If you were a fable from the homelands what fable would you be and what job would you have

Just as the title says what fable would you be and what job would you have in fable town. I would be Fenrir of Norse mythology as for my job I would work like a mob boss for fable town. making sure the residents of fable town get the protection they need from the rest of the world.


  • My name says it all. I would ironically become a shepherd.

  • Ha, I would be Snow White, but she's too main of a character and people might get mad if I call her first. So I'd probably be a Zephyr in general. Even more so, a Zephyr with the powers to morph like Bigby's children. Like Ghost. Yeah, maybe I'd be Ghost. He's cool. As for a job, well he's only a child. BUT when he grows up, maybe he'd work for Fabletown as the new Sheriff or something (Since they've been lacking one for some time in recent issues).

  • I would be a big bad-ass wolv, detective of fabletown! (or maybe Mr Toad, cause he's a boss!)

  • I would be a Troll prostitute.

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