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Official Create your Own TWD story or Fanfic

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Just wanted to start thread about making your own TWD storys as can't find one on this forum

Inspiration for the thread

Credit where credit is due ^

I'll start off and make The Last Of Us and Walking Dead Crossover tribute to my favourite games and characters ever throw in few easter eggs with game quotes and TWD forum inside jokes lol.


Set after the conclusions of both games except Lee survived and is now with a mature Clem hunting through forest for food when find Joel and Ellie both experienced similar journeys and everyone they love is dead and they will protect Clem and Ellie to the death.

Ellie and Joel(spoiler)?

For people who haven't played the game basically at the conclusion of The last of Us found out Ellie has the cure in her brain but before doctors could operate Joel murdered everyone in the hospital and escaped with just Ellie shared similar Journey to Lee and Clem and have same unbreakable bond.

More in depth look at Ellie and Clem for people who haven't played ^

Full look through ending of the last of us in this thread for users haven't played ^

FULL STORY BELOW(contains 4 chapters) hope you enjoy!!

Alt text

A New Dawn

Lee and Clem were walking through the forest after just surviving Savannah but food was running short needed to find a base to find supplies. Suddenly he saw a light they spotted a camp they sneaked up to catch the bandits off guard lee loaded his gun and asked Clem to stay back. Lee saw his chance sprinted into the camp and shouted “DON’T MOVE” lee was about to shoot when small girl ran out of her tent shouting “WATCH OUT JOEL!!!” Lee backed off realising this was family similar to his group and felt ashamed of himself. Joel jumped up about to shoot when Clem jumped in front of lee. “Stop this we are both small group with kids and its late can we just stay the night please” lee said. Joel looked at Ellie she nodded her head and agreed. Suddenly a walker covered in muck and blood appeared Lee deep down knew was Ben he survived covered in blood but shot him in the head anyway he looked at Clem she understood the decision. They sat around the camp Clem and Ellie were telling each other about old days how Clem put bug in ducks bed and Ellie told few bad puns first time lee and Joel seen them laugh in weeks, it warmed their hearts but unfortunately talking about the past dug up some bad memories about duck and Riley (Ellies dead friend) this brought them to tears but for once they had someone who could relate to them and they hugged. It was clear this was helping them mourn and heal from the past.

Lee and Joel on other hand was different you could cut the tension with a knife, they just stared at each other with a dead a stare for an hour without a word being said, out of nowhere Joel spoke. “YOU TOUCH A HAIR ON ELLIE’S HEAD AND I’LL KILL YOU AND CLEM!!” Joel said to which Lee responded “I WOULD KILL YOU AND ELLIE FOR A FUC**** SANDWICH” Lee smiled didn’t mean it but wanted send a clear message they were both alpha males looking for control of the pack. They fell asleep with guns in hand just in case the other tried anything. Clem and Ellie couldn’t sleep they were too excited to finally find somebody around their own age with the same sense of humour. “Hey you have crossbow too, cool!” Clem said “I’m the best shot around come on let’s have a competition” Ellie said. They ran into the forest to see who can catch the most birds suddenly in the shadow two soldiers appeared and knocked Ellie and Clem out with back of their guns straight to the back of Clem and Ellies heads, and then they tied them up and brought them back to their base.

Alt text


Lee awoke to a gun to his head “WHERE IS SHE!!” Joel shouted to which Lee responded “PUT THE GUN DOWN BITCH”. “The bandits took them! Your bad luck, knew it every time I try to help someone they fail me last time I let my morals dictate my decisions, it’s just Ellie and me from now on” Joel said. “Look at you I was talking to Clem your bad luck a failure letting your morals get people killed look at ben saved him who indirectly killed the whole group, Didn’t shoot that kid(duck) got another person killed, face it I knew I should of killed you when I got the chance” Joel said. “ME? Ellie told me she was the cure and you killing all them innocent people in the hospital with your lack of morals damned the whole human race killing billions when you saved her instead, she could of went down in history as a saint that saved the world BUT NO her life will just be remembered as the next zombie meal you, YOU failed her!!! Lee shouted. “WHAT IF IT WAS CLEM?” Joel asked, which lee refused to answer, you could see tears in their eyes Clem and Ellie was the only thing that makes they’re life’s worth anything they are the only people that give them hope to survive each day. “You're treading on some mighty thin ice here” Joel said. Lee threw a punch knocking Joel down. Joel jumped up and head butted Lee, blood was pouring out of each other’s mouths, they pulled their pistols out at each other. “Kill me, I don’t want to live without Clem” lee said. He earned Joel’s respect, they dropped their guns and shook hands "I would rather die killing the men that took them" Joel said and lee agreed then they headed for bandits camp.

Carver saw Ellie and Clem arrive at the camp and he smiled, they were covered in bruises” lock these filthy animals up” Carver said. You see Carver tracked Joel for a while, he knew Ellie was the cure making her priceless to any group that had her, she was the whole worlds hope and power. Carver walked up to the cell Ellie and Clem were in “What’s that, daddy’s not here save you?” Carver laughed “What rhymes with lock” Ellie said, Carver looked at her confused “ROCK” Clem shouted and through a rock straight at Carver which was hidden in her pocket, blinding carver in one eye. Ellie and Clem grabbed Carver and pressed his head against ceil door then whispered in his ear “who’s your daddy? We will be the last two people you will ever see. That’s not a threat but a promise” and let go.

Alt text

The Walking Dread

Lee and Joel were spying on the base ready to attack when suddenly something grabbed Lee. He froze in fear and turned around it was Kenny! The only words that came out of Lee in shock was “HOW” Kenny looked at Lee and said “I got lucky” they all nodded at each other happy with the answer.

