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There are 3 people that, in my opinion, are going to make a reappearance:

  • Luke (because telltale would not just make him desapear and not come back, it would not make sense)
  • Christa (we didn't see her die, and telltale would not lose a dead scene for nothing)
  • Lily (she's alive no matter what you do, I think she can survive on her own

Now, If you think they're going to make a reappearance, how do you think it will be and how would Clem react?

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  • Well, I think Clementine would be happy to see Luke, thrilled to see Christa(she was with Christa for a pretty long time and though it seems Christa wasn't very nice to her for a lot of that time, they still probably bonded a lot), and she'd probably be scared or pissed seeing Lilly. Lilly killed a member of Clementine's group in cold blood.

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