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Official Create your Own TWD story or Fanfic

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Just wanted to start thread about making your own TWD storys as can't find one on this forum

Inspiration for the thread

Credit where credit is due ^

I'll start off and make The Last Of Us and Walking Dead Crossover tribute to my favourite games and characters ever throw in few easter eggs with game quotes and TWD forum inside jokes lol.


Set after the conclusions of both games except Lee survived and is now with a mature Clem hunting through forest for food when find Joel and Ellie both experienced similar journeys and everyone they love is dead and they will protect Clem and Ellie to the death.

Ellie and Joel(spoiler)?

For people who haven't played the game basically at the conclusion of The last of Us found out Ellie has the cure in her brain but before doctors could operate Joel murdered everyone in the hospital and escaped with just Ellie shared similar Journey to Lee and Clem and have same unbreakable bond.

More in depth look at Ellie and Clem for people who haven't played ^

Full look through ending of the last of us in this thread for users haven't played ^

FULL STORY BELOW(contains 4 chapters) hope you enjoy!!

Alt text

A New Dawn

Lee and Clem were walking through the forest after just surviving Savannah but food was running short needed to find a base to find supplies. Suddenly he saw a light they spotted a camp they sneaked up to catch the bandits off guard lee loaded his gun and asked Clem to stay back. Lee saw his chance sprinted into the camp and shouted “DON’T MOVE” lee was about to shoot when small girl ran out of her tent shouting “WATCH OUT JOEL!!!” Lee backed off realising this was family similar to his group and felt ashamed of himself. Joel jumped up about to shoot when Clem jumped in front of lee. “Stop this we are both small group with kids and its late can we just stay the night please” lee said. Joel looked at Ellie she nodded her head and agreed. Suddenly a walker covered in muck and blood appeared Lee deep down knew was Ben he survived covered in blood but shot him in the head anyway he looked at Clem she understood the decision. They sat around the camp Clem and Ellie were telling each other about old days how Clem put bug in ducks bed and Ellie told few bad puns first time lee and Joel seen them laugh in weeks, it warmed their hearts but unfortunately talking about the past dug up some bad memories about duck and Riley (Ellies dead friend) this brought them to tears but for once they had someone who could relate to them and they hugged. It was clear this was helping them mourn and heal from the past.

Lee and Joel on other hand was different you could cut the tension with a knife, they just stared at each other with a dead a stare for an hour without a word being said, out of nowhere Joel spoke. “YOU TOUCH A HAIR ON ELLIE’S HEAD AND I’LL KILL YOU AND CLEM!!” Joel said to which Lee responded “I WOULD KILL YOU AND ELLIE FOR A FUC**** SANDWICH” Lee smiled didn’t mean it but wanted send a clear message they were both alpha males looking for control of the pack. They fell asleep with guns in hand just in case the other tried anything. Clem and Ellie couldn’t sleep they were too excited to finally find somebody around their own age with the same sense of humour. “Hey you have crossbow too, cool!” Clem said “I’m the best shot around come on let’s have a competition” Ellie said. They ran into the forest to see who can catch the most birds suddenly in the shadow two soldiers appeared and knocked Ellie and Clem out with back of their guns straight to the back of Clem and Ellies heads, and then they tied them up and brought them back to their base.

Alt text


Lee awoke to a gun to his head “WHERE IS SHE!!” Joel shouted to which Lee responded “PUT THE GUN DOWN BITCH”. “The bandits took them! Your bad luck, knew it every time I try to help someone they fail me last time I let my morals dictate my decisions, it’s just Ellie and me from now on” Joel said. “Look at you I was talking to Clem your bad luck a failure letting your morals get people killed look at ben saved him who indirectly killed the whole group, Didn’t shoot that kid(duck) got another person killed, face it I knew I should of killed you when I got the chance” Joel said. “ME? Ellie told me she was the cure and you killing all them innocent people in the hospital with your lack of morals damned the whole human race killing billions when you saved her instead, she could of went down in history as a saint that saved the world BUT NO her life will just be remembered as the next zombie meal you, YOU failed her!!! Lee shouted. “WHAT IF IT WAS CLEM?” Joel asked, which lee refused to answer, you could see tears in their eyes Clem and Ellie was the only thing that makes they’re life’s worth anything they are the only people that give them hope to survive each day. “You're treading on some mighty thin ice here” Joel said. Lee threw a punch knocking Joel down. Joel jumped up and head butted Lee, blood was pouring out of each other’s mouths, they pulled their pistols out at each other. “Kill me, I don’t want to live without Clem” lee said. He earned Joel’s respect, they dropped their guns and shook hands "I would rather die killing the men that took them" Joel said and lee agreed then they headed for bandits camp.