The prison base was heavily guarded, the plan was simple: Assassinate guards at the gate quietly without raising any alarms. Once we get the gate open we only have limited resources so we have to use glass and rocks to attract the group of zombies. Inside the unexpected attack will guarantee success. Kenny’s job was to set explosives up around the camp with charges. They will blow the place upon mission completion. Lee and Joel saw two guards patrolling the forest wearing military suits with guns they nodded at each other then sneaked up and then twisted their necks, they needed quick and silent kills to avoid suspicion so they hid the body’s in a bush and changed into their gear also taking their weapons. The three turned and nodded at each other again. They walked up to the gate with the keycard and walked in. They walked into the main base knocked on the door and called all the soldiers out. The door was specially locked so once you’re locked inside you can’t get back in from the outside and it’s bullet proof. All soldiers came running out Joel and Lee gave Kenny a thumbs up and ran inside and locked the door. All soldiers were unable to get back in. Kenny threw rocks and glass inside the base and shot a few sniper rounds. Hundreds of Zombies entered gate then Kenny locked the main gate. The soldiers were trapped few just shot themselves because they knew they had no chance of escape. The zombies killed all the soldiers till it was just a stack of body’s on the battlefield.

Lee and Joel see Clem and Ellie, tears fill their eyes. They run over to embrace them, then they see the bruises and they fall to their knees “SO SORRY WE FAILED YOU” they cried grabbing the keys and opened the prison door then hugged them again. They were about to leave but didn’t know Carver and a few guards were still in the prison. They snuck up and put a gun to Lee and Joel’s head and were about to shoot when Carver shouted “STOP I have a proposition. Give Joel and lee a gun. If Joel shoots Clem or Lee shoots Ellie I will set everyone free and the rest will live, if they dare to turn and try shoot us we will kill them all.” Joel and Lee accepted there faiths refusing to shoot each other’s only hope for bright future and were about to turn. Clem glared at Carver and said “THAT’S NOT NICE!” she looked at Ellie and nodded. They both had rocks hidden in their pockets then threw them at the lights till everything went pitch black. Lee and Joel just smiled and said “that’s our girls”. Ellie had a backpack with a flashlight, Joel gave Clem a Cross bow “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel” Ellie lit the target up and Clem shot it, the soldiers had no chance with all the headshots. Then they came to Carver. Clem and Ellie shouted “remember we told you we will be the last people you will ever see” Ellie lit him up and Clem pulled back the bow and shot Carver straight through his last remaining eye. They left the camp then went up and sat on top of mountain together with them all drinking Juice boxes Kenny let off all the explosions in the prison like a firework display for them. Clem and Ellie highfived, Joel and Lee bro fisted and Kenny rubbed his Stache they found the perfect family.

Alt text


The group walked through the forest. They felt invincible after recent events, so they sat around the fire telling stories and laughing about all the tales. Lee pointed north and told them of the settlement full of food and shelter just 5 miles away, it seems like finally they have a happy ending. Suddenly everything went in slow motion, a zombie jumped out and bit Lee Clem shot the zombie in the head “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Clem screamed with tears in her eyes. Lee sat against the tree dying and told Clem he would miss her she responded “ME TOO” Ellie put her hand on Clems shoulder and said “I Know how it feels” Clem turned angrily pushed Ellie over and put gun to her head.” YOU COULD OF ENDED THIS HELL I WOULD DIE FOR HIM IF I WAS THE CURE!!” Clem said with tears in her eyes. Ellie was silent still in shock” HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING YOU COULD OF STOPPED THIS NOW MY LIFE AND EVERYONE’S IS OVER!!” Clem Screamed “IM SORRY” Ellie burst out crying Joel then put a gun to Clems head “I love you Clem but you even touch that trigger I’ll shoot! Joel said “SHOOT” Clem responded Joel then ran over to lee and asked resident doctor Carlos to cut off his hand to try save him, he picked up a Spoon and started cutting his ear Joel look confused “GO AWAY NOT REALLY A DOCTOR ARE YOU” Clem said so Joel ran over with pocket knife and cut off Lee’s hand and bandaged him up time will tell if he survived.

Clem tried to sleep that night but couldn’t, her pillow was soaked with tears. She looked at the tree the next morning Lee was gone full of blood Clem dropped to her knees screaming Crying Lee’s dead she realised. “What’s wrong my little sweet pea” she turned and saw Lee and ran over then hugged him with a big smile.


Alt text

Apologize for any bad grammar

Thanks for reading took me hours lol what do you think?

Also make few story's yourself on this thread promise to read, review and thumb

  • Here's my story.

    Title: Reasons.
    Setting: Las Vegas NV, San Jose California.
    Timeline: 12, 15 & 17 years since season 2.
    Main characters: Kenny, Clementine.
    Subject: Hope and perseverance.

    ( I hope you enjoy it).

    As the sun sets over the great city, once known as one the entertainment captals of the world, now little more than a ghost town, two lone figures, an elderly man and a young woman, walk it's deserted streets.
    Kenny and Clementine, walking with weapons in hand, begin to look for a secure place to bed down for the night.

    Aside from gathering supplies, their main goal, while here, is to possibly find a car that's operational, allowing to drive the rest of the way, as opposed to going on foot, as they have been doing since their sojourn began.

    Since their reunion, 12 years earlier, the two have been traveling together.
    They have traveled across many states, and passed through many towns and cities, on their way towards California, in search for a place of safety.
    Having been on their journey for over 5 years, ever since Wellington turned out to be a dead end, the two have seen much hardship and suffering.
    They have encountered many people, both good and bad.
    And have killed walkers in the thousands.

    Kenny, now at 57 years old, stands atop the intersecting freeways once known as the spaghetti bowl, and peers out over the horizon.
    Clementine now 23 yrs old, has grown into a beautiful woman.
    She joins Kenny at his side, and the two watch as the sun begins to set, watching it's orange raise shine across the abandoned cars and decaying buildings.

    A gentle breeze begins to blow, refulling their hair.
    Walkers, can be seen in the distance, searching for anything they can find.
    Ordinarily, the two would never stand out in the open like this.
    But sight of the sun, setting over mount Charleston and Red Rock Canyon, has brought them a moment of peace.

