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Goofs/Continuity Errors

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So while we're waiting for episode 3 - did you guys have any goofs/continuity errors that you spotted, or minor plot holes? There probably aren't many since it's a game but whatever. I'll start...with what happened on the 5 day walk to the cabin.

Disclaimer: This is not a place to rip on the game. It's merely a thread to post quirks/opinions on what you observed in the animation or plot while playing through.

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    ItsGabee BANNED

    " That is cute " - Lee

  • There is no way the rifle Nick used at the end of episode 1 could have that many shots.

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    ItsGabee BANNED

    Oh, here is the original art, and the artist who made it.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    I at one point that when Carlos shot one of the Walkers that Clem failed to kill (ran out of ammo) he was holding a white gun (I'm not good at weapon names) but when Clem got into the lodge he was using that black one that you see most of the time. Again, I don't know my guns. But I noticed Carlos held a different one later on.

  • Carlos asking how big the LITTLE house by the bridge was. IT'S FUCKING GINORMOUS, CARLOS. XD

  • When Carver tries to enter the cabin and he says something like "I've been cooking in the hot sun all day." And I was like ????? then take off your giant puffy winter coat, dumbass.

    I know it was just his excuse for coming inside, but still.

  • People make fun of Carlos, but the writers are the real "geniuses". This is kinda sad, considering Carlos was supposed to be a smart character and now noone takes him seriously.

    • Yeah, Telltale really messed up with him. But at least they're changing some characters' personalities during the game's development, and it's probably for the best.

      • Just make him help Rebecca give birth and then heal someone's bullet wound and we can all pretend that little "fever" incident in the first episode never happened (I'm still not completely convinced dog bites are that easy to tell from human bites, specially if you've never seen any) or that he was actively trying to kill Clem, which, frankly, would be an improvement on the character.

  • In Season 2 Clem has her backpack from Long Road Ahead, though she's never shown with it after that Episode. As if she, Omid and Christa went through a possibly swarmed train/mansion to get a backpack.

  • Got a goof of my own. In the pic below, you'll see that the doors are meant to be opened by pushing from the outside, but after everyone scurries inside, it only closes inwards. So how did Lee manage to get the doors open?

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