Carver saw Ellie and Clem arrive at the camp and he smiled, they were covered in bruises” lock these filthy animals up” Carver said. You see Carver tracked Joel for a while, he knew Ellie was the cure making her priceless to any group that had her, she was the whole worlds hope and power. Carver walked up to the cell Ellie and Clem were in “What’s that, daddy’s not here save you?” Carver laughed “What rhymes with lock” Ellie said, Carver looked at her confused “ROCK” Clem shouted and through a rock straight at Carver which was hidden in her pocket, blinding carver in one eye. Ellie and Clem grabbed Carver and pressed his head against ceil door then whispered in his ear “who’s your daddy? We will be the last two people you will ever see. That’s not a threat but a promise” and let go.

Alt text

The Walking Dread

Lee and Joel were spying on the base ready to attack when suddenly something grabbed Lee. He froze in fear and turned around it was Kenny! The only words that came out of Lee in shock was “HOW” Kenny looked at Lee and said “I got lucky” they all nodded at each other happy with the answer.

The prison base was heavily guarded, the plan was simple: Assassinate guards at the gate quietly without raising any alarms. Once we get the gate open we only have limited resources so we have to use glass and rocks to attract the group of zombies. Inside the unexpected attack will guarantee success. Kenny’s job was to set explosives up around the camp with charges. They will blow the place upon mission completion. Lee and Joel saw two guards patrolling the forest wearing military suits with guns they nodded at each other then sneaked up and then twisted their necks, they needed quick and silent kills to avoid suspicion so they hid the body’s in a bush and changed into their gear also taking their weapons. The three turned and nodded at each other again. They walked up to the gate with the keycard and walked in. They walked into the main base knocked on the door and called all the soldiers out. The door was specially locked so once you’re locked inside you can’t get back in from the outside and it’s bullet proof. All soldiers came running out Joel and Lee gave Kenny a thumbs up and ran inside and locked the door. All soldiers were unable to get back in. Kenny threw rocks and glass inside the base and shot a few sniper rounds. Hundreds of Zombies entered gate then Kenny locked the main gate. The soldiers were trapped few just shot themselves because they knew they had no chance of escape. The zombies killed all the soldiers till it was just a stack of body’s on the battlefield.

Lee and Joel see Clem and Ellie, tears fill their eyes. They run over to embrace them, then they see the bruises and they fall to their knees “SO SORRY WE FAILED YOU” they cried grabbing the keys and opened the prison door then hugged them again. They were about to leave but didn’t know Carver and a few guards were still in the prison. They snuck up and put a gun to Lee and Joel’s head and were about to shoot when Carver shouted “STOP I have a proposition. Give Joel and lee a gun. If Joel shoots Clem or Lee shoots Ellie I will set everyone free and the rest will live, if they dare to turn and try shoot us we will kill them all.” Joel and Lee accepted there faiths refusing to shoot each other’s only hope for bright future and were about to turn. Clem glared at Carver and said “THAT’S NOT NICE!” she looked at Ellie and nodded. They both had rocks hidden in their pockets then threw them at the lights till everything went pitch black. Lee and Joel just smiled and said “that’s our girls”. Ellie had a backpack with a flashlight, Joel gave Clem a Cross bow “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel” Ellie lit the target up and Clem shot it, the soldiers had no chance with all the headshots. Then they came to Carver. Clem and Ellie shouted “remember we told you we will be the last people you will ever see” Ellie lit him up and Clem pulled back the bow and shot Carver straight through his last remaining eye. They left the camp then went up and sat on top of mountain together with them all drinking Juice boxes Kenny let off all the explosions in the prison like a firework display for them. Clem and Ellie highfived, Joel and Lee bro fisted and Kenny rubbed his Stache they found the perfect family.