    Kenny turns to Clementine and says: " Soon Clem, we'll be in California, where hopefully we can find a place we can stay permanently. A place where we can not only survive, but also live and thrive."
    Clementine looks at Kenny, with a look of doubt and says: "Do you really believe that Kenny? After all the shit we've been through over the past 12 years, and all the people we've known who have died, Lee, Luke, Nick, Alvin, and all the things we've had to do to survive, what's the point in believing there's still hope?''

    " I've lost people too Clem. Katja, Duck, Sarita, as you are well aware. People I loved! I understand the guilt you are feeling, that you have lived while they died," Kenny replies.
    " One thing I've learned in my 57 years, is that you cannot give up. No matter how bad things get, you continually find a reason to go on. Things eventually do work out."

    Having found an old abandoned big rig truck to sleep in, Kenny crawls into it, ready to hunker down for the night.
    Clementine, still staring out over the overpass, reflects on Kenny's words.
    Her mind begins to drift back to days of long ago.

    Kenny, standing by the truck, watches Clementine looking out over the horizon.
    Having in effect raised her as his own, not a day has gone by where he hasn't been concerned for her and her wellbeing. Nor anything He wouldn't do to protect her.
    And now, having made such a grueling trek across the country, with many miles still left to go, Kenny begins stroking his long grey beard, nervously awaiting her response, as to whether she will go on or not.

    After a long wait, Clementine turns, looks at Kenny and smiles, letting him know that she has rediscovered her reason for living.
    Kenny returns the smile and the two crawl into the truck, shutting the doors, as the sound of walkers approach.

    6 months later, Kenny and Clementine, have made their way to San Jose California.
    Having taken refuge on the grounds of the San Jose university college, the two, along with 10 other survivors, have begun forting up the place, building walls to secure the place.
    Using Spartan Stadium , they begin to plant crops and vegetables. Along with building water towers to catch the rain.
    While places like the Dr. MLK library continue to serve as a place of education.
    Though having to contend with walkers, and violent gangs in the area, the group manages to stand firm, and build a life for themselves.

    Over time, under Kenny and Clemintine's leadership, the group grows to over 20, including women and children.
    Not only does the group survive, but also thrive, not only constructing aquiducts, but also learning how to harness wind and solar energy from blue prints found in the library.

    After 3 years of their dwelling there, Kenny finds a new girlfriend, a 29 year old stunning blonde woman named Kelly, who had gone to this university during her college days.
    The next year, they have a little boy whom they name Lee, in honor of Kenny's old pal.
    Clementine assists with taking care of the boy, whenever Kenny is away directing different projects around the school.

    After 5 years, the community has grown up to thirty-five strong.
    During the summer harvest, crops are plentiful, water has proven to be adequate, and everyone is enjoying the quality of life they have.
    While life is not perfect, the group has learned how to cope.
    With new solid 20 ft high/ 2 ft thick concrete walls the group have managed to construct, under Kenny's direction, the threat of walkers is nearly a thing of the past.

    Kenny, Clementine, her new 45 year old husband Jim, and his 70 year old father Dave, have formed a group counsel.
    The counsel operates well, and with Jim's background as a policeman, Jim takes the lead in training the others in the group how to operate firearms.
    And with Dave's background as a doctor, helping in child births, plus giving the group sound medical advice on how to stay healthy, the group's health does well.

    One summer afternoon, a 6 month pregnant Clementine from atop the library, looks out over the community.
    She watches a 62 year old Kenny, working on one of the new cars the community has managed to salvage.
    While her husband, along with others, are harvesting apples from the apple orchard the group had planted the year before.
    Remembering Kenny's words, over the spaghetti bowl in Vegas about how everything would work out, Clementine at 28 years old, looks out over the community and smiles.

    The End.

    • Love it think it's brilliant have to finish it MOAR then do a full review just make sure put THE END when your finished so I know to start but so far superb

    • Loved it nice short story

      Things I liked

      Realistic within TWD universe

      Older Clem and Kenny never seen story concept like this nice and original

      Good pacing never got bored was always interested to see what happens next

      Had great character depth and was very emotional beautiful story

      Grammar and spacing perfect

      Short and sweet compared to long stories reviewed recently

      Enjoyed the Clem and Kenny relationship dynamic




      Think was a quality effort and hope write more for me to read your very talented with a unique style love it has so much heart to it really enjoyed it thanks for share

      • Well thank you.
        You're very gracious.
        If I can think of maybe a continuation of the story, I will include it, either with what I've already written, or I'll create a new story all together.

        Two point that I want to comment on that you mention is, 1st Kenny and Clementine being older, and the emotional depth in the story.
        The reason I wrote it with them being older, is that it gives the story and characters new dynamics, including their following aactivities after the initial 12 year mark.

        2nd, I wanted to delve into the psychological states of the characters at the staring point.
        After having lost so many people she cares for, I saw Clementine as having "survivor's guilt."
        And having the story set initially 12 years after season 2, allowed me to reintroduce the optimism we saw in Kenny in season 1.

    • TWD.
      Title: Out of the past, part 1.
      Main Characters: Kenny, Clementine, Jim, and a surprise character.
      Timeline: 3 years after Reasons.
      Subject: Old enemies, choices and loyalty.

      As the sun rose over the community, a 65 year old Kenny begins work on repairing a headlight on his new Chevy Pickup.
      Having always been a fan of Chevy vehicles, Kenny was overjoyed when he happened to find one that was still salvageable.
      Over the past 9 months, he has fixed it up and worked diligently at keeping the engine well cared for, as well keeping the truck washed and polished on a regular basis, leaving Kelly to often remark: "He's like our son with a new toy."

      Kenny son Lee, age 6, is often seen with his father, watching intently everything he does.
      Kenny has begun to teach the boy about taking care of the truck, by having him wash it's tires.
      As well teaching him how to play baseball.
      Despite his advanced age, Kenny still acts like a man in his 40's, largely do to his son.

