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    As promised to Tobi TWD and TWAU crossover

    Chapter 1 The Walking Bigby

    Bigby arrived in Cranes office he was in clear distress shaking "Bigby I need you to investigate urgently" Crane said. "Why" Bigby responded. Crane looked at Bigby with fear in his eyes " There's been outbreak of a mundy virus affecting fables you see because of our immune system we become a zombie only for a limited time when infected till we recover to normal again. But if a fable when in zombie state during that short period bites a human it creates a supervirus making the human a fable zombie and because the virus is more powerful more brain is kept in use making the zombies able to use their fable powers. But most horrifying of all humans don't have the same immune system as us so it creates a permanent fable zombie. It's spreading quickly Bigby if you don't go out and stop the spread by time the fable zombies reach Fabletown we will have no chance and most certainly be killed" Crane cried. Bigby just nodded his head he was in predator mode now looking forward to the challenge and sprinted into the forest.

    Clem and Lee are walking through the forest they see a house up ahead it was dark with rain pouring all they could see was black but the feel of each others hand as walked toward the house made them feel safe. Suddenly a Walker appeared "QUICK STAY BEHIND ME CLEM" lee shouted. It was routine kill for him he had his pistol loaded with five bullets and pointed it at the Walkers head. "BANG" headshot Lee took a deep breath but the Walker kept on coming impossible Lee shot his last bullets into the Walkers head but it keep coming towards him it was like each bullet was just a gush of wind to the Walker. The Zombie smiled at Lee showing sharp teeth while also expanding claws from it's finger tips like kitchen knifes. "I WANT YOU TO RUN CLEM I'LL DELAY HIM HIDE IN THE HOUSE" Lee said as he clenched his fists and ran towards the Walker. It was like slowmotion before Lee even reached the walker it was in million pieces Bigby arrived with claws ripping the walker apart it seemed like a knife through butter. Bigby turned to Lee he was in attack mode his animal instincts took over and grabbed Lee by the throat and put him up against a tree. "STOP DON'T HURT HIM" Clem shouted as she ran toward Lee Bigby turned and was about to throw his claws at Clem when he looked into her eyes it calmed him down out of his animal instincts into a relaxed state it reminded him of faith.
    "LEAVE HER FINISH ME YOUR MAMS A DOG SO SHE MUST BE A BITCH!!" Lee struggled to finish his sentence felt so weak and then fainted.

    Lee awoke in a house he saw hammar by the bedside and grabbed it and as quietly as he could he sneaked down stairs ready to kill anything that moved. He saw a young women downstairs opportunity arose and quickly grabbed her from behind. "YOU MOVE OR SPEAK I KILL YOU WHERE'S MY LITTLE GIRL!!" Lee said angrily. "Relax and have some breakfast Lee" Clem smiled from the kitchen. Lee immediately dropped the young woman and entered the kitchen seeing Clem for Lee was like seeing ray of sunshine in a darkroom he couldn't help but smile and laugh while greeted Clem with a big hug. Lee sat at the table a big breakfast awaiting him suddenly he looked up and saw Bigby growling at him sitting on the opposite end. "TOUCH SNOW AGAIN EVEN LOOK AT HER YOUR DEAD LEE". Lee smiled and responded " I taught no dogs were allowed at the table now if you speak out of line one more time Bigby going have to smack you on the nose nice doggy". The whole group finished their breakfast and after finding lots of military weapons and gear in the house they decided they would spend the night but just to be safe they set up lots of traps in the front yard including mines to kill any walkers during the night they finally felt safe in each others company and went to sleep.

    Lee awoke to banging downstairs then woke up Bigby, Clem and Snow and sneaked downstairs quietly with his trusty hammar he opened the kitchen door and switched on the light they froze in fear. "Who's the ginger kid" snow asked "BEN" Clem answered. Lee turned to Ben and simply asked "What's 2 plus 2". "weird question but ok 4" Ben answered. Lee turned to the group and whispered "Need you to run their on to us GO RIGHT NOW!!" Lee then picked up his gun and shot Ben in the head the group sprinted out the front door.
    Bigby looked at Lee confused and said " You knew Ben was a glamour from maths question smart" Lee then responded "What a glamour. Bigby smiled at Lee "I like your style.