Alt text


The group walked through the forest. They felt invincible after recent events, so they sat around the fire telling stories and laughing about all the tales. Lee pointed north and told them of the settlement full of food and shelter just 5 miles away, it seems like finally they have a happy ending. Suddenly everything went in slow motion, a zombie jumped out and bit Lee Clem shot the zombie in the head “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Clem screamed with tears in her eyes. Lee sat against the tree dying and told Clem he would miss her she responded “ME TOO” Ellie put her hand on Clems shoulder and said “I Know how it feels” Clem turned angrily pushed Ellie over and put gun to her head.” YOU COULD OF ENDED THIS HELL I WOULD DIE FOR HIM IF I WAS THE CURE!!” Clem said with tears in her eyes. Ellie was silent still in shock” HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING YOU COULD OF STOPPED THIS NOW MY LIFE AND EVERYONE’S IS OVER!!” Clem Screamed “IM SORRY” Ellie burst out crying Joel then put a gun to Clems head “I love you Clem but you even touch that trigger I’ll shoot! Joel said “SHOOT” Clem responded Joel then ran over to lee and asked resident doctor Carlos to cut off his hand to try save him, he picked up a Spoon and started cutting his ear Joel look confused “GO AWAY NOT REALLY A DOCTOR ARE YOU” Clem said so Joel ran over with pocket knife and cut off Lee’s hand and bandaged him up time will tell if he survived.

Clem tried to sleep that night but couldn’t, her pillow was soaked with tears. She looked at the tree the next morning Lee was gone full of blood Clem dropped to her knees screaming Crying Lee’s dead she realised. “What’s wrong my little sweet pea” she turned and saw Lee and ran over then hugged him with a big smile.


Alt text

Apologize for any bad grammar

Thanks for reading took me hours lol what do you think?

Also make few story's yourself on this thread promise to read, review and thumb

  • May this forum live long. BUMP
    Sorry, it's been a stressful week for me, and I am trying to make a "preview" of my storyboard (don't want to spoil anything until I denied by Telltale), change it into novel form (I write my storyboards in playwrite form) and post it up here. I should have it done by Friday. Then, I can get to work on my National Guard story.

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  • Okay, I'll post my storyboard preview later today.

  • The following is a preview of my not fully completed storyboard, in the storyboard itself, you are given choices, but for the sake of this preview, I chose the voice options and choices the character would be making throughout the game. Main character, for reference sake, is my profile picture, art done by JonGon. If anyone leaves any constructive criticism, I would be much obliged. Enjoy!

