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Ok, what is Wellington? There's no way it's a good camp. Plus, it's up near Detroit! It can't be good! Could it be like Terminus in the TV series, Woodbury, Crawford, or something entirely different? What do you think it will be like.

  • There's going to be a huge mass of people moving up there.

    So maybe a large concentration of people who have no idea what to do.

  • Wellington is a Fools Paradise. However, if they plan on doing a season 3, this season has to end with some form of hope so that it can be crushed in season 3

  • Christa says that people say that is better there. And heres the question: Who where that people? How can we know that they were telling the truth?

  • Wellington is most likely a pipe dream. I don't think it's like Terminus. Maybe there once was a save haven called Wellington, but considering how far away it is... now it's probably just a story that's getting passed on making it's way through the country...
    I mean, how did they even hear of Wellington? Someone must have told them in person. Because of the distance that someone wasn't in Wellington for a long time, if ever.
    Radio contact would be another possibility, but highly unlikely, as there is no direct line of sight due to earth's curvature, unlike Terminus which was pretty close and not thousands of miles away...

    If there's no Wellington then it's probably a very dangerous place. So many people trying to get there, only to find nothing and probably die. I'd imagine it's full of walkers now.

    Anyway, I think we won't get there this season... I hope.

  • Wellington is Season Two's BOAT

  • Wasn't the idea of going to Wellington because the cold and snow would slow down the lurkers/walkers?

    • Where exactly are they now? Considering some people are wearing jackets, they have to be north of GA right? Or did I miss something? Other than Kenny again, I have no reason to believe they are in GA still.

      • Episode 1 took place in Georgia (Gil's Pitstop in the beginning, when Omid got shot) then North Carolina after the timeskip. Episode 2 starts in North Carolina, then the group arrives in Virginia after the 5 day time skip. During dinner, Kenny mentions that Wellington is located in Michigan.

  • Clem: we need a group

    Christa: lol no we cant trust people anymore

    30 seconds later

    Christa: but we need to get to wellington, you know, a camp literally packed with desperate people

  • I wouldn't go to wellington considering the season 2 group obviously didn't like it. Maybe there's something bad about it we dont know.

    • I wouldn't say the season 2 group knows anything about it. Luke and Nick were definitely hearing about it for the first time when Kenny was talking about it.

  • I think Wellington will be featured in episode 5, in the slide you can see a city in the background and there is a dead walker which might of froze to death from the cold.

    I bet Wellington however is not all as it may seem, otherwise the game would end there happily ever after.

  • If I learned one thing from The Walking Dead is that if someone mentions a place that it has food and protection, know that it is a lie. Woodbury, Terminus, St.John's Dairy, Savannah (Crawford)... do I need to say more? Wellington is another pipe dream. Nothing is going to be good in the end of it. (Ben's Voice) I got a bad feeling about this.

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