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Grendel (Episode 3)

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Why do you guys think he's helping bigby i mean he still hated him in episode 2 maybe the tweeds did something to holly hence him yelling "I'M GONNA KILL YOU" what are your guys theory's for them working together?

  • There's so many possibilities that I'm really not sure what to think. It has to do with Holly since she's the only one he seems to really show companionship for and gets mad whenever something concerns her like her sister. Maybe it's not really him "working" with Bigby, just being super pissed off at whatever the brothers are doing. Someone said that maybe it had to do with her sister's grave or Holly herself which makes sense.

  • I think that rock/shield/stick sculpture is a memorial of some kind for Holly, and the Tweedles crash the funeral to stop them from burning the body so they can collect their evidence for the crooked man. That would piss Gren off.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Not sure but I'm really beginning to regret tearing off his arm. Still though, not going to go back and fix it, feel like I should hold out on my first save in my first playthrough always.

  • I think somthing happens to Holly or it's about Lily which will cause Grendel to attack Dee and Dum.

  • I would be cool to see Bigby and Gren working together.

  • Well, let's say you play Bigby as a nice guy. You try your best to be nice to Grendel, stop the fight as early as possible(you can stop at kicking his leg, you don't have to do it, just a neat little thing to mention), you throw Jack out of the bar(which Grendel seems to like), you're nice to Holly, oh and Bigby's also trying to catch the murderer of Holly's sister now. I think that could cause Grendel to have a change of heart. But if you're an asshole to him, perhaps the tweedles just have something to do with the murder of Holly's sister.

  • I don't know, something happen and everyone has been tip of the edge. Grendel must be a breaking point thro, the trailer shows him in his original forum attacking Dum and Dee, and another fight against the woodsman. maybe the fables feel they alone so they take things in their own hands since their government is not helping them. or maybe the point the finger at each other trying to find the killer, and paranoia is getting better of them.

    dose anyone know who the woman in white with white hair is? in the tailer she sinks to her knees saying "you took everything from me."

  • Alot of good thoughts in hear thx for the reply guys

  • I think Gren is okay.Maybe he had his reasons when he fought bigby in ep 1 but hopefully he's a good guy and will help bigby

  • So I haven't gotten the episode yet, what exactly happens with Gren?

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