      Kelly has begun teaching the boy how to read and write.
      As well as reading to him at bedtime and making clothes for the growing boy.
      In spite of tending to other daily tasks,, many of which are difficult, Kelly remains a devoted girlfriend and mother.

      Clementine, who's daughter Jenny, is now 3 yrs old, is busy at caring for her.
      She is often seen walking with her around the compound.
      Ever since the little girl discovered she has legs, she has been running both Jim and Clementine ragged!

      The summer has again rolled around and already people are out collecting the crops.
      The winter had been relatively mild, except for a bad frost which lasted nearly a month.
      People from far and wide have flocked to the colony, making its members grow to fifty.

      Life has been peaceful or the people living here.
      So much so, that the colonists have begun to call their community: Eden.
      However, that peace was about to be broken.

      A month into the summer, a 31 year old Clementine happens to be standing guard at the front gate, taking a break from her daughter.
      Off in the distance, she notices a huge convoy, consisting of well over two hundred people approaching.
      Using a pair of binoculars, she notices that the people consisting of it are well armed.

      "Go get Kenny," she says to one of the guards beside her.
      As the guard leaves, the other asks her, " What do you think they want?"
      Clementine, still watching the large group approach replies: " I don't know, but I don't like it."

      As the convoy rolls up to their gates, Kenny arrives atop of the wall beside Clem, with Jim in tow.
      After the convoy comes to a stop, a tall man with long white hair and heavy white stubble, riding a motorcycle with an ederly grey haired woman on the back, dismounts and stretches.
      He then approaches the wall.
      Kenny points his rifle at him and states: That's far enough mister."

      After removing his sunglasses, the man replies, his deep-gravelly voice marked by a soft Chicago accent: "When I initially heard talk of a place of safety, that many were describing as a paradise, I dismissed them."
      "But the more I heard as time went on, I had to come and see for myself," the man continued.
      Kenny after eyeing the man the others who had followed him in cars, trucks and motorcycles, and who were now stepping out and stretching, asks: "What is you're purpose here?"

      " My name is Charlie, my men and I are from up north. We've been traveling for the past couple weeks, tending to take what we want when we want, " the man replied.
      " There's nothing for you here, " Kenny barks," Now I suggest you and your men just turn around and leave."
      The woman, who had been on the Motorcycle with Charlie shouts out: " Wait a minute! You, I know your voice."

      She approaches the wall, and stops beside Charlie.
      Kenny's jaw drops and his eyes widen, for low and behold, it was Lilly!
      " Afraid of ghosts Kenny," Lilly asked?

      "Lilly," Clementine exclaims!
      " Who are you," Lilly asks?
      "Clementine," Clementine replies.
      "Holly Shit," Lilly exclaimed with a look mixed with surprise and joy on her face, " You've actually survived?"

      Kenny having gotten past his initial surprise interrupts: "So you're still alive Lilly, well that's fuckin' great!"
      " Now why don't you, you're dipshit boyfriend, and all these goons that followed you here, turn around and go back to where ever the hell it is that you came from," Kenny continued.

      "You've just made a deadly mistake you motherfucker," Charlie replied, "I take what I want, and anyone who stands in my way, I take care of."
      "He's telling the truth," Lilly exclaims.

      Looking at Clementine, Lilly said: "Clementine, I've done things terrible things, to survive. My biggest fear was finding you, and watching the people I had fallen in with kill you, and that I would not be able to stop them."
      Lilly continued: "I do not wish to see you hurt now, so I promise if you join us that nothing bad will happen to you or any family you may have, when we take this place."

      Clementine, after looking at Kenny and Jim, replied sternly: " No deal Lilly!"
      " Kenny and me have been together for 20 years now. He raised me as his own daughter! I will not leave him now," Clementine added.
      "Clementine is my wife, and if she's dead set on staying, then I'm with her, and we will defend what is ours," Jim replied!

      Kenny looked at Clementine and smiling, his heart glowing with the pride of a father towards his child, turned towards the convoy in defiance and shouted: "You want our land, then come and get it?!"
      "If you try, be forewarned, you'll all die here," Kenny added.

      " We out number you, and you three stand their alone and defy us," Lilly shouted, her face stern, and her voice seething with anger?
      "We're not alone," Kenny replied confidently.
      Suddenly others began to appear on the wall on both sides of the trio, lead by a 73 year old Dave.
      And in a moments notice, Charlie and Lilly found themselves staring down the barrels of over two dozen rifles, several of which were military-grade assault rifles, and handguns.

      After backing away slowly, Charlie and Lilly mounted their bike.
      After restarting the motorcycle, Charlie shouted to the community: "Get ready, cause we'll be back, and you will all be on a trip straight to hell!"
      Then motioning to the men behind him, Charlie and Lilly drove off with their army falling right behind them.

      "They'll be back sure enough," Dave stated.
      "Agreed dad, we gotta start making plans," Jim replied.
      After posting a double guard at the gate, Kenny, Clementine, Jim and Dave, retire to the principles office, to make preparations for the battle to come.

      To be continued.....
      • TWD.
        Title: Out of the past, part 2.
        Main Characters: Kenny, and Jim.
        Timeline: Right after the events of part 1.
        Subject: Preparation, and inward danger.

        The moon has just risen over the horizon, and Kenny, Clementine, Jim and Dave are in the command center, making preparations for the on coming battle.
        Having a map of the compound and and surrounding area laid out on the table in front of them, Kenny begins, " When the attack begins, the convoy will more than likely direct the bulk of their attack against the south wall, as it's are most vulnerable."
        "And will probably send out skirmish attacks, to try and gauge the strength of our people," Jim added.
        "We've managed to gather a fresh supply of assault rifles, and and about 300lbs of ammo last spring, so we've got some good firepower," Dave observed.
        "In the meantime, we should have everyone arm themselves with a pistol on their belt, a rifle for long range shooting, and a machete, in case it ends up being hand-to-hand," Clementine gested.