    “We were hungry! It was an act of desperation! Please, you have to believe me!”
    “Shut the fuck up!” Asim yelled as he hit the man’s face with the blunt edge of his crowbar. “An act of desperation?! Raping two teenagers is an act of desperation!? Tying men to a tree and leaving them for the freaks is an act of desperation!? You and your friends are monsters!”
    The bandit coughed up blood from where he sat, tied to a lawn chair, and it slowly poured from his mouth and onto his dark blue jacket. Asim waited for him to be finished, then aggressively took off his black, finger-less military gloves and started punching the bandit in the face, as hard as he possibly could. Asim knew why he took off his gloves, when he starts bleeding from his knuckles, it’s meant for him to stop, but he didn't. He couldn't. Finally, Asim stopped to take a breath, and sat down. When he did, all he could see was the members of his group, the ones he tried so hard to protect. Asim then came to the conclusion; he failed them.
    The anger had left, now sadness and regret had taken over. Asim looked into the camp’s dying fire and started to cry silently. “Why?” Asim asked, “Why?”
    The bandit had spent the break from his beating by coughing up blood, which came up in large clumps that tried to clog his throat and unlike most people when they coughed up blood, instead of spraying out, this blood trickled down from his mouth and down his neck, giving the bandit a sinister look. But in his hazel eyes, anyone could see that they were full of regret, “We…we were hungry…and we got carried away...”
    Asim looked at him and said, “Not a good enough explanation.” Asim stood up and side kicked him in the chest, making the blue and white striped lawn chair that the bandit was tied to, fall backwards. Asim walked over to where the bandit had fallen and kneeled, looking at his hurt enemy. The bandit then coughed up blood, but this time it sprayed, landing on the black bandanna that covered Asim’s face, Asim’s eyes, his black patrol cap, and his upper nose and cheek. Asim then wiped away the blood that went into his eyes, but didn’t care for wiping away the blood that had ended up on his upper cheek and nose, to clear his vision.
    Asim stood up, still covered in the blood of the man and his comrades, and looked upon the destroyed bandit camp. Asim saw the carved open tents, the splattered blood and the ten dead bodies, some with blunt trauma to back of the head, some with bullet wounds in the head, and on others; roamer bites.
    He still remembered the fight. Asim had used his own blood to draw large groups of roamers silently to the bandit’s camp, and when the freaks got close to the camp, they cared more about the sound of moving and talking meals more than the smell of his blood. The roamer herd that Asim had created surprised them, already killing two bandits before the undead came within view. Asim from that point on stayed back and watched the clash, gradually picking off bandits as they started to gain the upper hand in the battle. Sometimes, he would shoot the leading bandit, making the bandits think it was an accidental friendly fire, other times he would run up and kill a bandit cowering towards the back of the group with his crowbar, by the end, there were two bandits left and his roamer herd had been destroyed. Asim dispatched the first one with ease, when the second noticed, he bolted, and as he ran Asim shot him in the back of the knee. Asim had his revenge, for Stephen, for Aaron, for John, for Dante’, for Alissa, for Derrick, for all twenty members of his group. But it wasn’t good enough. Kim, Alissa and her younger sister had been raped and shot, Derrick was set on fire, and John and Anthony were tied to trees and left as live roamer bait, and everyone else was gunned down. All Asim could think of is, “What kind of person does this?” He looked directly in the eyes of the bandit and answered his own question out loud, “The kind that isn’t human anymore.”
    Asim walked back to where the bandit sat, in an awkward position, on his back with his legs in the air. He then grabbed the end of the lawn chair and jerked it up. Asim had lost track of time, twenty minutes had passed since he had kicked him over, and the bandit’s legs were fast asleep. Asim then looked around for a knife, due to Winston, Victor and Ralph stealing his knife along with the rest of their supplies when they abandoned his group. He then found one, a small pocket knife, it wasn’t the sharpest of blades, but it’d do. Asim walked over to the tied bandit and held his knife to the man’s arm, and was about to begin sawing, he wanted to make the bandit feel every bit of pain his friends had felt before they died.
    The man let out a near silent squeal as the cold, dull blade touched his skin. “Is this me?” Asim thought to himself, “Is this really me? What have I become? He deserves death, but what I’m doing, it’s not death, it’s something worse. I can’t let this world get to me.”
    Asim then felt another side of himself wanting to cut into the bandit’s arm and pull at his very nerves, inside of him a war of influence had erupted. “He killed everyone!” He thought, “He probably raped Alissa and her sister, or set Derrick on fire, or let people get fed to those…those things! He does not deserve a quick death.”
    Asim heard many voices inside of his head, but the one thought that came above all others was, “If I do this, what separates me from him? Or, what separates me from those things eating people?” 
    When his mind started quieting down, he noticed that tears started pouring down from the bandit’s eyes. Seeing this made Asim realize that he wasn’t the good guy he hoped he was, he was the man out for revenge. Asim told himself that he came out here to kill these people, not for revenge, but to stop them from ever doing this to anyone ever again, but this, what he was doing now, torture, this was not what he came here for. This was not him. He steadily took the pocket knife away from the bandit’s arm and cut the ropes binding him to the lawn chair and started walking away.
    “Wait!” The bandit called to Asim, “Could I have a gun?”
    There were two reasons the bandit would want the gun, to opt out, or to shoot him in the back as he walked away. Personally, Asim didn’t care what he did with the gun, he felt as if he had lost everything. “Here.” He handed the bandit one of the scavenged hand guns that Asim had picked up after the fight.
    Asim continued walking away when suddenly he heard the bandit say, “We’re all monsters now, aren’t we?” He turned just to see that the bandit was staring at all of the dead bodies created by Asim. Asim’s blue-gray eyes and the bandit’s hazel eyes met for the last time, the bandit put the gun in his own mouth and pulled the trigger.

