do get to see glimmers of the sweet pea that we used to know when things calm down, such as how she reacted to her reunion with Kenny. So if she had the chance to take a breather from the apocalypse, I bet she wouldn't be so down all the time. The girl never catches a break.

  • I think she's not being the sweet Clem because Sam taught her a lesson. Even when she's friendly with him he "betrays" her, maybe that's why she seems rude now.

  • A few reasons actually...

    1. She barely knows the group and they locked her in a shed to die of easily-preventable infection.
    2. Surviving in the apocalypse precludes her from enjoying a normal childhood. It's only natural that Clem becomes a bit hardened.
    3. Everyone who she became close with after the outbreak died horribly and Clementine feels responsible for some of them. Being aloof and distant toward other survivors might be a coping mechanism.
  • She's almost a teenager, what do you expect?

  • Shes been repeatedly traumatized for years at a developmental age.

    There, I cleared things up for you.

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