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What games do you think is overrated?

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The title says it all, Please don't hate on me, It's just my opinion.

Resident Evil 4, I just don't see what is so special about RE4, It's not a bad game at all, It's pretty good but it's not Resident Evil.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I love this game but is it the best game ever made? No XD

COD, Need I say more?

BioShock Infinite, I think Infinite is just some generic FPS with a story filled with plotholes, Not to mention it doesn't feel like Bioshock.

The Last of Us, I like the TLOU but the A.I is just laughable.

What games do all of you think is overrated?

  • I'll admit, I really don't care for Borderlands.

  • Pokemon, Mari Kart, Halo, Final Fantasy, Battlefield and Call Of Duty, Metal Gear (anything, Fifa, Killzone, Half Life, Team Fortress, Dota and LOL.

  • GTA V is overrated, its alright but i found the story boring (not enough heists) and the online didn't include heists.

  • Two or three years ago, I would have said Call of Duty. But the series gets so much hate nowadays that it doesn't really count.

    Battlefield, Final Fantasy, Gears of War all come to mind.

  • Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy games after 9.

  • Assassin's Creed all the way, they should've stopped after AC3 or 4. I even recall hearing that Ubisoft themselves said that they were going stop the franchise, but of course, they're just gonna continue milking the games for more moolah. There's L.A. Noire too. Really overrated actually, though I played the hell out of that game.

  • Essentially every Call of Duty after World at War, Last of Us, Borderlands, every Resident Evil.

  • Best games are TLOU and Bioshock Infinite lol but respect your opinion can understand why

    Walking Dead Survival Instinct didn't play but videos are just hilarious so bad

    Arkham Origins really let me down first time batman bored me the bosses were class everything else copy and pasted BORING

    Assasin Creed Black Flag I'm an Assasin not pirate hated playing battleships ruined one of my favorite franchises with this installment

    Bonderlands Colourful just hated the shooting everything jumping around just keep shooting and hope for the best no precision

    GTA V Shooting mechanism just ruined the game for me couldn't see the dot just didn't enjoy it boring traded it in without completing

    COD was massive fanboy as kid till played something else realised it was worst shooter out there

    Deus Ex Couldn't shoot anything even when aimed straight at the target hated it

    Syphon filter or something

    Jak and Dexter just couldn't get into them Crash way better

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    • LOL at your reasoning for hating Deus Ex.(Greatest game ever)

      My friend had survival instinct. I played for probably an hour, just pushing zombies into a combine at a saw mill until I died.

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      Best games are TLOU and Bioshock Infinite lol but respect your opinion can understand why

      I think TLOU is good but they really need to work on the A.I...

      • lol Agree was lots of bugs even if went backwards in a level to just see so many glitches like seeing through the roof and not sure if it's a glitch but every time faced lots of enemies just got there attention ran behind a door then minute they walked through blew there heads off couldn't see me. Still my favorite thought thanks for the share

      • Damn I feel blessed to have experienced a no bug game with almost perfect AI. Only on my 5th playthrough did I experience bugs but I think it was because I had to digitally download it. Other than that the AI was smart as hell!

    • Mark, you do realize that you could change the aiming crosshair in the options for GTA V, right?

      Meaning that you could change the way it looked instead of having it being a little white dot all the time, besides, if you had trouble aiming in that game, there is an option for you to turn on auto-aim. (soft-lock or hard-lock aiming)

      And how dare you diss my precious Borderlands? I shall destroy you with my dragon powers! XD But seriously, it's a good game, amazing art style and all that, it's pretty much the only game series that's keeping Gearbox alive right now.

      • AUTO AIM!!! DO YOU THINK IM A CHILD lol but seriously getting borderlands on the vita so giving it another chance as for gta still meh to much effort in that open world all about Red dead redemption, Max Payne 3,Bully and The warriors are best rockstar games rest are fillers lol

        • Hey, what about Manhunt, eh? Those were good games too! :D And yes, Red Dead is still pretty rad, I should play it again someday, Max Payne 3 however, I played the campaign dozens of times, at least it felt like it. As for Bully... Mark, I need your Bully copy now!

          • Alt text

            I don't have any of them anymore lost them as for manhunt was banned in my country(Ireland)

            • I'm sure you could get still Manhunt or any other game that you can't get from a online retail site, like Amazon for example. But I never had any experience from ordering stuff online, so I have no idea how that'll turn out for you. :P

    • I thought everyone hated Arkham Origins and WD: Survival Instinct.
      I did a charity run where we auctioned off a signed copy of WD:SI and a couple other signed games. Thought with the WD fan base SI would be a slam dunk for fundraising, it only got some $50 donated to it's raffle.

    • Lol, Jak and Daxter is the shit, man. Better than any Jump 'n Run games combined. Yes, even Crash. I said it. Would take a Jak 4 over TLOU, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Sly or Crash Bandicoot every day.

    • I understand why you don't like Jak and Daxter I couldn't get into them either I'm going to try Jak 3 my friend said it was good I'm not sure though.

  • Since I mentioned Gearbox above, there is a game that everyone hated, a lot, so much that they wished it probably never even existed in the first place. Should I dare say it? Or shouldn't I? I think I shall, as I'll be risking everything by destroying the entire space/time continuum.

    It is...

    Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    (looks around nervously)

    Phew, the universe didn't destroy itself when I mentioned that monstrous creation. It is that bad, you all know what I'm talking about.

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