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  • Thanks !

    I really liked writing the seven part because it gave him some background and how obsessed he is with the number now. I'm glad you enjoy my writing it makes my day :).

    Three more episodes left. Coming... Soon

  • Thanks for the share though delighted your writing more YES can't wait MOAR

  • I used to write a couple stories using forum members for characters on the other forum, before I left.

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    Okay I'll check it out

    Alt text

    EDIT: Just finished reading it. It was awesome! You made the Joker even more of a creep. XD

    However I did get confused of who' talking from time to time. Overall: COOL!

  • Cool write another story here Harpar

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    Lol understand my story's are insane lol but glad you enjoyed the insanity of the joker but hope didn't get to confused just wondering also what parts do you enjoy in all the randomness

  • When Bruce and Bane arrive at the funhouse and when Bruce sees the zombies where joker makeup

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    Alt text

    How I feel when writing a story lol ^

    But thanks surprised didn't mention the ending how deliciously violent and evil with Joker blowing up the house and infecting bane lol

  • I found my way here from the poetry thread. Love the story!

  • As fellow TLOU fan demand to know what think of my story lol

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    Let you know as soon as I get some free time to read it :D

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    Alt text

    Cool thanks Viva lol

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    First off thanks for sharing such quality story's honour have such greater writer on this thread

    Copy and pasted over reviews already did but I'll read last 2 soon and do a review which didn't do yet

    But recommend all users read these story's just quality each of them

    Saving Grace part 1

    Things I Liked

    • Realistic follows all TWD universe rules
    • Feel way wrote the characters stay true to their personality's within the games
    • Also loved the dark theme of the story plenty of cursing, killing and shooting showing the reader anything is possible within this story not afraid to write about any sensitive subject so on the edge of my seat when baby ending came up as knew your not afraid to do anything
    • Easy and very entertaining to read never got bored kept tension high thorough
    • Great character emotional depth. Find with most story's on the forum characters have more invincible feel but in this story every action has reaction within the mentality of the character struggling through every action mentally enjoyed that.

    Expand more things I like if you want have so many

    Rating 9/10

    Thumbed all your threads felt all quality thanks great reads do a summary

    The Walking Dead: A Saving Grace Part 2

    Really enjoyed this built good foundation for upcoming threads might lacked bit of action but loved mystery element

    Rating 8/10

    The Walking Dead: Nowhere To Run Part 1

    First off Irish accent and they play soccer YES I relate. Loved introduction of Eliza-Clem friendship really fun to read and well written


    The Walking Dead: Nowhere To Run Part 2

    Yes now this is what I love action, high tension, perfect descriptions felt in the moment never knew what going happen next. Clem letting Eliza take her place was really interesting concept and shocked me


    Finish saying as first time reader did marathon of all the threads all solid additions with excellent writing thanks for the share can't wait for the sequel

    The Walking Dead: Into The Unknown Part 1

    As promised a review thanks for sharing the link on my thread

    Things I liked

    • Realistic within Walking Dead
    • All characters behaved and interacted like they would of in the game so great character writing
    • Loved all little jokes and character interactions fun to read and just really nice
    • Very easy to read with perfect grammar
    • Built tension slowly
    • Loved the flashback such a beautiful segment
    • Love all twists including Eliza but have spoiler free reviews


    Your very talented and should continue doing more threads really enjoyed this segment had great character depth a solid addition you seem to be getting better every story well done



    The Walking Dead: Into The Unknown Part 2

    Review summary

    This story was probably my favorite so far so much tension and drama thorough edge of your seat stuff as reader never knew what was going to happen next so unpredictable and brilliant. Badass Clem is back and I'm loving it very talented writer MOAR.



    finish last 2 storys tomorrow and review them again

  • Just going say in next week or two I'll be starting and finishing a TWAU and TWD cross over as was the deal with tobi lol but also MOAR STORIES FROM USERS

  • I've been thinking. I could take some inspiration from a friend on the other forum, and make a Walking Dead type thing with forum users. Hm... Maybe... What do you think of the focus being avoiding protagonist deaths? Like, I leave decisions at the end of each bit, and people respond, leaving their answer. Sometimes, these answers will get the protagonist whose perspective the story is from, or people around them. Whaddaya think?

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    Perfect relate to what your saying as tried something similar but not with the decisions more mix of TWAU and TWD. Giving the users decisions makes the reader feel more involved and part of the story genius idea. Such good idea recommend making thread about it to get necessary feedback and seen by wider audience love story's here but feel deserves a thread to get the necessary feedback but put here if you want to sounds so cool.

  • Oh, I was definitely gonna make a thread.

  • Cool share a link here as soon as its done can't wait to see it

  • Not sure bro but recommend really unique name as so many threads with name fanfic etc needs to stand out but honestly have no idea but good luck

  • Hmm... Maybe "The Walking Forum"?

  • Alright, it's up, man. I haven't started it, I just want to know who is going to be in it before I start anything.

  • Just seen it well done brilliant

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    lol your asked for an insane story finish it this week but give you bit of the plot

    Starring Lee, Clem, Bigby, Snow white, Crane, Grendel


    There's an Outbreak of mundy virus(zombie virus) which the zombie bite turns fables into a zombie for a limited time before they go back to normal as they have higher immunity to the virus but in this short period of time a human was bitten by this zombie fable as humans have no immunity it creates a permanent fable zombie releasing a super virus and because of the more powerful virus more brain is kept in use so zombies now can use their fables powers. The virus is spreading forcing Bigby to leave fabletown to wipe out few infected before spreads to much becoming unstoppable and reaches fabletown killing everyone.

    Team of Lee. Clem, Bigby and Snow
    Have lots of crazy over the top action scenes planned to wish say more but no spoilers

  • Sorry been real hectic, what with easter and me leaving very soon. I'll try my best to read through it haha!

  • Only joking no pressure viva lol if your to busy or to tired it's fine

  • Oh trust me I'll read it. Just might not get to tell you how much I liked it for a few months. :p

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    Alt text

    Viva by telltale release dates standards a month only a day whatever viva I can wait lol

  • Good story so much action good share

  • Thanks toad glad to heat you enjoyed it

  • Sorry, it's taking me a while to post up the second preview, but I'm working on my Battle Royale thread, so I'm trying to multi-task.

  • ok no pressure take as long as need also well done on brilliant thread

  • Just remind users that this thread is open for everyone to make a story good or bad promise to thumb and good you decent review thanks lets get creative lol

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