    Snow suddenly turned and said "There coming from the back were going have to run through the mines". "You lead bigby as you can survive any blast taking out few mines before us followed by Lee, Me and Clem" Snow said. Bigby nodded and ran straight through leading the line which the group will follow a few explosives went off while Bigby ran but was like the explosives were like water ballons to him never breaking straide. "NOW" lee shouted they had no more time they had to run as Walkers were closing in. Lee ran first as closer to the front more likely you will get the blast off the remaining mines. Lee made it just Clem and Snow looked like luck was finally on their side. Suddenly a small bouncy ball fell out of Clems pocket while she was running and started rolling she just about made it. It was just Snow left. Snow ran suddenly like slow motion the tiny ball hit a mine directly beside Snow in a blink of an eye Snow was dead the blast putting her into million pieces. Tears filled Bigby eyes "WHY ALWAYS ME ALL I HAD WAS SNOW!!" Bigby howled and ground shaked the noise deafened Clem and Lee ears. "IM SORRY!!" Clem shouted with tears in her eyes with shock she suddenly slipped on a rock. The zombies grabbed her "SAVE HER PLEASE BIGBY!!" Lee shouted Bigby turned to Lee and said "IM SORRY!!" and ran into the woods. Lee had shotgun and blasted all the walkers off Clem but it was to late she was bitten he picked her up and ran through the forest into another house he spotted. The remaining Walkers got blasted by the mines was raining limbs and body parts everywhere.

    Alt text

    Chapter 2 My Little Sweet Pea

    Lee put Clem's body on the table she was bitten on the shoulder and was struggling with the disease all Lee could do was patch her up and wait tears filled his eyes as his whole future disappeared only thing what gave him hope his little ray of sunshine was dying and he was watching her suffer. Bigby walked into the room and spoke Lee turned and clenched his fists "Wait have a plan to end this Walker fables apocalypse and Clem can die a hero like you always wanted. There is only few remaining infected so we must act fast to stop this before it's late. Now listen Clem is going to die anyway so we hide lots of explosives under Clems t-shirt glamour her as a Fable walker once she reaches the fable walker remaining group they will never expect anything she lets off the explosives ends the fable apocalypse and dies a hero what do you think?" Bigby quizzed. Lee slowly walked over to Bigby nodding his head then gave Bigby a kick straight in the chest he fall to his knees and Lee put gun to his head. "IF YOU EVER MENTION HER NAME AGAIN OR PUT HER IN DANGER SO MUCH AS LOOK AT HER I'LL SHOOT YOU NOW APOLOGIZE!!" Lee screamed. Bigby laughed "Mundy might as well be shooting me with a water pistol". Lee looked Bigby in the eyes "LUCKY I HAVE SILVER BULLETS THEN NOW I'M GOING TO COUNT TO TEN YOU DON'T APOLOGISE YOUR DEAD. Bigby froze in fear tears filled his eyes "OK I'M SORRY I'M SORRY" Bigby cried. Yet Lee continued counting ignoring his Apologizes "1...2...3..4..5..6..7.8..9..10...BANG" The noise burst bigby ear drums he jumped against the wall in fear but the gun had no bullets Bigby dropped to his knee weakened by the mental torture. Lee smiled and looked at Bigby "YOU ACT LIKE YOUR SMARTER AND MORE ADVANCED THEN ME BUT REALLY YOUR DUMB DOG I FORGIVE YOU!". Lee had an idea "Look Bigby I have a syringe I know how to save Clem I think I need your Blood?" Lee asked. Bigby looked confused "How" Bigby responded. Lee looked Bigby in the eyes with tears "It might save Clem your immune to the virus pure fable blood will fight the infection and stop the virus". Lee begged. Bigby sighed "When Fable and Zombie blood mixes it creates a fable zombie it won't work". "FALSE WHEN AN INFECTED FABLE BLOOD MIXES WITH HUMAN BLOOD IT MAKES A ZOMBIE BUT I'M ASKING FOR PURE FABLE BLOOD TO FIGHT THE INFECTION" Lee begged. Bigby took blood from himself with the syringe and gave it to Lee who then injected the pure Fable blood into Clem all they could do now was wait.

