A Crooked Mile Download Issues

I see on XBox Live that they are advertising episode three and on the game it shows available for download. Of course when you attempt to download with season pass it doesn't work.....again.


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    The game will be released on April 9th.

    As to why it shows it's available for download, I'm sure it's a glitch of some sort. It happened with the last ep of TWD as well.

  • I found it odd that it's advertised on Live. I wouldn't think a glitch would trigger that.

  • Ugh, we can only but dream of playing the episode early, unfortunately. ;(

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    What's up on Live is just the same launch trailer that's available on YouTube. That video had a Microsoft logo, so it's not surprising that they'd put it up on Xbox Live at the same time they released it on the internet.

  • had a very negative reception to a discussion i started about this very thing.

  • This also happened for episode 2 on Xbox live it said it was available for download but if you try to download it nothing happens. I 'm not sure why they do this but it is annoying. but now we all know that we can't download it till the actual release date.

  • I think that happened for The Walking Dead episode 3 now that I think about it. But yeah, Episode 3 for TWAU won't be out until next week .

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    Unfortunately the advertising is incorrect - the episode won't be available until next week. From what I'm hearing tell this is just some sort of glitch with the XBox version.

    Apologies for the confusion!

  • I dont think it is a glitch or problem of sorts. This happened with ep 2 of the walking dead S2. I think its just Microsoft being careful and making sure that they dont have the same problem they did with episode 2 of TWAU.

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