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Ideas for new DLC?

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Does anyone have good ideas for a new one, i think i would love to have one about Lilly, i have this whole story that i thaught about.

Okey, at first, if you let her behind and she runs in to the forest, she will find a boy, around 15/16 years old. And if she stole the RV she will drive back all the way till she finds that same boy on the road. Lilly is mentally unstable and very sad, as is the boy because he los his sister and mother, ( if you find him in the forest he just lost them and if you find him on the way it has passed some time. ) Then they'll decide both to travel trough the forest, they don't talk too much. After some time they arive at a little house, with one walker bouncing on the door, so they approach the walker very quiet and kill him, they knock on the door and ask if someone is inside, when they do that they here an old man saying asking them to leave, but Lilly and the boy don't leave and tell them they are allright and they will not do anything to him, so after some time the old man actually let them in, he is this old man with a long white beard and a little bit bald. So they talk and talk, and the next day they here a dog barking and run outside, the dog is surrounded by walkers so they must decide what they'll do, the man won't say anything and Lilly says that it would be stupid to risk their lives for the dog but the boy just runs to the dog which leads lilly to run after him, they both take care of the walkers and when they do they take the dog inside the house, they all have a little bonding and tell about their pasts etc. While lilly ( you ) is sleeping, she will have nightmares about her old group and shooting carley, and those nightmares will cause her to wake up multiple times. Then she is being called by lee in her dream, but when she wakes up the kid is calling her. Lilly runs quick to the door, where the kid and the old man are holding the door so walkers won't get inside, with the dog barking at their side. So the walkers are too strong and break in, and the couple tries to fight them of, but it won't work.. so they run to the kitchen, slam the window and jump outside, while someone is holding the dog. Then they run far into the forest.

( so ehm.. i haven't thought about what is happened in between but i automatically skipped some scenes xD, btw this was my dream. )

So the group, now with a couple that joined them, and another boy around 16 years, are sitting in a house, talking and playing a card game. A little later Lilly decides to go sith near the window, and the boy she met at first ( let's call him Chris. ) asks what's wrong with her, she tells the whole story with details about her former group and that she has nightmares, every night. Chris then talks about it for a while and when she sees the couple kissing and cuddling she turns her head away, to the window again. And because Lilly mentioned Lee a couple of times Chris asks her if maybe she felt something for him, Lilly will try to say something but nothing will come out of her mouth, turning her head to her hands. Chris understood that she liked him, and will give her a hug and tell her that everything will be allright, then they all decide to go up sleeping and the couple takes the first room, the new boy asks Chris if he wants to continue to play a card game at his room, ( when the other boy asks this, Chris will blush and watch towards Lilly who will giggle and give him a pat on the shoulder. ) .the third room is from Lilly and the fourth room is for the old bearded man. ( the dog stays and sleeps in the living room downstairs.) Lilly will fall at sleep and again, have nightmares. Evntually she will wake up and again go downstairs, to take bottle of water to drink, while she watches trough the window, sitting on the couch, the dog will take place next to her and she will reveal some things to the dog ( the dog is just looking stupid at her, becuase he doesn't understand 1 thing.) and then she will fall asleep.

( My dream/head skipped a part again.)