    Suddenly Walkers busted through the doors and Windows Lee grabbed Clem and pulled an AK 47 from out of the press shooting wildly at the horde feeding the horde bullets was like feeding them sweets just made them faster and angery more dangerous. Bigby even struggled he ripped three walkers heads off but seem to be endless supply of them and they were fables. A wild hand swung from the horde hitting Bigby and the raw power threw him against the wall they had no chance. Lee suddenly searched the presses in a last ditch attempt to find something to help them and saw a chainsaw and smoke grenades he smiled to himself "LET THE GAMES BEGIN. He threw the smoke grenades the Walkers were helpless and the horde couldn't see anything and Lee just ripped them all apart with his chainsaw laughing it was like a minigame the Walkers had no chance. Suddenly air grew silent Lee saw more Walkers coming from the window afar the few remaining fable walkers he picked up Clem and helped up Bigby and headed outside the final battle will begin soon "LETS END THIS" Lee said. He didn't care about certain death the sight of the dying Clem made him no want to live anymore. Lee hid his dying little girl behind the trees and kissed her on the forehead as a goodbye.

    Alt text

    Chapter 3 The Clem Among Us

    Bigby and Lee awaited the final battle it was night the cold air burned their skin certain death was their only faith but at least they will die fighting. They were standing in the forest watching the fable walkers closing in there was so many it was like watching a massive tidal wave about to hit them. Lee nodded at Bigby and they sprinted towards the horde with great conviction they were sick of hiding in the dark a fight to the death was always logical end for them.

    Lee hit the first fable with his hammar the vibration of the hit in his wrist caused more damage to him while Fable walker remained unscathed was like a pillow fight to the Fable Walkers no weapons worked. Bigby however had more success cutting through dozens of Walkers with his sharp claws which are capable of cutting through metal however Walkers soon overpowered Lee and Bigby suddenly Lees worst nightmare came to pass he turned around while pushing the Walkers off him and saw a bunch of Walkers surrounding Clem who was hidden behind the bush hundreds were around her closing in. Tears filled Lee’s eyes as the Walkers started to overpower him deep down he hoped they would kill him quick so he wouldn’t have to watch his little pea get tortured then ripped apart in the most brutal and painful death imaginable.

    Clem suddenly awoke and stood up in seconds she will be the Walkers next meal. She looked around and glared she was surrounded. She screamed “THAT’S NOT NICE” and clenched her fists Clem punched the ground with a force like Thor’s Hammar the ground shook like an earthquake and erupted like an volcano the Walkers flew through the air like rag dolls instantly dying. She hovered off the ground and shot hyperbeams through her hands the remaining Walkers turned into ash and blew through the wind. Bigby turned to Lee “IT CAN’T BE HOW” bewildered. Lee smiled and wiped away his tears “Makes sense the pure fable blood didn’t just fight the infection but purified her blood making Clem the first mundy Fable” Lee said.
    Suddenly Grendel appeared in front on Clem she was about to blast him when Bigby put his hand on her shoulder “HIS MINE YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH”.

    Alt text

    Chapter 4 Conclusion Final Confrontation

    Bigby stared at Gren straight in the eyes anger ran through his vains “WHY GREN” Bigby roared. Gren looked at Bigby smiling “Why not Fabletown is corrupt even look at you Bigby the investigator everyone hated you innocent or guilty you couldn’t even save the life’s of people you loved even look at Snow only person you ever loved or connected with the more she got to know you the more she hated you know it’s true Bigby”. Bigby growled at Gren “EVERY GOVERMENTS CORRUPT NO REASON TO KILL EVERYONE”. Gren laughed at bigby and said “ Your thinking to small Bigby no my main purpose is to cleanse our race killing all humans we are the more advanced species and are immune to the virus genius look Bigby only reason they haven’t killed us yet is because they can’t look just imagine if you were lower on the food chain a wolf for example they would be wearing you as a coat right now. With human race getting more advanced with weapons even nukes each day what’s stopping them killing us in the future and destroying the planet it was my only chose to create an army. I was the original Fable walker the infection only lasts a minute but Carver was more than willing to become the first bitten a Human Fable Walker”.

