How do you think *** would react if *** was the one shot?

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How do you think he would've handled her death if he was the one that survived? How would he treat Clementine or would he even take her? I feel like Omid would never be the same again and probably end up harsher than Christa.


  • It would have been interesting to see Omid's ''darker side'' if Christa died. He would be the perfect example of how much you change in the apocalypse.

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    He would have lost both the woman he loved AND his unborn child all at once. I think he'd take it even worse, yeah. No more wise-cracking Omid after that.

    I don't think he'd have abandoned Clementine because of it, though.

  • he would be devastated losing both his girlfriend and his kid I think he would get depressed and would want to die

  • Remember what he said in episode 4?

  • I will be honest I don't what did he say?

  • I'd imagine that he'd end up sorta like Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain, particularly during the earlier sequences. Just utterly drained of all life and personality.

  • It was episode 5 my bad. "It's sick, but... think of all the pain they avoided."

  • I think Omid and Christa were such a good couple because they were similar, he probably would have ended up like how Christa was after Omid got shot, ya know, all grumpy, serious, still taking care of Clem but just being serious and lost.

  • I think Omid would be more open about his depression than Christa was. Christa seemed to become cold towards Clementine, but I think Omid would just become openly sad. Christa was already a pretty mean person compared to Omid.

  • Actually, they are quite different people. Omid is carefree, daring, friendly, while Christa is serious, cautious, and wary. Christa is a born survivor, while Omid is an idealist and a optimist.

    I don't know how he would react, though, but I do think Christa's reaction is pretty what I would expect - a time of grieving, than surviving as much as you can.

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    Bricks would be shat, tears would be shed, and I would have slowly murdered TellTale with my fists.

    (He would probably go psycho.)

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    This is how i reacted to Omid's death scene and i believe, that Omid would react the same way if Christa died!

  • I almost think Omid losing Christa and the baby would be better than losing Omid. It's a much more darker opening and not only that you lose that innocent side that Omid had. Christa was always really serious so you didn't see much difference at the camp fire but imagine how much different Omid would be.

  • Omid was literally the sunlight in the apocolypse. He was such an amazing guy its almost like things weren't affecting him that much! But yeah if Christa was the one shot... that sunlight would fade.

  • He'd lose all of his jokes and I think he would still take care of Clementine but he just wouldn't be himself.

  • Utter devastation and unfortunately, he would probably blame Clementine. Remember back to Episode 3 when you have o noose between saving Christa and Omid. I chose Omid due to his bum leg and he immediately went off at Lee.

    "Christa, NO! You piece of shit! She's a woman, don't you know anything?"

    I doubt he wold abandon Clementine, but he would definitely transform into an entirely different character.

  • your right, I guess I got a little caught up in my though and forgot that Omid was an optimist, I was just assuming that no matter who die they would be messed up and probably be colder for going through it.

  • We'd lose the comical, always smiling Bromid we know and love, replaced by an empty shell that's just... broken.

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    I think it would have been even sadder than seeing how Christa handled his and her baby's death.

    He's so upbeat , optimistic and full of life.He kind of gave that hopeful feeling back in Season 1 , with how he acted.

    Seeing him drained of all that would have been very depressing. Like all hope was indeed lost.

    But even if we didn't see Omid change like that, I'm almost sure we'll see it in Clementine over the course of the season.

  • I agree with the majority. I think he'd be utterly devastated, but he wouldn't abandon Clem.

  • I don't think that he'd be harsh or reveal his "dark side". I think that he would just be... sad, broken. Kind of just depressed for a while. He definitely wouldn't get over it ever really, or be the same guy we used to know, though I don't think he'd try to avoid his grief like Kenny seems to be doing.

  • He's so nice, I would hate to see him sad.

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