Now the group is walkin trough the woods, the same group but 1 man just joined them, not too old not too young. Suddenly a gang attacks them and captures them, and brings them back to their camp. When the gang talk a little bit with the group they decide to kill them, and then the new joined man stands up from the ground, released and greets the camp leader, the group will understand that he is a traitor and betrayed them. That night while they are all tied up in a tent, they talk about what they are going to do. While they are talking about their next move, Lilly suddenly whispers to Chris that he should check in her boot, Chris tries to reach the boot, and succeeds with this and finds a knife, he hands the knife over to lilly ( He crawls al the way to her boot and then back again.) then Lilly will cut off the ropes around her hands, then she will cut the ropes from the rest of her group. When they all are free they will cut a hole with the knife at the back of the tent. Lilly and Chris walk outside, and hide behing a tree, there they see 2 gang members sitting around a camp fire, with the dog a little further tied to a tree. They sneak to the tree with the dog to release it but it starts jumping around, happy that he saw Lilly and Chris and because of this the gang members will wake the rest and then they all run towards Lilly and Chris. Lilly releases the dog really quick and then they all start running between the gang members and the trees, then the rest from the tent start running in between everyone, and everything is a big chaos, the old man hit everyone he sees with his bare hands, while the couple fights together and the other boy just runs around kicking everyone he can see. Then a gang member corners him, while the gang member has a knife and slowly walks towards Chris, the dog suddenly jumps onto the gang member and bites his throat open. Chris is saved by the dog and runs around to find lilly, but when is he is looking for her, he suddenly hears shots, so Chris jumps to the ground fast, while he is on the ground he sees gang members being shot, and when is looks around he sees that lilly was there, shooting the gang members and saving her team. ( the gang members could not shoot the group themselves because they where running in between each other, the clan members didn't have a clear sight.) Then all gang members are killed except for the traitor ( the one that was in the group andbetrayed you.) Lilly aims quick on the head of the traitor and shoots him in the back of the head. They all grab everything they can find and think is usefull and run so fast they can, because they attracted walkers from those gunshots.

( again.. my brain/dream skipped a huge part.)

Now they lost almost everyone, the couple died trying to safe each other, the one boy that had a relationship with chris was lost, and now Lilly, the old man, the dog and chris where in a tiny cabin. Chris was lying on the floor, he was bitten and the old man was freaking out, while te dog sat in the corner, crying and Lilly was near the bitten Chris. They have a little talk and Chris says that he loves Lilly ( as a mother/sister.) and that if she wasn't there the day she found him he would have died. So they both have a little conversation. Then, before Chris dies, he hugs Lilly and gives her a kiss on the cheek and says to her that he hopes he'll say her one day again. Chris slowly closes his eyes, while lilly gives him a little kiss on the head. De boy dies and lilly shoots the boy trough the head while crying.

( My brain/ dream skipped a part AGAIN.)

So Lilly, stands upon a hill, just with the dog now, watching to a town, not too far away. She smiles to the dog, and says they are finally save. Then the screen turns black and the story ends.

Okey, i hope it wasn't too long, and IF you read all of this i hope you liked it, and sorry if it was boring or if i didn't write it good, i'm not that good with English, i can write short phrases but not long stories.

So, guys i would like to know who you would want a DLC about, and if you want you could also write how it will go.

  • It could be interesting to do 800 Days... As in, a direct sequel to 400 Days that shows the next chapter of all those stories. We could see things like the group travelling with Tavia, Wyatt and Eddie reunited, Carver's rise to power, what's Bonnie's deal in A House Divided and definitely more Nate.

    I don't know how the characters will be incorporated into Season 2, so that could change this idea quite a bit.

  • Nobody is going to read that probably and i'll get automatically like 10 downvotes because i have the word Lilly in the first sentence :(

    • I'm not a huge fan of the Lilly DLC idea personally, though I always liked the character. It's mainly because I've always fancied the idea of her being reintroduced further down the line:

      Imagine, if we ever get there, Clementine coming across her in Season 4. After spending years apart the two characters would be so different, moulded and changed by what they've done, that they wouldn't even recognise each other at first. I don't really like referencing the show too much, but it would be similar to the episode where Rick and Morgan meet up again. As in, you don't see what Lilly's been through first-hand, but her different demeanour and ruthless cunning is more than enough to give away the fact that, like everyone else, she's been through hell.

      I guess, all I'm trying to say, is some stories are better left untold.

    • Correct on both counts.

      Only appropriate DLC is the Great Kenny Escape: Frantic click-everything zombie-death mechanics segue into Cooking Mama based gameplay as he goes insane in an abandoned restaurant.

  • Kenny escapes out of Savannah DLC.

    Clem and Christa during the timeskip DLC

    Clem makes cookies with her mom DLC

    Clem plays in her treehouse DLC

    Clem goes to school DLC

    Clem plays soccer DLC

    Clem drawing DLC

  • You lost me after the first sentence, sorry. I wouldn't love to have Lilly anything, let alone a whole dlc around her no, no no no.

  • How about a DLC with Kenny while he was in that diner all by himself? What really happened to him? He's obviously not the same old Kenny anymore. I think that would be a cool story.

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    This would make a pretty good DLC
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