    “Holy shit!” Asim nearly yelled as he woke up from his nightmare. He nervously looked around, hoping to see someone, but knew that he wasn’t going to. He stared at the bell he slept under, and then out the no walled steeple. He finally sat up from his dark green sleeping bag and looked out at the town, anxiously peering at the few streets in this town. He saw just about what he expected, burned down building, mounds of burnt roamers, and not a single moving creature. Just him, alone, again.
    It had been five months after the outbreak, four months since the loss of his group, and two months since the last time Asim saw a live human being. He had found this small town about a month and a half ago, right about when he lost track of the group of people he was trying to join. Not knowing what to do, Asim settled into the tallest building he could see, which was the church steeple that wasn’t directly connected to it’s chapel. He then burned downed the rest of the town, including the chapel, which was relatively easy, because it seemed like most of the freaks cleared out a when their food started to disappear, and the roamers that didn’t leave, he killed and burned. Burning down the buildings were a very strategic move, it helped him make sure that the area was truly clear, and to make sure that it stayed that way, he called the freaks roamers because they roamed and there was always a possibility of one coming to the town and hiding in a house. He could also spot an incoming herd or survivors (though he hadn’t seen either since he got there) from miles away, since the town was built on an open field, surrounded by some woodland. So, he scavenged as much supplies as he could from them (which wasn’t much) and burned them down.
    Alone. Asim looked for a roamer wandering about, or a deer just coming out of the surrounding woodland, maybe, just maybe with a couple fawns. But, still, not a single thing was moving. “Hello! Hello, can anyone hear me!?” He called out, hoping for some sign of acknowledgement, like someone answering him, or someone waving to him in the distance. Nothing.
    Asim looked away from burned down town and grabbed his bag. He unzipped it and pulled out his video camera, the same one he used for reconnaissance. He started looking at saved videos, slowly clicking on the right button, changing the saved video data each time, until he finally came to the latest video recorded. He then selected it and waited patiently for it to start. Asim remembered when he recorded this video, he was lying in a ditch outside of a motel with the only thing poking out being this camera. Whenever he made these tapes, he would watch them when he got back to his camp. Each time, he looked and listened for children, elderly or pregnant women, something to prove to him that these guys weren’t like the bandits that killed off his group, and this very tape, proved that he could’ve joined them. And now, this tape was all he had left of people.
    Through the camera’s screen he could make out a makeshift wall, behind it was an RV and a motel. On top of the RV, keeping watch was a depressed looking white woman wearing a black jacket with a gray under shirt, and on her lap was a rifle. For about twenty minutes, nothing happens, the woman sometimes moves around but nothing major happens. Asim normally skipped the first twenty minutes, and then would pause, make sure everything around him was absolutely quiet, and then he would let the video play. The two dumpsters that acted as doors for the motel’s walls opened up and two men step out, one white male, with a mullet and what looked like to be a truckers hat; the other was a black male, wearing a blue buttoned up shirt and carrying a rifle. As they are about to close the dumpster gate, a small girl wearing a blue and white baseball cap comes out and says something to the second man, that Asim can only listen through the camera if he fully turns up the volume and stays completely quiet.
    “Stay lucky, Lee.”
    “You know I will.” Lee answered, in a soft and caring voice.
    He had always wondered about that, ever since he watched it back at his camp, he wasn’t her father, mainly because the two looked nothing alike and she called him “Lee” and not dad.
    “You know, you should stop watching that. It’s fucking with your head.” Asim looked to see who interrupted his thinking, and out of the corner of his eye he saw John, a tall Hispanic man wearing a brown coat and blue jeans.
    “Probably not as much as having conversations with you, John.” Asim said in retaliation, while he paused the camera.
    “Oh, shit! Watch out, the dog’s got bite!” John mocked, then in less than a second, his voice completely changed from mocking Asim, to being dead serious, “Maybe it’s time for you to get off your ass and start looking for some people.”
    “I burned down this fucking town, I send radio broadcasts out every night, and I set up signs and maps everywhere within seven kilometers. Has it ever occurred to you that I’m the last one? Because it sure as hell occurred to me.”
    John looked at him with a fierce fire in his eyes, “Get your ass up and go look for some people, now!” Asim looked back at his backpack and started looking for food or something to take his mind off John’s apparition. “There’s people out there and you know it, now are you going to look for them or contemplate blowing your brains out tonight!? What happened to the man who wanted to help people?! What about back in Atlanta, when you saved my ass?!”
    Asim laughed while digging through, “What about back in Atlanta? I pulled you out of that shithole just for you to die somewhere else. Now let me smoke in peace.” As he said that last word he looked up to see that he had disappeared. “Thank you.”
    The tired, hungry man brought out blunt paper and marijuana, and started to wrap a cigarette. Asim knew it wasn’t the best thing to do, especially in a time like this, but it seemed like all drinking did was relive the pain of his failures, while weed seemed to make him forget about it, for at least as long as his high lasted. The smell was relieving for him, as he opened the bag and took a strong whiff of the weed he had recovered from a drawer before burning the house down, allowing him to forget what happened in his haunted past, from his failures to protect his group, to the group of bandits he slaughtered. Asim just finished wrapping his blunt when he stopped and pulled out his lighter, it was a zippo lighter with a purple butterfly on it. The memories of the day when his brother gave him that lighter were still very vivid in Asim’s mind. No one would really understand, it was an inside joke between him and his brother. Asim, since he was a child, had always been frightened of insects, and his brother would constantly joke about it, and before his brother, Pavel, went on his deployment to Peru as part of the UN Peacekeepers, he had bought it for him.
    He flicked the lighter and a small, bright fire appeared out of the nozzle, he then picked up his tightly wrapped blunt, stuck it in his mouth and lit it. He inhaled and exhaled the thick smoke from the weed, losing care for what was happening, forgetting what has happened.
    His started to taste ash when he inhaled, which meant that this blunt was just about done. He threw it on the wooden steeple floor, stepped on it (to make sure the sparks wouldn’t start a fire below) and kicked it down. The cigarette slowly dropped, and Asim watched it as it fell…when he saw a figure standing in the fields below. It wasn’t a very large figure, it must have only been a child, Asim noticed this and called out to the child, “Hey! Do you need help?!” Then he noticed, it was a little girl, but she seemed to be ignoring him. He grabbed his bag and his axe (just in case if it was a walker) and quickly climbed down the steeple’s outside ladder, yelling out questions to her as did so, “Do you need food?! Are you hurt?! Where is your group?!” Each time, no response.
    He finally touched the ground, and when he did, he ran towards her, calmly. But in reality he wanted to sprint towards her, Asim knew that being alone for this long, he was slowly going crazy. He needed people. He then stopped four meters away and asked, “Little girl, are you okay? Where is your group?”
    Still no response.
    “Please, answer me.” He said nearly crying, “Please, say anything.”
    Then he recognized the little girl. It was the one from his camera, the little girl at the motel. The group he wanted to join, but as he came to the motel, he had found it under attack from bandits and roamers. Right when Asim entered the motel’s walls, their RV drove off and he never saw them again. He remembered the anger and the sadness that festered in him that day. He remembered walking for days and nights just looking for them, and then he was forced to abandon the search when the largest herd of roamers he had ever seen blocked off the road to Savannah. Instead, Asim went North, towards the Augusta area, hoping to find someone, anyone.
    “I’m screwed, aren’t I?” He asked the little girl, “I have fully lost my fucking mind.”
    The girl, said nothing, and simply faded away. Asim took a good look around one last time and said, “I need to get out of here.”

