• Okay, let's just say no more talk about the skeleton in the episode 5 slide. All of these threads are getting very annoying. Also, how the heck have you created over 150 discussions since early February? wutwutwutWAT.

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  • they took lees body and pushed it somewhere else.

    spongebob reference :P

  • Clem meets up with Molly in Wellington.

    Molly recounts how she found Lee unconscious and barely alive in the jewelry store shortly after Clem left him. It turns out that the reason why she left in such a hurry back at the end of Episode 4 was because she stole some of the medical supplies that Vernon got from the safe at Crawford.

    Feeling that she still owed him for helping her get closure with her sister, she used the medicine she stole to save Lee. She got him out of the city and nursed him back to health.

    Eventually, she also got wind of the whole Wellington thing so she decided to take Lee and head up there. Unfortunately, the cold trek proved too much for Lee in his weakened state and he died in the snow along the way.

  • Challenge accepted. Lee cut his arm off and Clem left him to turn. Shortly after Clem left a group of scientists with heavily armed soldier escorts rolled into Savannah and cleared out all the walkers in the streets. After the streets were cleared they started searching the buildings and found Lee in the jewelry store. The scientists noted that his left arm had been severed and that he had only recently turned.

    They carried him out to their convoy and put him inside a freezer unit on one of their trucks so they could preserve his current state of decay. They left Savannah with Lee and a few other walkers and headed back to their research facility in Michigan. Why did they go all the way to Georgia to find walkers? Shut up this is my hypothetical.

    They get back to their facility and they run tests and experiments on the walkers trying to devise a cure or anything that would help them better understand the disease. Eventually as we know how things go in this universe the facility falls either from the inside or the outside. The living either die or flee and the walkers are free to roam once more. As the Lee walker leaves the facility it gets shot by one of the survivors.

    Months pass and Clementine and anyone who survives with her reach Wellington and they find the walker out in the snow. Clementine examines it and recognizes the clothes and the missing limb and she breaks down in tears of joy because she would then realize that the chances of finding Lee in Michigan were so low that she now believes anything is possible and thus her hope is renewed. Which would end the season on a high note.

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