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    Just little spoiler this will be back story of my character Joker as for batman be more of a advanced soldier in a group

    Alt text

    Exactly like this ^

    Age: Mystery

    Hair: Green

    Race: White

    Eyes: Dark brown

    Signature weapons; Little gadgets and hidden magic and tricks

    Hometown: Ireland now America

    I am the Joker my corrupt government killed my parents as they knew the secret corruption going on behind the scenes and were about to report them so government secretly killed them. Police never investigated as Government controlled everything.
    I lost my mind so was sent to a mental institution I was convinced I was a clown hellbent on murder and revenge to make the world feel my pain in chaos of zombie apop.. I escaped.

    Motives: Revenge

    Personality: Full of jokes and Puns Appears trustworthy but capable of random acts of violence

    Strengths: Intelligence, Battle Tactics, Manipulation, Good with weapons and has hidden blades, Unpredictable, fearless

    Weaknesses: Not that physically strong, Appearance causes trust issues
    Expand more if want

    Carchphrase: Why So Serious, Have these morals and think there save you, HAHA I DON'T WANNA KILL YOU

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    Thanks for the share reading now then do a review of what have so far

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    Serious review time loved this story things I liked

    • Realistic love whole normal kids school dynamic
    • Spaced out well easy to read and the grammar was perfect
    • Built tension slowly making action scenes more intense and unexpected loved that
    • Great character depth gave each character good back story so I connected with characters more
    • Love friendship dialogue one minute there joking then the next more serious as events unfold
    • Action described brilliant felt in the moment
    • Loved Kenny easter egg
    • Everything has such great foundation really refreshing



    Really thanks for the share write few story's here if you want also update me on this thread when finished other chapters really excited to see the rest great work.

  • Cool can't wait loved the last of us story btw

  • 0 % chance? That's being rather pessimistic. There is almost always a chance, no matter how small it is. People that give up on dreams, alike to you, will never understand that. Also, if you were a writer of a game company with a large, interactive fan base, you would feel more inclined to see what your community wants, hence my storyboard.

  • Thanks, man. This may be a little off topic, but you got a badass profile picture.

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    I feel so loved.

    Alt text

  • Starting this story this week to help you wait here an awesome pic and MOAR storys from users to please

    Alt text

  • The only complain I have is the time. Russell said he had been with them for a few weeks and lees brother must have died a week in or close to that. But overall great story

  • I demand this thread be kept alive!

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    Origins Of A Joker

    I was 7 years old but very intelligent kid top of my class. From early age loved to manipulate and win other students in any competition I faced them in. I mastered the art of making my opponent think there winning but they lose in their ignorance it allows me to make more unexpected moves. I Loved clowns they were always happy no matter if is sunny or cold nothing got them down there smiles are contagious. My parents were proud of all my achievements my nickname was Joker as always just wanted to have fun took nothing too seriously.
    I arrived home excited to show my parents my painting of a clown I promised I would draw them one.

    My parents worked as Journalists and made small living they always said try make positive change in the world everyday taught me so much about corruption and injustice.

    “Hi mom want to see my picture” I said as walked in. “One minute darling sit in the sitting room be in there in a minute” mom said. I heard them talking my child mind didn’t understand about governments plan to write the news and attack another country just for oil they couldn’t tell the police or write it in the paper as everything is monitored and controlled by them so she was telling Russian spies as only people who can spread the news of this corruption. I heard crack of window pane everything went white I thought it was a dream but soon realised it was a nightmare turned out was smoke bomb.

    Bullets rained in I ducked under the table. Blood splattered the walls on the ground was nearly up to my knees like a horror movie. I jumped up and ran over to my mother with tears as slipped and jumped over the endless bodies “I LOVE YOU DON’T DIE PLEASE” I cried as hugged her. She whispered in my ear “YOUR MY SPECIAL BOY BELIEVE NOTHING ANYONE TELLS YOU I’LL MISS YOU MY LITTLE JOKER” was my mom’s last word police dragged me away laughing hysterically. “ NO SAVE HER PLEASE SAVE HER” I screamed but police overpowered me. “Don’t worry she just sleeping she did very naughty thing so paid the price rules are rules” he laughed. “You are the police the bringer of justice SAVE HER” I shouted. He took out his pistol and dropped out all the bullets except one and rolled the cartel. “Hey kids like games well let’s play Russian roulette” policeman said. He looked at me smiling “WHY SO SERIOUS” and shot. “BANG” the sound burst my eyedrum’s I fainted.

    I Woke up tied to a bed in mental institution nurses told me government can’t have loose eyes but had mercy no one will believe crazy kid from the mental institution and I was locked up.

