Straight to Season Two?

I'm curious to know how many users on here that have skipped straight past Season One and headed straight for Season Two?

Now I'm not here to be all "OMG! You shoulda played Season One fagit!" but why wouldn't you want to experience the masterpiece that is Season One and witness everything for yourself before making the jump to Season Two?

Just my thoughts.


  • I bought season 1 on my Iphone and played it there, then got season 2 on my PC. I need to get s1 on PC to have a better experience tho

  • Well aren't you a silly sausage.

  • This thread is deader than disco,

    I played season 1 and season 2 on the xbox 360, but i do have a friend who played season 2 first. I'm actually on season 1 episode 2 right now. What is this my 9th playthrough XD

  • Okay.

    Walking dead was a game I thought I will never bring myself to play. I am not a horror genre person. Along side free to play MMORPG, I don't have that many games.I dont have a console...My taste for videogames are mild and they consist of 3ds and gba title, I picked up a resident evil game for my 3ds and I never played past the first level.
    I am not a person who would go to the theater to purposely make myself feel shit with sadness and fear. There is already tons of shit (pardon my french) going around the world and I would just want to divulge myself into happy ending.

    So, this is what happend : Sometimes I go browsing, spoiling myself by reading the summary of the popular games. I was just browsing around and came upon the spoiler of episode 2 of the first game (it was 3 in the weekday morning and man was that such a bad idea). I was curious, how did they present it? Sometimes later I decided to look at the lets plays, and I kept watching them here and there. I finally decided to buy season 2 after spoiling myself, I wanted to see what the other dialouges were like.With ep 2 was out It was on sale in steam and I decided to go for it. I did not buy season 1(even though that was on sale too) knowing that I would have a hard time, not just in playing but I know that I would keep thinking about it...I did not have enough time as a student to play such a game on a full enjoyment, let alone let myself go on a daydream state. Season 1 is just too brutal and gore, honestly with the themes it deals with the game deserves a rating of adults only.

    I regreat my decision...alot. Not that I am not enjoying season 2 as it is, with me feeling like I am Clementine rather than she is my daughter. But I wonder what would have been my decsion in the first game? Would I have saved Doug or Carley? Would I have killed Andy and Dany? These are some of the questions I wonder. But now I will never know about it because I fully spoiled myself, and will now choose the choices that are best for everyone. If there was a way to forget all of it and play the game in a fresh mind, I would.

    I am afraid I can only have that experience with ep3 of season 2.

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