    Bigby roared and ran at Gren he simply shot Bigby in both the legs with his pistol which had silver bullets. Gren looked at the fallen beast laughing “IN FABLETOWN NO ONE LIKED YOU YOUR LIFE WAS MEANINGLESS EVERYONE YOU LOVED DIED SHOULD BE HAPPY I’LL PUT DOWN THIS STUPID LAPDOG” Gren then put a gun to Bigby’s head and was about to pull the trigger. Suddenly Grens arm got sliced off blood was pouring out of him like a water fountain Lee chopped it off with his hidden sword and said “WELL WERE NOT IN FABLETOWN ANYMORE!!”. He threw the sword to Bigby who then chopped Gren’s head a clean cut.

    Lee ran over and grabbed Clem then hugged her tightly with tears “That’s my girl” he whispered in her ear. Clem looked at Bigby watching them as tears rolled down his face you see Bigby never had someone who loved him that much in his life he had no purpose without Snow. Clem ran over to Bigby and hugged him too “Thank you” Clem said Then Bigby smiled for first time in years he found a person worth protecting and living for again he actually could and did save.

    Bigby, Lee and Clem wiped out all corruption in Fabletown as a detective team and started mass production of the Walker vaccine with fable blood the zombies apocalypse was over they had finally a happy ending.

    Alt text

    Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed appreciate all feedback

  • Never played the Wolf Among Us, but this is a really good crossover. Good job. 8.5/10. Can't wait for the next segment.

  • Thanks for the feedback Clay and thanks for taking the time to read it glad you enjoyed it

  • I have a suspicion that you have some secret fetish that involves you getting off over me reading lots of stuff, how else can I explain this entire thread :P

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    Yes love writing something for 3 hours that takes 10 minutes to read for users so HOT NOW READ IT lol

  • Oh be quiet, i'm starting my fan fic tomorrow, I have some idea on what I want it to be about.

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    Oh you have the fetish to lol cool yes thanks can't wait to read Aus

  • Finally finished the cross over and Tobis deal might do one more grammar edit tomorrow but thanks for reading

  • That was crazy good love it thanks for the story

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    I like it but I'm awful at Irish so had use translate as well to see lol we speak English mostly but love that news as for being surprised for lack of literary knew you didn't read my story lol sure be quality

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    You know what is annoying, Names, I am setting this in TWD universe but with my own characters, I hate coming up with names hehe.

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    lol coming up with names I guess maybe sort of but you can do it Matt I believe in you it will be the best story ever written

  • Wolf Among and Walking Dead Cross over is finished hope you enjoy

  • Just finished last 2 chapters and edits thanks for the patience

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    That was just epic!! your very talented writer just fascinating and a fun read

  • Here's a preview Asim glanced down at the floor and felt a sudden jerk on his leg, "Oh shit!" :)

  • I am kind of ashamed to admit that I only just read your story like half an hour ago lol. It's really good, i'm hoping once my story is done it is as good as yours :)

  • I'm sorry that I can only get the text into wall formation. :( But thank you, don't worry your story will probably be just as good, if not better.

  • It's coming! Slowly, but surely.

  • No pressure take your take rather quality story which takes time then rushed one which is just very good.

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  • Rofl that sounds like your describing my story :P the first paragraph is just two people talking hehe.

  • lol Stop being so hard on yourself Matt sure it's really interesting conversation going to be best story on the thread WATCH see it coming

  • I'll post the first paragraph, and then add the rest through edits if you want? It doesn't bother me.

  • Don't mind but ok I'm bored so lets see this epic tale

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    Oh yes very epic :) I do have a twist planned but it might lack a little bit of punch from lack characterisation, the first paragraph only has two characters talking to each other but its setting up the rest. It doesn't have a name yet either hehe.

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    I have reposted my Fanfic on page 11

  • At least you have talking! I just have a crazy guy, yelling at apparitions and himself. :)

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  • I have a feeling you guys will like this segment of my story, once I'm done with it. It really goes in depth on Asim's mental state. I hope to finish it tomorrow, because I've got to get some sleep.

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