    Hours, days, weeks and years pasted my rage only growing bigger the only thing what kept me going in this small cage was hungry for revenge on the corrupt government I painted my face like a clown Symbol of the picture left at my mams grave “THE FINAL JOKE WILL BE ON THEM” I shouted to the wind. My door slammed open “RUN” nurse shouted and threw me a hammar I look at the nurse “LET THE GAME BEGIN”.

    Alt text

    Dark Knight

    I was a soldier named Bruce Wayne a wealthy kid thugs killed my parent’s their death brought me to join the army but soon left even after achieving medals in excellence in all areas felt didn’t find anything worth fighting for money and booze never made me happy with meaningless murder.
    But when outbreak happened got recalled and employed by the government in a small community only few people left but our community was safe and secure.
    Recently I have considered quitting as soldier and try help the defenceless in the community because recent events made me question my commitment.

    They have been employing soldiers who has track record of murder and criminal activity judged on talent for killing rather than passion for justice. One example found a soldier named Bane who singled handily brutally murdered whole community just for a sandwich who was immediately employed no questions were asked. For food rations soldiers and the government dictated the food handout keeping most for themselves while people starve. They also killed anyone that questioned there leadership or spoke out of turn.

    I was sent to a mental institution to investigate after recent breach Zombies made it in. The scene which followed will forever haunt my dreams. Blood everywhere the zombies were hammered to the wall with nails in their hands. There was long line of zombies on the wall like they were all holding hands covered in make up like clowns smiling. Jokes in Zombie blood were written on the walls “WHAT CALL A DEAD MAN WALKING? A WALKER” and “THERE DYING TO SEE YOU” what followed also in blood was “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”. “kind of funny” Bane laughed Bruce turned to Bane and gave him nasty look. Suddenly a soldier ran into the Institution sweating and told Bruce they caught a strange looking clown man in the kitchen we need you to interrogate him Bruce nodded.

    Bruce saw weird looking man in a room through the glass which can’t see back out of like usual interrogation room everything recorded and monitored. “Whey need me” Bruce asked government elite watching his every move they responded “He will only talk to you”. Bruce entered the room and took a seat for first ten minutes just stared at this strange looking man trying understand the creature before him.” WHEY KILL ALL THEM PEOPLE” Bruce said Joker laughed “ HAHAHA Can’t kill the dead stupid”. “anyway here to talk business join me” Joker asked. “WHAT WHEY” Bruce asked. “HAHAHA they didn’t tell you Bruce we are same they killed your parents too”. “BULLSH** was thugs” Bruce shouted. “Who controls the thugs silly the powerful don’t get their hands dirty they pay the dirt they control they needed your parents dead as valued truth over money and of course get higher share in your powerful company more power more control look at them watching you”. “SO” Bruce said “They watch you because your piece of meat they don’t trust you once you served your purpose or step out of line they will cast you out like a leper, let me ask you a question?” Joker said. “What” Bruce responded. “When a child is naughty gets punished by the parents, the parents get punished by the police and so on till reach government when you reach the top who punishes them and as you know unpunished naughty children get worse seeking power and control thinking their gods untouchable till gets to the stage where people parents get killed for having a NEGATIVE OPINION that’s where I come in I will punish the top for injustice and this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!. Bruce knew he was right and was silent as knew hard to argue and felt sort of the same after recent events proved this. “YOU SEE I’M NOT A MONSTER JUST AHEAD OF THE CURVE” Joker said. “WHEY WANNA KILL US” Bruce said. “HAHAHA I DON’T WANNA KILL YOU WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU NO WERE THE SAME MONEY OR POWER DOESN’T CONTROL US JUST JUSTICE JUST WANNA KILL THEM JOIN ME!” Joker shouted “NO I’M NOT” Bruce shouted.

    Joked turned to the mirror smiling with sharp teeth “ENJOY THE DINNER I’M DEADLY COOK”. Suddenly all government elite dropped dead likes flies. Bruce Turned around “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE” he turned back around and got hammar straight to the head he was knocked clean out last thing he heard was “WHY SO SERIOUS!!!.
    He awoke to find out Joker put zombie meat mixed in with the stew before they caught him and government elite ate it giving them virus and certain death. The place was all smashed up like hit with a nuclear bomb. He looked at the tape recorded after seeing all the bodies were missing.

    “Hi Bruce you’re playing my game now I have your president come join me this going be fun face my army of zombies and defeat my funhouse/Warehouse in the woods then passed the test we can kill him and rule together GIVE POWER TO THE PEOPLE EVERYTHING FAIR AND EQUAL IN CHAOS” film stopped Bruce headed back to his house time to suit up with his hidden gear in his house learned from Joker not trust anyone he will serve people not the government but first we get JOKER!!.

