Lol Strange Theory/Thought about the ending...

Okay I know this might sound ridiculous, but please hear me out..

What if the story ends like Clementine not dying and meeting up with the Tell Tale Games studio Lol. I think this because in 400 days on the missing poster you can see a character version of the people who worked on this game.


  • The man on the poster wearing the TTG shirt

  • The guy with the hat and the glasses that works for TTG's

So I'm saying what if the story ends with Clem going into TTG studio and we get a huge ''Thank you for completing TWD season 2 and surviving the harsh moment'' XD.

I know their going to Wellington it's just we all know TTG's maybe they will make TTG studio in Wellington where we will meet the creators and people who worked on this season. They will be willing to take care of Clem.

This could be the Pizza and Ice cream.

  • Pizza- Kenny or whoever is with you

  • Ice cream- TTG studios


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