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Be the owner of your own Fabletown restaurant!

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Keep in mind though, that it doesn't have to be Fables or TWAU-themed (unless you want it to be), you know, interior and exterior decorating, lighting, you get the picture. However, it IS required for you to choose the roles for the various Fabletown characters working at your restaurant, you are the owner after all!

I will provide some examples to jog your imagination, such as: Bigby Wolf working as the Head Chef, or Rose Red being the Head Waitress, the possibilities are literally endless.

Also, note that when you do open your restaurant, your property will be competing with fairly popular establishments like the Trip Trap (Holly's Bar), or the well-known 'I am the Eggman' diner. (the occasional hangout for many of Fabletown's citizens) So feel free to post how your restaurant will beat those joints! For example: how the food will taste compared to theirs, how quick the food gets made/served, and most importantly, how clean your restaurant is.

Oh, and don't forget to name your restaurant as well! Have fun, be creative, and I do hope that you enjoy this discussion!

  • Mr Toad as everything!

    Name: Fly paradies

  • Jack as everything but the janitor
    Bigby Wolf as the janitor
    Name: We don't have Jack

  • First say nice thread trying something different and creative nice idea thumb for you

    Nerissa as Waitress nice to look at

    Snow White as manager no one will dare cross her or ignore her instructions

    Magic Mirror as Security camera can watch everything going on and report anything suspicious

    Bodyguard Dum and Dee massive and intimidating

    Colin as Cleaner he would eat and lick anything clean feel good choice

    Finance manager Crane smart and good with money issues

    HeadChef Bigby gets job done under pressure with high quality results

    On check out Bluebeard his smart and can understand all orders his voice is so commanding and clear could get his message across clearly and tell chef what to cook

    Bufkin as wine expert

    Toad as Greeter at the door to welcome in guests

    Toad Jr have play area room for kids and Toad jr can colour in pictures with customers kid

    Woodsman Butcher can cut up all the meat


    • Thank you for the input again, Mark. Even though I must question some of the roles that you assigned, why assign Dee and Dum to bodyguard your restaurant? That seems like a bad choice to make, since those two are trouble wherever they are, obviously. And Colin as your own cleaner? Unless if he had Glamour, he would just be using his pig tongue to clean the restaurant, and you wouldn't want a pig tongue cleaning your floors, unsanitary for your business. :P

      EDIT: I like the rest of your edited job list, btw! Toad being the greeter and Nerissa being the waitress are genius ideas as well.

      • Thanks man sorry just read question now tried make choices based on each characters strengths dum and dee are thick but look big and intimidating really only job they can do is just stand there and guard.
        Colin the pig choice was know pigs eat anything and can lick anything clean only job feel his strengths would be good at.

        But thanks bro

  • This thread is weird. O.o

  • Bigby head chef obviously, Crane would be the manager, Faith, Nerissa and Lilly would be the waitresses and Woodsman and Grendel would be the bodyguards.

    • Perfect positions, especially for the 3 girls. It would most certainly be a welcome change of scenery to them, and, a better working environment for them compared to the Pudding & Pie.

  • Aha! This is really cute :D My restaurant would be themed to the Homelands (Medievalish, castly, with a touch of forest.) Basically something to remind everyone about back home, really. Head Chef would be....Oh gosh. Who? I have no clue....I don't want to put Bigby in that position because I imagine he'd rather eat the food than be in charge of cooking it....Maybe Snow? Yeah, she'd be a good manager/head chef. OH NO WAIT! Prince Charming. Yes. He will be head chef, and the cooks will be 1. The three Blind Mice (More for entertainment, really. Keeping the other chefs entertained while making the dishes). 2. Cinderella (I feel like she has some hidden "Cooking Talent") 3. Peter Piper (Because he needs to get off the farm with Bo every once in a while.). For waitors, we will have Flycatcher and Red Riding Hood (Because they're so adorbs you don't understand lol) And the person who seats you will be King Cole (He's adorbs too). The busboys will be Pinocchio and Boy Blue, and lastly, a bartender for the bar area would be Rose Red, (because we know how she likes her drinks, lol) EDIT: I forgot a name! Silly me! It'd be called,"A Taste of the Homelands!" Eh, good, right? I think it is!

    • Haha! I can tell that you had a lot of fun typing the details out, Emmy! XD Also, to be honest, when you mentioned the 3 blind mice, you made me think of the rat from that Ratatouille movie, hilarious!

      I agree with your choice by making Flycatcher as one of the waiters btw, I think it's definitely a job he would be well-accustomed to, for sure! Notepad in hand, pen at the ready and everything! :D Rose Red would make a kickass bartender too, all the way!

      EDIT: Excellent name for your establishment, it's basic but it works well! I know I would totally go there to see the interior and everything!

    • ...







  • My restaurant is called: Chez Toad.

