• I actually think it was for the best , we needed some conflict inside the group which is going to force us make difficult choices and pick sides .

  • You might want to put the name Kenny out of the title due to spoilers.

    I don't know whether I agree or disagree with this article, but I'll reserve my judgement until I see the next episode and see how it handles Kenny.

  • It seems that they are still going with his character being affected by grief form the death of Katjaa and Duck, the fact that he seems to have tried to "replace" Katjaa with Sarita, called Clem Duck, etc. He seems to have something similar to PTSD, so that could be an interesting story line.

  • I'm going to be frustrated if season 2 comes down to picking sides between Kenny and someone else. I like Kenny but seriously, enough with the childish schoolyard bullshit, grow the fuck up mate.

  • Well, say what you have to say, but the scene that you meet Kenny again was one of the best scenes in this series.

  • After reading that article I have to agree and disagree in a sense. In a sense yes Telltale could have been using gaming nostalgia, which I have always said is the most powerful bias in gaming and is generally what makes people hate newer games, but that aside nostalgia is a powerful tool, and I can see how telltale could use it. (Warning Incoming cheesy analogy) For example let's say telltale is a restaurant and They serve breakfast(Sam and Max), Lunch(TWAU), Dinner(TWD), and Desert (Monkey Island), so using Dinner let's say they revised there dinner menu to take off an item people really liked, like Chicken nuggets(Kenny), but could easily get back compared to a food item that would be a lot harder to get back like Lion steaks(Lee). So people ask them a lot to bring back the food item, so they do and people are happy. So in this sense one can see why they would do it.

    Now onto some points of the article which I'll be quoting.First and foremost " Kenny has started a relationship with a woman named Sarita, a clear stand-in for his dead wife, and he accidentally called Clementine “Duck,” his son’s nickname. Kenny is set up to repeat his tragic cycle with no new twist." Afterwards he states that if they do, do something different with Kenny he would change his opinion. I think the main flaw here is that if Kenny were to repeat the same cycle it would involve Clem dying, just like Duck, which I just don't feel will happen unless Kenny dies first. As well disliking an entire episode based on a prediction on things to happen without actually seeing the actions happen yet, seems kind of brash if you ask me, and not whole-heatedly deserved. As well yes Kenny seems to be replacing his old family, but if you want to tell me Kenny's character is the same I would probably laugh because he's shown himself as a different person.

    "Moving on from thematics to the practicality of the plot, his survival cheapens the stakes of the world. His death was presented in a way that made it abundantly clear he was dead, even if we didn’t see him die." Now this is a common complaint. First and foremost I don't see how one man's survival cheapens the stakes, when we quickly observed countless characters die in front of us, just to list a few "Ben, Chuck, Omid, Lee, ect." It would seem to me the stakes are still the same. As well him saying it is clear that Kenny is dead seems kind of ignorant to me, because perspective is everything, because even we may have seen it as a death-trap there could of been a whole used by Kenny to escape. As well clearly this writer never read the comics Cough Tyrese Cough and yes I would say Tyrese was in a worse situation as he was surrounded from all sides with the dead basically at touching point and not only did he survive but he cleared out the entire gym. Now yes the writers could have done more to explain how Kenny escapes which I think they will do slowly, but even if it he did "just get lucky" who's to say that it's impossible to have luck in the apocalypse anymore. Honestly I think it's refreshing to see character that lived based on luck rather than speed or strength, but that may just be me.