        Straightening up, Kenny looked at Jim and asked,"AreOur people are all good with rifles and pistols, but what about actual fist fighting? Their all adept at taking out walkers, but fighting a man is different, as their not only smarter, but their also faster and more agile."
        "I'll start a training regiment tomorrow," Jim replied.
        "And Dave, how are we doin' on medical supplies," Kenny asked," As like it or not, people are bound to get hurt in this conflict."
        "Our medical supplies are low. I was going to have another supply run made to get more, but then the convoy arrived," Dave replied.
        "So we're gonna have to sneak out and get some more," Clementine noted.
        After dismissing the meeting for the evening, Kenny posted a double guard on each before retiring to his family.

        Over the next three days, Jim began conducting a training regiment for the group, while Kenny handled manning of the walls and inspection of the communities weapon's condition, while Clementine handled the supply runs for medical supplies.
        As the weeks passed, Jim's training regiment grew harder and tougher.
        Jim's motto was, " The more vicious you are in a fight, the better chance you have of winning."
        Clementine began to worry about what affect this was having on her husband, as she noticed his attitude becoming more aggressive and violent.
        Even Kenny began to worry, especially after the convoy launched a skirmish attack, and when driving them back, Kenny noticed on Jim's face, a a ruthless and vindictive look, as he gunned down 4 men.

        One day, during a training exercise, Jim started beating on one of the students, who failed to keep his guard up during a defensive move.
        After Kenny and some of the other students pulled Jim off him, Kenny dismissed the class, so he and Jim could speak in private.
        After the class was dispersed, Kenny snapped, "What the hell was that Jim?!"
        "I have kept telling him to keep his guard up, but he won't do it," Jim explained, "So I decided to show him the consequences would be for not doing so, and maybe he'll get it through his head."
        "You're supposed to be training these people," Kenny barked, "Not abusing them!"

        Jim glared at Kenny and said, "I'll tell you what Kenny, I won't tell you how to do your job, and you don't tell me how to do mine."
        Kenny replied growled, "If I ever catch you abusig one of your students again like that, especially a young boy, you're gonna get your ass kicked."
        Jim straightened up looking down on Kenny, as he was 6'4ft and 200lbs, while Kenny being only 5'10ft and 165lbs, and said, "You think you can stop me old man?"

        Kenny, removed his eye patch, showing the hideous scar that had formed over his left eye socket, as a result from the horrendous beating he received from Carver 20 years earlier, hardened his gaze at Jim, and said in a strong, firm voice, "I can stop you."
        Despite being the larger, stronger, and younger of the 2 men, Jim could see Kenny was still a forced to be reckoned with, even in his old age.
        Without saying a word, Jim stormed off.

        Over the next month, Kenny and Jim largely avoided each other.
        Jim continued to train his classes, though mindful of Kenny's words.
        When Kenny would pass by him, Jim hardened gaze would always follow after him, with anger and hatred for Kenny growing in Jim's heart.

        One late afternoon, as the sun sank below t horizon, Kenny and Clementine stood atop of the west wall, watching the movement within the convoy camp.
        "It's been 4 months,, they've cut off the main roads, what the hell are they still waiting for, "Clementine asked in a frustrated tone?
        Kenny replied, "They know that the longer we're boxed in, the closer we get to tearing each other apart. That's what they're waitin'' for, and that's when they'll attack."

        Staring off into the sunset, Clementine remarked, "Well at least our people are well trained, for when they do."
        Kenny replied, "Jim knows his shit, that's for sure! But he's changing," Kenny continued, "into something violent, and ugly.
        You realize that, don't you," Kenny asked?

        Clementine, not wanting to acknowledge it, but she knew that what Kenny said was true.
        She had often wondered what was happening to the man she married, and to the father of her child.
        Clementine, with a sad expression on her face, just turned and walked away.

        Kenny, watched her leave.
        Though saddened to have to say that to her, Kenny knew that it was a reality she was going to have to come to terms with.
        He turned his gaze back towards convoy, looking for anything that might give him a clue to what their next move would be.

        From the convoy, Lilly eyed Eden, contemplating the fortresses weaknesses.
        Charlie, now wearing a thick beard, stood beside her, also studying the place.
        "When are we gonna attack," Lilly asked?
        Charlie lowered his binoculars, and replied, "Soon."

        To be continued......

    • Most interesting indeed, I just loved how the community thrived!
  • Insanity: Burnin' and Lootin'. Chapter 2 I need to get some sleep, but I would feel like shit if I didn't post up this story before I did.

    After a little applied pressure, the door swung open, and hit against the wall. Asim brought his crowbar back to a defensive position, ready to swing at any walking corpses that dared to go near him, but just as he expected: nothing inside. He let out a sigh and scanned the room. It was a small motel room, a white tiled bathroom in the back, covered in pieces of trash from the nearby tipped over trashcan, and a bed. Asim got down in a prone position and checked under the bed, nothing but a towel. “Maybe there’s a mini-fridge, somewhere.” He said to himself as he started to lose faith that this room contained any useful supplies. He looked over his shoulder at a wooden paneled closet, and slowly brought his firefighter ax out, without moving his vision away from the closet. Asim gently touched the small plastic handle and jerked it open. Just like when he opened the motel’s front door, nothing was inside the meter and a half closet, not even clothing hangers.

    “Are you serious?” He said in distaste, “Not a damn thing in here.” Asim slammed the closet door. He looked around; to make sure he hadn’t missed anything and walked out the door. When Asim exited the motel he saw a familiar face, barely ten meters away. It was Alessa, standing out between the brink of the dark woodland path back to Asim’s tower and the street to Augusta. Holding her hand was her younger sister, Jo. Both stood, still as statues, as if waiting for at a bus stop for something that would never come. Asim caught himself raising his hand to wave to them, he knew they were dead, he had saw their bodies, but there they stood, as if they had never died. Asim’s legs wanted to sprint out to them, his arms wanted to wave at Alessa and Jo; he wanted to call out in joyous excitement to them, but each time he stopped himself. He knew that they were just a memory.