    • Thanks for the share finally delighted right do 2 reviews for the dream sequence and reality

      Dream Review things I liked

      • Went straight into the action from first sentence I was hooked so much fun reading
      • Loved not afraid to go over themes like rape, suicide, torture etc as reader always adds little edge to the story as realize anything is possible the writer is not afraid to do anything adding to the tension making me expect the unexpected love this
      • Love script very intelligent with Asim using own blood to attract zombies to the camp one of the many moments was just genius idea
      • Love the way see characters reflect on every decision and event making reader feel in their shoes seeing the consequences of their actions one example when Asim decided not shot bandit loved whole sequence in the decision to do it or not
      • *Descriptions are done well, great pacing also full of action and suspense

      • The Ending was so unexpected and epic was not expecting that at all just beautifully violent and brilliantly written




      • The mystery element of this was brilliant always enjoyed every sentence to find out more about Asim and his current situation
      • References to Clem and Lee just love this and ending has me really excited for next section
      • Again well written everything was described brilliantly never had reread a section flowed so well with no mistakes.
      • Realistic within TWD universe can imagine myself doing something similar if had to survive so related to Asim and also loved introduction of John as know few people like him so made the world in the story feel more realistic


      This section 9/10 but overall 9.5 as full review


      Just quality story and JonGon was great choice for drawing seen his work and his very talented artist one of the best I've seen. If telltale use this I buy it I truly believe it's good enough as for criticism can't think of anything just keep doing what your doing your very talented.

      MOAR please love reading your stories

      • Thanks for the support, this is the first time I've posted my story up on a forum. I tried to make the story as realistic seeming as possible, you've to try to imagine that you're alone and everyone you've known has died, and that's were the realistic part comes from. In most of my writing, I don't like giving every detail of the character when you first read about him, you slowly and gradually learn about the character. I transition the next section into novel form and post it up on here later. Thanks, for the positive feedback! Trust me, it gets even better.

        • Please release anything when your finished brilliant your very talented that was main reason loved it so much as reader can relate to his every decision as found I'd do the same most times just superb

    • Clayton you crazy bugger I don't have time to read all that :P

    • It would take up more room but if you were to break this up into paragraphs it would be a lot easier to read.

    • I found my way here from the poetry thread. Love the story!

    • Just found this story and I just have to say, I'm honored to have helped a talented writer as yourself. Great fucking story man!

      Alt text

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