Episode 2 Interrogation Glitch (Save file corruption, maybe?)

edited April 2014 in The Wolf Among Us

So I just went back to replay episode 2 of TWAU and I've got two saves running. One where I make my own choices, and then another doing the opposite. In the first one, I arrested the fat dude (Dee, or Dum?) at the end of episode 1, went onwards to episode 2 and completed that. I went back to play episode 2 with my opposite save where I arrested the Woodsman. But when episode 2 starts, the twin is the one I'm interrogating. So I went back to episode 1, replayed the bar scene and arrested Woodsman just to be sure before continuing on to episode 2. The twin was in the chair again.

Is this supposed to happen? I don't want to go any further because I don't want to find out all the choices I made in the first episode have been replaced by my first play through and not my opposite one. I've also googled the shit out of this problem and come back with nothing.

Edit: I should also mention I'm playing this on the 360.


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