    “I gotta get this door open.” Asim said out loud, trying to ignore the apparitions that were sending chills down his spine. After several moments of the feeling, he turned around and stared straight at them, “You’re not real. You’re not real. Not anymore. You’re…” His voice started to break and tears started slowly coming down his face, “You’re…you’re…not real.” She slowly walked towards him, while his voice started to get louder and louder, “No, you’re not real! You stay away from me!”

    Now Alessa and Jo were only standing about a meter away from him, and Asim started to yell at them, “It’s my fault! Is that what you wanted to hear?! I wasn’t there, and I lost every single one of you! I failed! I’m…I’m sorry.” Asim now fell to the ground and covered his crying eyes, waiting for the two of them to disappear, just like John, or the little girl from the video camera hours before. But they didn’t, they stood silently, just watching him.

    “No, no, no, no, no, hell no!” Asim yelled while uncovering his eyes, now he was standing up and walking towards them. “You’re not going to get in my head!” Rapidly tapping the temple of his head with his index finger, and now he was talking to them with an elevated, angered tone. “I may be crazy, but you stay the hell out of my head!”

    Alessa stood there, alone, Asim didn’t recall Jo’s disappearance when he was yelling at them, but now it was only him and her. Alessa exceeded his age by four years, but unlike him, her skin wasn’t covered in blood, she wore clean clothing, her hair and body was clean, and Asim swore that he smelled strawberries, oranges, or cherries, one of those three, he hadn’t smelled any of those in months, so he couldn’t tell the difference (and him being covered in roamer blood from a week ago took its toll on his smelling, didn’t help). Her tan skin looked nearly angelic to him, and her black hair came down to her mid-back, she seemed to be radiant. She sported a purple t-shirt, even though it was freezing cold, and a pair of black jeans.

    Asim never really was attracted to her, they were decent friends after he had gotten their group out of Atlanta, but he had not thought of her, romantically, at the time he was focused on survival and helping the people of his group. The reason for him being angry, or even fearful when seeing Alessa and Jo’s apparition because it reminded him, directly, of his failures. He remembered seeing their violated, rotting corpses lying face down in the dirt of their camp in the forest on the outskirts of Macon.

    He started hyperventilating, each time his breath was faster than the last one, until he dropped to his knees. “You know I tried, right?” Asim asked, while wiping away a tear falling down from his right eye.

    Alessa leaned towards him and said in a haunting voice, “You tried, and you failed.” She then disappeared, leaving Asim kneeling on the street, all alone.

    Asim sat there, motionless, eyeing the tree line on the other side of the road. “I need to do what I came for.” He said, to himself, quietly. He had gotten into the last can of beans and his water was nearly depleted, if he wanted to go anywhere, he was going to need supplies.

    He stood up from his position and walked over to the next motel door, grabbing his crowbar and his firefighters ax as he did so. As Asim came close to the door, he heard moaning from the inside. “Got a freak.” He said in soliloquy, and slid one strap off of his shoulder so he could reach the things he needed. His backpack was stored with a few memos, a couple CDs; one was Tupac Shakur’s “Greatest Hits”, and the other was Kid Cudi’s “Man on The Moon”, then he had the video camera, a small multi-tool knife hybrid, The Art of War by Sun Tzu and, finally his lock pick set. Even though he had his crowbar, he knew this lock pick set was just as useful, mainly because the only reasons he has survived this long was through intelligence and stealth, and the crowbar made a lot of noise when gaining access to buildings, while the lock picks were near silent, which were exceedingly helpful on his night runs for supplies.

    Asim got down on one knee and attempted to pick the lock. It took him a little bit, but after a half of a minute of positioning and repositioning, he heard the click, meaning that the door was now unlocked. He slowly opened the door, half expecting a roamer to jump out, but of course, all that happened was the door slowly creaked open, making an irritating sound before hitting the wall and halting. The motel room was small, only containing one bed, queen sized, a single night stand on the right side of the bed and a picture of a sailboat hanging above the bed. On the left side of the bed there was a toolbox on the ground, with a few miscellaneous tools, such as a hammer and screwdriver lying on the ground, and standing over it, was a roamer.

    The roamer eyed Asim before raising its leg up clumsily and started walking towards him, like a man that had too much to drink. Asim’s hands wrapped tightly around his ax as he raised it over his left shoulder and waited for the corpse to take one more step forward. It did, and Asim swung with gravity aiding him and hit the roamer in the temple, cutting more than half way through its head. No reaction at all, it just came tumbling down on the floor, making a noise similar to dropping text books on a wooden table. Asim never got used to that sound, the sound of lifeless bodies dropping to the floor, and he didn’t think he ever would.

    Asim glanced down at the floor, observing the tools, when suddenly he felt his leg get jerked, causing him to fall over. “Oh, shit!” He yelled as he came tumbling down to the ground. It was a roamer, hiding underneath the bed, with much of its legs chewed off, most likely done by the other corpse. Holding onto Asim’s legs, the roamer pulled itself out from under the bed and started trying to take a bite out of him. Asim elbowed it in the face, causing the roamer to recoil, giving Asim enough time to reach for anything that could help him defeat the hostile. His hands went as fast as possible to grab anything out of the toolbox next to him, while he propped up both legs to keep the corpse at bay. As his hand came a cold, metal hammer he roundhouse kicked the roamer in the face, and then stood up quickly. Before it could even turn around to face Asim, he hit it in the back of the head with the hammer. But he could still hear it moaning, so he hit it again, and again, until on his fourth swing, the hammer became lodged deep within the roamers cranium. Asim exclaimed, “Little bastard, caught me off guard.” And stood up, pushing himself up with his palms.

    He looked at the hammer that was now tainted with the blood and brains of the now put down roamer, and nodded, almost as if giving respect to it, before setting it back in its toolbox.

