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Deleting played epsiodes from Xbox

posted by redlum on - Viewed by 777 users

Hi, I'm running out of space on my xbox and was wondering whether I can delete episodes 1/2 from from my hard disk and still play Episode 3?

  • Well idk how to since i don't own Xbox but i think it's not possible to delete one episode if you bought the whole season since its counting as one game.and why should u delete u need these episodes for future episodes. I know i don't really much of a help but i think thats the only solution available.

  • I think so but your choices will probably vanish.

    • So long as he doesn't delete the save files his choices will be fine.

      I have no idea if episode 3 will play though. Each episode is a separate file, but i don't know if the new ep will need anything from the previous to work.

      • I believe latter episodes use files from previous downloads. That's why the latter downloads are smaller than the first ones. They, usually, have less textures/etc to download. This is all hearsay though.

  • Thank you for your replies. Time to get a bigger drive, unless I hear otherwise.
    Thanks again

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    You could ask on the support forums and see if deleting the episode/keeping your save would work.

    I'd think keeping your save file alone would work, but better safe than sorry right? (I'm only a volunteer mod and not a Telltale employee so I don't personally know)

  • You have a 4GB Slim ? Use a USB key, it will permits to keep your saves.

    • Hello friends,
      Redlum can you spend $15-$20 (price of the official Xbox usb drive?). If you don't want to spend $15-$20 for the Xbox brand usb; I'm pretty sure you could go w/ a off brand usb stick for around $10.00.

      P.S. I'd double check the usb price, my prices were just an educated guess.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    You can delete episode 2 with no problem, but you have to keep episode 1 since that episode is required to play the game (all of the other episodes are treated as DLC of episode 1 and since they run in episode 1 they need it to play).

  • Couldnt you delete some other game you finished playing? As long as you own them, you can always redownload. I thought about that too since I dont have a lot of space on my hard drive but I dont dare.

  • Thanks for all your replies. Problem solved, thanks Jennifer.

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