    Alt text

    Who Will Have The Last Laugh

    I headed back to my house from years in the military I had all the latest technology and been designing a new bodyguard suit all black so I can be invisible at night. It was impenetrable to bullets or zombies bites making me true predator at night with weapons belt made specially to hold all my gadgets and weapons I was truly the first million dollar soldier even had cape so I can glide from high places just by wearing it I felt invincible even looking into the mirror I became monster that scared me I looked like a Bat.

    Government heard of my pursuit and assigned Bane to accompany me deep down knew he was just assigned to watch me. We went through the dark forest the cold wind made me shake but my concentration on my goal made all my senses of feeling absolute. I looked around it was strange all the forest was empty all the zombies appeared to have disappeared the tension was rising. We arrived at the top of the mountain, I froze in fear even Bane looked shaken was our eyes playing tricks on us like a circus in the warehouse loud music blaring, lights flashing clear joker was attracting all the zombies to protect him and the warehouse must been hundreds of zombies it was mission impossible. “LETS RUN THROUGH THEM” Bane shouted. “Impossible need a plan zombies are stupid are without weapons while we are heavily armed and smart let’s use our strength not play into their hands” Bruce said “Whatever” Bane signed. Bruce had an idea “I need you to dig a massive hole and cover it in leaves then attract all the zombies out make as much noise as possible to attract their attention sight of fresh meat will defeat any distraction and when I shout need you to run for the Warehouse door here’s a rope to get back out of the hole when you’re done” Bruce said and Bane nodded. Bane finished the hole and started shouting and stamping everything was going to plan all the zombies surrounding the Warehouse moved towards Bane in the forest. Bruce sneaked behind the zombies and started pouring cans of petrol he poured it around the Warehouse till was a full complete circle. Some of the zombies fell down the hole but they were coming at all angles at Bane now there were hundreds of them in seconds Bane would be ripped apart.

    “BRUCE!!!” Bane shouted. “Now” he shouted and threw his new military boomerang all it’s edges sharp enough to cut metal. It flew majestically threw the air like a soaring eagle chopping off dozens of zombie heads as flew around Bane and back just giving him enough space to run. Bruce then threw a smoke bomb making it impossible for zombies to see Bane. “RUN STRAIGHT” Bruce shouted Bane had no other choice but to sprint aimlessly straight he made it to the warehouse door then smoke disappeared. “NOW WHAT” Bane asked out of breath as zombies came towards them. “THIS” Bruce smiled he threw a burning match on the petrol and a burning inferno circled the warehouse making it impossible for anymore zombies to enter near the warehouse the ones that did became ash was beautiful sight but had no time to admire the genius plan and entered the barn.

    “Level 2” Joker shouted as stood on top of stair case the room was full of zombie’s Bruce removed his sword from his back “BRING IT ON” he shouted and Bane put on his knuckle busters. ”HAHAHAHAH didn’t think be that easy” Joker laughed and switched off all the lights it was pitch black we had no chance in this room. Bane turned to Bruce and said “The dark powerful agent to the uninitiated but we are initiated”. “Look Zombies can’t see too just need to divert their attention then sprint with your strength running like a bull the unexpected attack will lead us straight through”. Bane and Bruce threw all their weapons and belongings to the opposite side of the room at the wall in a desperate attempt to get zombies attention away from them to give them time and enough space to run. Bruce jumped on Banes back the years of Steroid abuse finally came in handy he sprinted though the Zombies like a flying bullet everything that touched Bane got crushed or pushed through the air the zombies were like rag dolls. They made it to the door final confrontation awaits.