    Again, nothing in this motel room either. “Damn it!” He yelled to himself as he walked out the motel room door and headed to the next and final one, “I need some supplies or my little trip is fucked.” As he got out his picklock set and was about to start to unlock the door, he noticed it was open, just slightly. Just like last time, he gave the door a gentle push, and it made a loud creaking noise all the way until it hit the door stop and halted it. He gazed at the room in horror. It was a family, a mother, son and daughter were laying on the bed and the father was sitting on the arm chair, just right of the queen sized mattress, all with crude bullet holes going through their skulls. It was a family suicide. The father’s blood stained, lifeless hands still held on tight to his hunting shotgun, as his blood and the blood of his family stained the ground, the walls and the ceiling. Asim felt in the pit of his stomach, like he wanted to throw up, but he couldn’t. Their blood was everywhere, on everything. He saw the bullet holes in the faces of the children and the mother, which looked like to be done in their sleep, or they took it willingly. He saw the bullet holes coming out through the roof of the father’s mouth and out through the top of his bald head.

    Asim ran out of there slamming the door as he exited. He may have been hungry, but he was not going to loot that room with the bodies in it. He deeply inhaled and then fell backwards, sitting up against the door. Thoughts and memories came into his head rapidly, his failures. He thought of the bodies of his friends, piled one on top of the other. He thought of the blood dripping down his face during the attack on the bandit camp. He thought of the argument that he had with his group, allowing a man and his family to stay at their camp, just for that same man to betray him. He thought of the farm house he had retrieved his ax from, and the monstrous slaughter house the cannibals had in their barn. He thought of the people that he was so closed to being with, that just left him, surrounded by monsters.

    “No!” He shouted as he hit himself against the side of the head. “No…stay out of my head. Stay out of my head.” He repeated to himself.

    Asim sat there with his back against the door for two hours, doing nothing but looking at the floor and listening to the annoying buzz of insects coming from the tree line. Then he heard a noise, it sounded like a shuffle, or more like a dragging noise. Asim looked up to see a lone roamer, about one hundred meters away, walking slowly towards his position. He grabbed his ax and crowbar and stood up, just to notice that the roamer wasn’t alone. Behind it, he could see hundreds following it. Asim knew exactly what it was, and where it was coming from.

    After Asim was left behind by the motel group in Macon, he didn’t stop. Asim sprinted after them, day and night, nonstop. He had hope, and he wasn’t about to let it die by a recreational vehicle driving off. Asim tracked them as far as he possibly could and eventually, using his map, he was able to estimate where they were heading, Savannah. So, he took a short cut, he ran through the woods cutting off a lot of time he would have wasted, running on the road. He eventually came to railroad, and noticed on his map that it went directly to Savannah. A hope filled him at that moment, one like he had never seen, that he may actually meet up with people. He emptied a car, and leaned back the driver’s seat, and slept.

    A few hours later, a booming noise woke him up, and he felt the ground start to shake, slightly. He knew that sound, he had heard it many times before the world went to shit, it was a train. The door of his vehicle swung open at the might of his leg kicking it, and he stepped out. The train had just passed him. He took a deep breath and threw his backpack over his shoulder, and got ready to start following the train, when he saw roamers, hundreds of them, pouring out of the forest. In front of him, and behind him, the freaks followed the noise like dogs. The people in that train had just created a herd of them, and Asim knew for sure that following the train, would kill him. Instead, he ran North, abandoning his search for the group.

    Now looking back on it, Asim believed he would have followed them towards Savannah, even if that meant he died in the process, because what he was doing now, was no life at all. It was getting drunk or high just to try to block out the memories of the past. He stared directly into the crowd of roamers, he at least counted three hundred, and there was probably thousands more trailing behind them (if this truly was the Savannah herd he escaped from several months ago). He turned around and darted for the tree line, knowing exactly what he was going to do when he got back to his steeple. Pack up, and get the fuck out of here.

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        • One day. But this word explains it all soon.

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  • I'm taking a break from writing for a while but have contributed 4 story's to the thread to read while your waiting lol

    The Last Of Us/The Walking Dead crossover in OP

    Clem Practice chapter top of page 3

    The Dark Knight/Walking Dead Cross over bottom of page 3

    The Wolf Among/ The Walking Dead Cross over middle of page 6

    If want read them any feedback will be appreciated thank you

    So over to the Users looking forward to lots of great stories coming up and as always anyone can write story here or share a link promise decent review and thumb thanks for reading

  • I want to write a story too! I'm not that great though...
    What happened at Savannah (because I got dam lucky isn't a real explanation) warning, it's as told by Kenny.
    If you saved Ben (might write other version latter if I have time and if this one turns out ok.)

    And then I tried to save that shirt bird Ben. What a mistake that was. Walkers from every direction closing in on me, no way I was getting out of that ally, in ether direction, no way to climb up ether. the walkers behind me jumped on the kid, used my last bullet to shot him too. But at least he distracted them, guess he was finally useful for something.

    Clem: There's no way you could have gotten out of that/how did you get out?/you shouldn't talk about Ben that way/...

    Kenny: (Sorry Clem, I know you liked Ben but that kid brought us nothing but trouble, anyway) it's funny, you know what they say about your life flashing before your eyes? We'll for some darn reason all I could think about was the time lee got himself trapped in an ally with walkers, remember that? Then it hit me, couldn't go left, couldn't go right, sure as hell couldn't get back up, but what about down? Must have been dam lucky, if you can call anything lucky anymore, cause there was a grate right where I needed it to be. Didn't have much time but when a mans cornered like that, I tore that grate off like a wild man. Used one of the poles from the railing that had broken off, and leapt down. Managed to make my way to the edge of savannah through those sewers, took a while though, got completely lost. You don't know how many times I wished for that map of lees, hell I'd have appreciated Vernon by that point, after I'd whacked him a few times anyway. Don't get me wrong it was bad down there not nearly as bad as the streets but still, that pole came in handy more than once I can tell you. But the important part is that I made it out. The only thing I'm ashamed of is not going back for you darlin, but between the time It took me to get out and all I had seen... I just... I'm so sorry hon.
    Forgive Kenny/don't forgive Kenny.