    Here, you can get 2 tacos at the price of only 2 tacos, what a deal! All prepared by Chef Toad, his specialty is called french flies, which consists of fried flies that went through the mouth of Toad himself (which, by the way, eating them means you indirectly kissed Mr.Toad). Bigby, our LOVELY waitress, will enchant you with her beautiful smile, short shirt, hairy legs and invisible boobs. Flycatcher does NOT catch flies, mind you, he only exists in the vicinity of your tables, his job is to be awkward and stare at you in a way only i find adorable. Also, Woody will juggle some bitches just for you guys, but only on Saturdays! Literally. He juggles female dogs. The magical Peter Piper hypnotizes you EXCLUSIVELY at our restaurant every evening, so that you can drain your money on our stupid food! Cindy still makes shoes, because she can! Rose Red is way too awesome to be here! Pinnochio is there, too, so that he can tell you about his exciting life story, in which he's still waiting for his balls to drop and lose his virginity for centuries! Prince Charming is still a whore and will abduct your wives and children and rape them!

    I hope you enjoy your meal.

    Okay, no, seriously, now...

    What i had in mind is something that isn't so satirical...

    The restaurant is still called Chez Toad, Toad is NOT the chef, he's only the inspiration and muse for the restaurant. Bigby has been given this awesomesauce smokey thing, a long horn with a spell chanted by the witches, that enables Bigby to create a smoke fairy each time he blows it! The smoke fairies are the waitresses, they work for free. Peter Piper works alongside Blue Boy, they DO make beautiful music each night. Rose Red is there, too, but she's only being awesome, steppin' up the party, showing the peeps what's cool. She tests the food. If it's tasty enough, the food can be served, if not, they give it to Colin, who's NOT DEAD YETTTT. TJ is Toad's lil' helper. Nerissa sings, because I WANT TO BELIEVE. Lumi (The Snow Queen) creates the atmosphere, she makes it snow a little, but the snow does not resist more than a few minutes, and only in small quantities, on the floor. Flycatcher is just being him, being nice to everyone, cleaning up behind the assholes that junk the place. Woody and Jack are the humor team! Woody is being insulted by Jack and then proceeds to chase him about without knocking things over, because that goes from his salary. Grendel just sits in the corner. There's this super awesome thing going on, the walls are ran over by this thin layer of water, that falls down into this passage on the floor, next to the walls, so that it creates a cool atmosphere, a blue one. And then comes Snow, telling everyone what to do and being great at it. Oh, and, the chef... CINDY IS THE CHEF. IT IS HER.

    So yeah. Open every day except Sunday, Sunday's MAH FREE DAY!

    • I died laughing at this! It was great! I can just imagine a pissed off Bigby being forced to play waitor in this restaurant. And Rose Red is way to awesome, I agree xD As for the legitimate restaurant, it sounds very lovely :) I like the idea of the snowfall and such. (And I love that Colin isn't dead yet!) Snow is my spirit animal, so I'm glad she's included as the "Person who tells everyone what to do!"

    • I do declare, miss, that you have persuaded me to wine and dine at your exciting restaurant. I shall also expect the privilege for me to take a picture with lonely Gren sitting in the corner, and will get my picture after it develops the next day at the nearest Bufkinmart.

      • :3

        So i take it y'all liked it, then? #1 or #2 (<---- unintentional Biggs quote)? I mean, the satirical take on the restaurant or the legit one?

        • I liked # dos, # uno was too... (Lee's voice) "Weird". Nerissa singing however, now that is a good role for her. I imagine that her singing would be like, the Elizabeth DeWitt style of singing, it must be that good!

          • Someone else who is a fan of the Bioshocks like me ._. I love you. I own all three games and was playing the first one the other day. And I agree, her voice is amazing, I'd definitely go if Nerissa sounded like that.

            • Well, inject me with a Plasmid and call me a Splicer! I salute your love for the Bioshock universe such as I! Ken Levine, what a genius, am I right? Have you played the Burial at Sea episodes for Infinite as well, by any chance? :D

              P.S., I need to replay Bioshock 1 again too! That bee swarm Plasmid? Possibly one of the best powers you could ever get in a video game, truth be told!

              • Just feel need to comment I'll confirm Ken is Genius and Infinite with TLOU my favourite games of all time

                • Oh yeah, Bioshock 1 will always be a classic game for generations to come, Infinite was pretty cool too. I'm just eager to see what other types of games they'll make!

              • I still need to get money to buy the DLC season pass! Hopefully during spring break. I already watched it on youtube but I still want to buy it for myself. It's all about the personal experience, I think. And I loved the bee swarm plasmid too! I need to replay all of them before I get the DLC or I might be rusty with my knowledge. It's been a while, lol.

                • Aw, ok then, have fun! Hopefully you didn't watch everything that the 2 episodes have to offer, nevertheless, it's all about the personal experience as you said! I started playing the 1st Bioshock just today actually! Steinman is still, like, my favorite mini boss for some reason apart from Cohen. Anyways, maybe we should stop nerding about Bioshock lol. You have a good day now and thank you for your input.

  • This looks fun!

    Let's see ... I'm going to make Toad the kitchen manager and be in charge of the creating the recipes. I don't know why but I can just imagine him playing that role. I think Vivian would be a great hostess, and Bufkin can be the Headchef.
    The other chef could be Prince Charming, and just to torture Bluebeard, I'll stick a funny hat on him as well.
    I can see Snow White being the general manager and keeping things running smoothly, Bigby can work alongside her as the assistant general manager. Yes, they'd work well together. Faith and Nerissa could be the waitresses. The cleaner can be Flycatcher and Holly can be the bartender. What else? Entertainment for the customers whilst they're eating!xD Jack can do some magic tricks and Rose-Red can do karaoke.

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