    Alt text

    The Final Joke

    They entered the room to see Joker standing there with the president tied to a chair in clown make up still alive. “Finally made it” Joker applauded Bane ran towards Joker and grabbed him by the neck choking him “NO MORE JOKES” Bane smiled “PUT HIM DOWN!!” Bruce shouted and punched Bane straight in the head any normal man would have been knocked out Bane didn’t even flinch. “KILL HIM TOO HE SERVED HIS PURPOSE AND IS NOT AS OBEDIENT AS USED TO BE LIKE HIS PARENTS” President said. Bane dropped Joker and grabbed Bruce by the neck he was helpless and choking “YOUR PARENT BEGGED JUST MADE ME KILLING THEM EVEN SWEETER” Bane laughed while crushing his throat Bruce awaited certain death. Suddenly flashback occurred in Jokers head Bane was there when his Mom died he was also responsible for his parent’s brutal killing. “I THOUGHT MY JOKES WERE BAD YOUR WAY TO SERIOUS” Joker said then Joker stabbed Bane in the shoulder with a hidden blade in his sleeve and saved Bruce an enraged Bane Punched Joker he went flying and smacked against the wall it was clear he was dying Bane picked him up again by the throat “NO MORE GAMES” he shouted. Joker bite into Banes hand making him drop him Joker then pulled down his sleeve and showed he was bitten he then turned to Bane and said “BUT I LIKE GAMES”.
    Bane was infected from the bite and started punching the wall in anger whole warehouse nearly collapsed he went running at Joker but suddenly froze in fear. “AH AH AH LETS NOT BLOW THINGS OUT OF PROPORTION”. Joker said as ripped his shirt off revealing bomb strapped around his body enough dynamite to blow whole warehouse up and had the detonator in his hand. “NO JOKER I CAN SAVE YOU” Bruce screamed with tears. For first time Bruce seen tear fill Jokers eyes “JUMP OUT THE WINDOW BRUCE SAVE YOURSELF THE DAY MY MAM DIED NEVER WANTED TO BE SAVED JUST SERVE THE DEFENCELESS NOT THE CORRUPT RULE IN CHAOS BUT HAVE METHODS TO YOUR MADNESS I’LL BE OUT IN A MINUTE!!! Bruce nodded and jumped out the window gliding to safety and watched from mountain top for Jokers arrival.

    Bane laughed “You know Kinda funny if you press the detonator you will also kill yourself don’t have the balls to do it don’t cry my little Joker beg and let you live unlike your mother be serious for once”.

    Joker smiled “HAHAHAHA THAT IS KINDA OF FUNNY GAME OVER” Bane looked confused “WHAT”.
    “WHY SO SERIOUS” and pressed the detonator the whole place erupted like a volcano with the blast and fireworks exploded everywhere all part of the plan since the escape to kill Bane but fireworks were nice touch he truly was a genius.

    Tears filled Bruces eyes he fell to his knees in Joker found one person who knew his pain and kept his values with all the corruption the hurt and pain he suffered still made most selfless sacrifice saving Bruce he found a drawing Flickering through the wind the Warehouse was just ashes complete silence around even wind seemed just to whisper it started lashing rain. Bruce looked at drawing of Joker he made it was picture of him and a bat on it but there were words written on it was little story about the bat only friend Joker had it was in his cage in the asylum used to talk to the bat made him stay sane was his best and only friend.

    Bruce put the picture in his pocket I’ll be the Bat in a tribute to Joker I'll haunt the dreams of the corrupt and unjust then disappeared into the night.

    Alt text

    Finally finished what think

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    Right finished first half of the story what think?

    Going finish rest of chapters later CH3 will be pure war and action chapter have great plans for it

  • Doing rest chapters today or tomorrow for dark knight story

  • Wow brilliant can't wait for the rest of the dark knight story

  • thanks man glad you enjoyed finishing rest today or tomorrow

  • May this continue!

  • Yes thanks for the bump and when your finished mini story copy and paste it here love to read it

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    Excellent work Markd4547!

    The art, too, is wonderfully realised, both making the world a dangerous but curious place, and giving a great deal of life to the characters. Just look at the characters expressiveness even without words. It plays right into the hands of its comic book counterpart, and leaves the story anything but lifeless. From the very beginning, this cross-over sinks its teeth in and never lets you go. It's a journey in the truest sense of the word, replete with tragedy, heartache, tension, fear, and even brief moments of catharsis. Calling this cross-over a work of entertainment almost seems like a misnomer, considering the heavy tone and general lack of sentimentality in the writing.

    But still no match for Tobis comic book series! :D

    Alt text

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    Alt text

    After reading this thinking wow stache getting serious then saw the end my reaction ^

    Really thank you for the feedback Stache yeah can write comedy but went dark because story I wanted to do demanded that create world where these characters could exist and be realistic

    Moral trying to get across is are no villains just people and want the reader struggle to know who to root for

    Glad still people reading my crazy stories and thanks in next day or two finished last 2 be full of action and twists be good

  • So tired after hours finished last two chapters built the foundation in the first two allowing me to go for pure action in final two thanks for reading hope you enjoy Have another story in a while

  • I love that speech.
    Thumbs up man!

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    Fun video for last of us fans see just the incredible acting TLOU the musical

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    BTW I started writing my fanfic of TWD. Tis good!

  • Finished all edits Dark Knight Tale complete

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    Sorry, it's been a stressful week for me, and I am trying to make a "preview" of my storyboard (don't want to spoil anything until I denied by Telltale), change it into novel form (I write my storyboards in playwrite form) and post it up here. I should have it done by Friday. Then, I can get to work on my National Guard story.

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