    • This is very good use a title make couple of more chapters have excellent story there thanks for the share then give you a full review. Don't worry none of us are professional writers just for a bit of fun but you have talent there don't worry

    • Alt text

      love this more please

    • Ok I guess it's about time I tried to write a Christa version here goes : )

      the fall

      Christa had gotten herself into a pretty bad situation down in that building, and I couldn't just leave her considering it was my fault she got in that mess in the first place. In hindsight it probably wasn't the smartest of moves jumping down there like Rambo or something, but at the time it just felt like one of those things a man has to do. We'll Lee and Omid got Chista out just fine, but unless I was getting a whole lot taller, or Lees arms were getting a whole lot longer, there was no way I was getting out through that hole again. So here I was, in an almost pitch black building, surrounded by walkers, probably twice as many around that I couldn't even see. (I could here Lee yelling at me through the hole /where are you he says, where did you think I was lee, fucking candy land?/get back up here he says, what, did he think I could just sprout wings?/ you gotta run he says, yea no shit Einstein./figures that would be the last thing he says to me) so now the walkers have got me backed up against the wall, I'm fighting them off as best I can but it wasn't easy! didn't help I was down to my last bullet, I was saving that one if you get my drift. I could hear lee saying they had to come in after me. I'll be honest it looked like a no win situation, even if they all came down there with me I don't think we could have fought them all off in that dark cramped space. That was the last thing I needed, getting everyone killed from my dumb ass mistake. So I called out, told them I'd be fine, didn't really believe it though, someone had to go save ya, just didn't look like it be me.

      the escape

      Clem:how did you get out of that?/doesn't seem possible that you got out of that/it wasn't your fault Christa went down there/...

      (Well I'll tell you/ lucky for us good ol' Kenny is smarter than he looks/No, it was my fault. If I had being paying attention, if I hadn't of knocked that walkie-talkie down there, if I'd just kept my mouth shut and kept walking, then she wouldn't have gotten in that mess in the first place. Clem: it's not your fault, Christa says she was too quick to jump down there without checking first, maybe if guys could have thought about it some more, you could have come up with a better plan. Ken: yea well, don't matter now. ?Kenny will remember this) I gotta say that room must have been the darkest moment of my life, in more ways than one. Must have been real lucky coz between the dark and the walkers I somehow managed to find a door, opened it up and ran into a corridor. Good news was there was a window at the end shining some light in, so I wasn't half blind anymore, but the bad news was this walker in the middle of it. Funny we were talking about Larry in the attic earlier coz this guy must have been his twin brother. Huge, built like a brick house, seriously pissed off, and just as ugly, real shame I didn't have a salt lick with me this time though. Luckily he was more interested in one of the doors along the hallway than me, but that wasn't gonna last. Would have turned and gone back if there hadn't been a swarm of walkers behind me, probably would have done, if he hadn't been distracted. So I ran as fast and as quiet as I could trying get past that guy to get to that window, looked like there was a balcony outside. I figured I might be able to make my way back up onto the roof from there, seemed like a good plan. You know what they say about the best laid plans though, and my plan changed as soon as I heard the screem from inside that door. I knew that voice , so before I'd given it more than a seconds thought, I put my last bullet in that brick houses brain and made my way inside.

      a surprise guest

      Clem: who was in the room?/ I'm glad you tried to help them/ it was stupid of you to help them, you could have gotten back to others./...

      ken: (turns out it was Molly, must have been living there by the look of it, or at very least storing stuff there/ yea, and by the way it turned out I'm glad too/ I could have gotten back, or maybe that window didn't go anywhere, maybe the walkers would have caught up to me, maybe that big ass walker would have turned around and bit me on my ass as I ran by. Ain't no way to know what might have happened darlin)
      Got into that room and I saw Molly up against one wall with walkers streaming through a hole in the other. Molly was taking them down with that pick thing of hers but there were to many for her by herself (not to mention her injured shoulder) I grabbed me some kind of metal pole and got to smacking. Together we managed to push a shelf over the hole to hold them off. Molly seemed ok (apart from her shoulder) and started yelling at me, asking what was going on, not even a thank you for saving her life or anything. By the sound of it (she managed to get out of Crawford and get her self here so she could patch herself up and have a rest/ came back here after leaving us at the house for some supply's and to get some beauty sleep) and when she woke up there where walkers everywhere breaking down her walls. With walkers by the hole, the walkers from the room now outside our door, and the two of us being dead tired from fighting all those guys. It was all we could do to get some rest and wait for the walkers to thin out a bit. So we waited for a few hours, walkers didn't thin out much but we got some rest. Molly Even had some chocolate in that stash of hers. After that we fought our way back to that room, turns out Molly can jump up there, it was almost amazing, if only Christa could have done that. (She couldn't jump up with her injured shoulder though so I had to give her a boost) then she runs off without a word, and I'm left stuck down there in the dark listening the sounds of the walkers, sure that Molly's run off on me and one of them monsters is gonna sneak up and bite me. Then she comes back with this wooden bridge we crossed earlier and puts it down the hole for me to use as a ladder. I almost kicked myself, of corse she would have known to do that though, she must have been the one to put the bridge there in the first place. Didn't stop me from feeling like an idiot. After that Molly showed me how to get out of savannah and left, said she had some things to get. The only thing I regret is not going on to try and find you darlin. But between the time that had passed and all the walkers I just... I mean... I'm so sorry hon (forgive Kenny /don't forgive Kenny)

      I think I'm inproving :)

  • So, I see that a lot of Fan-fic people are making threads for their stories. Do you think I should make one for Insanity? I'd still post my stories on here, too, even if I had a thread.

  • Wow 10 likes and 3.2K views just take the time to thank all the storytellers for making this thread what is it and can't wait for more story's in the future Thank you

  • I finished writing chapter 1 of my TWD story. Not sure if I should type it or post the pages online. Help?

    • Should do more stories your very talented and you have great unique writing style anyway MOAR please

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