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How would these pairs get along? With TV characters!!!

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Also, I will have TV characters mixed in too. And before anyone comments I know the game is set in the comic universe!!!!!!!! It's just for fun.

  1. Carley and Carl- I think they would get along really well. Maybe she would even become a motherly figure too him.
  2. Clementine and Carl- They would be best friends.
  3. Rick and Clementine- He would raise her and care for her as much as Carl.
  4. Carl and Lilly- I'm not sure...
  5. Rick and Molly- Really well.
  6. Molly and Carl- They would have a brother- Sister thing.
  7. Christa and Carl- Not sure.
  8. Daryl and Lee- Really well.
  9. Maggie and Clementine- They would become a family with Glenn
  10. Beth and Clementine-
  11. Omid and Glenn
  12. Kenny and Rick
  13. Andrea and Clementine
  14. Shel and Carl
  15. Molly and Daryl
  16. Molly and. Michonne
  17. Daryl and Clementine
  18. The Governor and Carver
  19. Daryl and Luke
  20. Clementine and Micchonne
  21. Rick and Lee
  22. Doug and Abraham
  23. Tara and Clementine
  24. Carl and Becca
  25. Maggie and Luke
  • Daryl and Luke.

    The pair of AWESOMES!

  • Rick and Lee both awesome guardians

    Clem and michonne. Michonne would be a badass mom

  • Christa and Carl. Christa seems to want to be the "do - what - I - fucking - say - or - you - will - be - grounded - aka - punished - severely" type of person - so obviously, Carl would piss her off to no end because HE REFUSES TO STAY IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

    Fuck it, I wanna see Carl and Becca.

    1. Good I guess.

    2. Awesomely both badass kids that could both look after themselves especially if your talking comic carl.

    3. Rick seems like a good dad so I think it would be good :)

    4. Carl wouldn't stay in the house and Lilly would shoot him for it :P.

    5. umm good?

    6. Molly seems to have a soft spot for kids so probably good.

    7. Good same as 6 both seemed to have soft spot for kids.

    8. Badass overload so they would be awesome.

    9. Good I think Maggie is a good Adoptive other in the comics.

    10. Great beth is the post apocalyptic babysitter :P

    11. Good I think. both have their silly side and would get along I think.

    12. Good awful they would probably try to kill each other over leadership lol.

    13. you repeated it from number 6.

    14. probably bad. if its S1-S3 carl then definetly bad because much like becca he doesn't listen.

    15. Both were loner types so good I think.

    16. same as number 15 add to the fact they're both ninja's :P

    17. Awesomely both fan favorites and both are pretty smart I think they would be unstoppable.

    18. Awful both a villians and both would want to be leader probably so they would kill each other.

    19. Both are pretty cool I think they would do well.

    20. like I said I think they would be awesome Michonne would be an awesome mom and mentor.

    21. Great I think both are awesome guardians and make the tough decision when no one else can.

    22. I'm not even sure what to say lol good I guess I mean Abraham took care of Eugene didn't he.

    23. awful I like Tara but she would be to busy Brofisting everyone instead of taking care of clem

    24.Carl wouldn't be having any of her crap he'd shoot her.

    25.  Good I guess not sure though
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