    "* But in this episode, because of Kenny, the same can’t be said. At one point we have to choose who to sit with at dinner, Luke or Kenny. It’s a choice meant to test my loyalty to either group, but this moment of inner conflict assumes you had a close relationship with Kenny in in the dist season, and you did. Except “you” weren’t Clementine, you were Lee. Kenny and Clem didn’t have a particularly close relationship in the last season. They were a pair as much as anyone else.*" Now this area stuck out to me a lot because In a way I agree and disagree all at once. I agree that it is awkward because we are basing our relationship between Clem and Kenny generally based between our Lee's relationship, but that said it had been 2 years since Clem last saw Kenny a lot may have changed.. As well the entire point of Clem being the main character is so you can sort of see how the apocalypse and you morph her.Yes we have a pre-determined clem personality, but that doesn't mean we have to choose the options that would fit her, in fact me an Kenny were best buds in Season 1, but in season even though I was overjoyed to see Kenny and hugged him, I still sat with Luke, just to show Luke that even though me and Kenny are buds you are still a friend also, and I'm sure Kenny would understand, as well as I was hoping to tell them about Kenny and about how he is a good guy.

    Sorry if some of this sounded strange I'm a bit out while writing this but was all together an interesting review and point of view to read.

  • The writer of the article seems to think Kenny fell off the railing instead of Ben? Maybe a mistake.

    I actually felt like Kenny's sacrifice was a form of suicide, so I don't agree it was a proper ending for his character. I think the fact that he lost his family and has 'no reason to live' has much more story potential. Can he move past it? If so, how does he confront the issue? Will he have a mental breakdown? How will his relationship with Clem develop? Theres more to tell in the tale of Kenny, and that's Telltale's specialty.

    About he and Clem not knowing each other, they spent months together. I'm sure they interacted a lot more than we saw, and from what we did see, he liked and respected her, praising her resilience and expecting Lee to do right by her. Even if she was indifferent to Kenny, she was close to his family. To me, when you survive together in the Zombie Apocalypse, you are family. For better or worse. I have no issue believing they bonded based on that alone.

  • I believe that we'll be helping Kenny move past what happened to Kat and Duck this Season, and that will serve as the primary arc for his character. As Lee, we never really got to do much to help Kenny aside from the attic a few words here and there. As Clem, I think much of our interaction with Kenny will be helping him deal with what happened and move on, instead of trying to recreate the past.

  • In my humble opinion, this guy has no clue what he's talking about, and it just provides further evidence that it's absolutely impossible to make everyone happy. He's also making a full assessment on Kenny's character, stating his arc is "finished", without even knowing the full extent of his role in season 2. It's this kind of arrogant presumptuousness that I've heard from a LOT of fans who argued against the idea of Kenny's return. It reached the point where I actually wanted Kenny to come back, just to see them throw a hissy fit.

    On top of that, the author of this article is either suffering from selective memory, or just intentionally being ignorant. "He fell from a multi-story building into a sealed off alleyway filled to the brim with zombies, and he didn’t have a weapon."? When did Kenny "fall into" a "sealed off" alleyway? And Kenny DID have a weapon; his gun, which could just as easily function as a club. Hell, depending on what Lee did, Kenny could even have a few extra bullets at his disposal. Kenny's chances of survival were slim, but NOT so astronomical that his return would have been flat-out ridiculous.

    I suspect Mr. Dinicola is a GAME OF THRONES fan, judging from how he thinks anything other than the absolute worst-case scenario is "wishful thinking". Well, he'll be in for a treat soon enough, as Telltale is making an official GOT video game. Until then, more than enough fans had their share of unpleasantness in episode 1 with Omid's death, Sam mauling Clementine, and the new cabin group being introduced as a bunch of paranoid assholes who would sooner throw a young girl into a cold shack than tell the difference between a human bite and a dog bite.

    Besides, Telltale could easily have knock off Kenny (or force us to choose between him or Luke) in the next episode, so hopefully Mr. Dinicola will have more of what he considers to be "good storytelling", and what most people simply consider "misery porn".

    (...and seriously, when did not deciding to let a character die a hideously gruesome death become "nostalgia?" There's something twisted about that.)

  • I'm interested in knowing what happened to him between his supposed death and his current appearance. Ken's hiding something about that, and I got a feeling that it's going to give us a fresh look or further development to the character.

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