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Character's status

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What do you think these character's status should be


Andy St. John

Danny St. John



Lee Everett





  • Andy and Danny are definitely dead. Same with Omid and Lee

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      Beastwolf BANNED

      They are determinant on the Wiki apparently if you spare them their status shifted to unknown

    • Unless you killed them, we don't really know if they died. Speaking of them, I actually hope to see Andy but, hopefully his brother won't be around.

      • I for one, believe they both die regardless, the Wiki can be edited by pretty much anyone mind you. Danny was caught in a bear trap and Andy had his face beaten to a bloody pulp, and the walkers had completely overrun the farm as the group was leaving. Andy, conscious of his Mother's death and the loss of his home, pretty much gave up on life, he asks Lee to "finish this" He wants to die at this point, It's obvious. you have already taken everything from him and left him with nothing, he can't bear to live anymore and he demands lee to end his life. I mean yeah everyone can produce a theory like "Andy got up and freed his brother and they ran off into the woods together." But do you think telltale would really take that route just to bring them back, I mean It's a completely detrimental choice in Season 1, to bring Andy or Danny back this late and their presence only being prevalent from a choice you made back in season 1 would not work. They had lost everything and The group had collectively ruined their lives, That's mainly the theme in the end of EP. 2 in S1, The group ends up ruining more lives without even realizing it afterwards, Because, Food and supplies, mainly food though. The way Lee chooses to deal with the St. Johns affects Clementine to either be Merciful, or Merciless. Maybe a bit a of both, but she will always question the opposite of their fate regardless, I.e " Did you let those men live?" or " Did you have to kill those men?" They died and if they had lived they would of appeared in S1 to wrap up their arc's and detrimental fates. Sorry but the St. Johns are dead and are never coming back, as it would just bring up to many complications.

  • Lilly- Alive(I'm fully team Kenny but I liked her except for her killing you know who)

    Andy- Dead

    Danny- Dead

    Molly-Left Unknown

    Vernon- Dead

    Lee- Dead( I love lee but it wouldn't make sense for him to be alive)

    Ralph- Seemed like an ahole so dead I hope

    Victor- Alive(seems like a waste of water if he's not :P)

    Christa- alive(would be silly for her to die off camera and would love for clem too see her again)

    Omid- Want him to be alive still but it wouldn't make sense seeing that he was shot in the heart

  • Lilly - Alive

    Andy - Dead

    Danny - Dead

    Molly - Forgotten

    Vernon - Dead

    Lee - Dead

    Ralph - Alive

    Victor - Alive

    Christa - Alive

    Omid - Dead

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    Beastwolf BANNED

    For me its

    Lilly- unknown

    Andy- determinant


    Molly- unknown

    Vernon- unknown

    Lee- determinant





  • Andy and Danny: Determinant, Since Lee can choose to spare them or kill them, but probably if you spared both Andy would run to try to help Danny.

    Lilly: Alive (Probably), I'm sure we have to get atleast some mention of Lilly's fate, later on.

    Vernon: Dead most likley, I think we can say that he's dead since on 400 Days, Clive, Joyce and Boyd are still on Georgia without Vernon and
    Joyce mentions that they lost Vernon with the boat which means he either left them behind or died with it.

    Lee: Determinant, My best guess is that he is dead if Clem shot him or a zombie handcuffed to a radiator if she didn't but who knows since you can allways handcuff the zombie instead.

    Ralph: Alive or Dead, So we have to know what happened to Ralph. We already know about Victor and Winston but I guess that Ralph is with Christa, Christa/Walkers killed him or he's abandoned somewhere.

    Victor: Dead probably.

    Christa: Alive. She's out there somewhere, Carver's camp or with Luke or alone but we will see her.... eventually.

    Omid: Dead, as much as I hate to say it, Our mighty Bromid is most certainly dead but may his legacy live on.

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    Beastwolf BANNED

    Wow im surprised how many people think Vernon and the St. Johns are dead. On a different thread almost everyone agreed Vernon probably left his group and is unknown and that the St.Johns probably got away if spared. Nice to have different opinions though

    • Nah, Danny St John's leg was trapped if you spared him. Andy if spared just looked like he had lost the will to live. Any determinant choice almost always means the characters die in the end. Pretty sure they're dead

  • Lilly - Presumed alive

    Andy St. John - Determinant, dead or most likely dead

    Danny St. John - Determinant, dead or most likely dead

    Molly - Presumed alive

    Vernon - Presumed dead, but possibly alive

    Lee Everett - Dead

    Ralph - Unknown, probably dead

    Victor - Dead

    Christa - Unknown, presumed alive

    Omid - Dead

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    ImSnowWhite BANNED

    Lilly: Unknown

    Andy: Dead

    Danny: Determinant

    Molly: Unknown

    Vernon: Unknown

    Lee: Determinant

    Ralph: Unknown

    Victor: Alive

    Christa: alive

    Omid: dead

  • Here's what I hope would have happened to the characters who are unknown (except for Lee and Omid):

    Lilly: Undead

    Andy St. John: Dead - Killed by his reanimated Mother

    Danny St. John: Dead - Killed by his reanimated Brother

    Molly: Alive

    Vernon: Dead - Ran out of food on his stupid boat

    Lee Everett: Dead

    Ralph: Unknown

    Victor: Unknown

    Christa: Alive

    Omid: Dead

  • Lilly - unknown

    Andy St. John - deteminant

    Danny St. John - determinant

    Molly - unknown

    Vernon - unknown

    Lee Everett - dead

    Ralph - unknown

    Victor - dead

    Christa - unknown

    Omid - dead

    I guess it's similiar on the wiki.

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