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Kenny is no different than Lily

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One killed somebody with a cement block

One killed somebody with a gun

The difference is, Kenny killed while he SHOULD have known better and had no tragedies happen to him yet. While Lily snapped after......ta da, Kenny killed her father. The double standards I see about GOOD OLD KENNY is hilarious. He was a dick to Lee in my play through throughout the entire season, and I will never understand how people accept his craziness.

  • People hate lilly because she killed carley (in my gameplay) not as many people hate kenny but he killed Larry (I helped kenny in my gameplay) but people were okay with Larry being killed. Lilly has military training but kenny has a God like mustache, now beard

  • Hey, It's THAT person again.

  • Lilly killed Carley and she wasn't a threat.
    Kenny killed Larry because he was a threat.

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    ImSnowWhite BANNED

    You sound like that Shaundi everyone talks about..

  • It's the "powerful stache" turned "all-powerful, god-like, hoboiness beard" trick.

  • but kenny did not kill larry cause he wanted too he killed him for the safety of the group lily on the other hand had no reason to kill carley, kenny might be crazy in season 2 but not in season 1 he was just doing what was best for the group and you know it

  • I am a Lilly fan but I disagree with the first part. Kenny was killing Larry in defense of the group, I tried to save Larry but I knew it might have been necessary. Lilly killed Carley/Doug and she was pissed at the time but still, they weren't trapped in a room, and Carley/Doug didn't have the possibility of being dead.

    Kenny was a dick to me in my play through but I still think he is a awesome character. I don't understand how Kenny fans hate on Lilly, and Lilly fans hate on Kenny. Its really annoying if you ask me. Seriously guys. This dispute is getting really bothersome and irritating. No answer is right as both Kenny, and Lilly have both made mistakes. If you hate Kenny fine. If you hate Lilly fine. But it would be nice if you didn't bring these topics again about "Kenny is better" or "Lilly is better."

    Go ahead and down vote me, or state that someones is better then the other. But I don't give a shit about what happens here but if anybody makes another Kenny Vs Lilly Thread... Heh you watch your ass.

  • Kenny was actually more than justified in killing Larry, if you think about it. They were locked in a tiny room, being held hostage by a family of cannibals, and had no weapons. That was bad enough, and then Larry had a heart attack. He was unconscious, he'd stopped breathing, and he had no pulse. Everyone who dies comes back ass a zombie unless the brain is destroyed, and Larry was showing off all the major signs of being dead. What Kenny did sure as hell wasn't nice, and the way he acts toward Lee is absolutely awful if Lee attempts to save Larry, but he had every reason in the world to drop that salt lick. The act itself is justified, his actions afterward if Lee disagrees are not.

    Lilly was under a great deal of stress, and I'm not upset that she killed, but I'm upset at WHO she killed. It's not that she shot Carley, it's that she DIDN'T shoot Kenny. If she had tried to kill Kenny it would have been understandable, given what happened in the meat locker, but she murdered Carley for calling her a bitch. There is no justification for that, or for throwing Lee under the bus even if he always sided with her. She was too dangerous to be kept around after that.

    I like both, despite the fact that both of them become horrible people at some point. But if you are ABSOLUTELY loyal to Kenny, he would die for you. If you are ABSOLUTELY loyal to Lilly, she'll stab you in the back anyway. That's why, out of the two, I like Kenny more.

  • It's by reading threads like this that makes me glad i had a ''Bro Kenny'' in my playtrough, i've seen some playtroughs and when you don't side with him, he's just a pain in the ass.

    • at least he is always watching your back if you side with him in my side with lily play through she is still the same bitch

    • Kenny is a cool character but I hated him from the moment he ran away from saving Shawn. I'm not going to kiss his ass just so he can be a "bro" but that's what makes him great, you either love him or you hate him.

  • Maybe because of..

    Kenny: You're a murderer Lilly, we cant have you with us! how long until you get me!?!

    Lilly: I'm a murderer!? You've had Lee with you this whole time!

    Kenny: I don't care what he did before!

    Lilly: You Know?

    Kenny: Yeah, he told me, and I don't give a shit.

    Aside from that Kenny automatically insisted to coming with me to find Clem but i had to convince the others, he grabbed me when i missed the jump, he killed Larry for our survival, he took the food for our survival, he gave me a bro speech, he gave the group a bro speech about how you should try to live as long as possible, he risked his life for the person he hates, and he has a godlike stache that evolved into a godlike beard.

    Lilly shot Carley for dissing her, and if you have Doug instead she'll attempt to shoot Ben even though she has no evidence it was him...then if you side with her the entire game she'll lie and drive away without you..

    • Even when I did my playthrough where I sided with Lilly and Larry, Kenny came back for Lee when Larry knocked him out in the drug store. He wouldn't leave you there to die, even if he saw you as an asshole.

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