• Are you saying you don't want to hit them or do you mean the game is harder?

    For both questions my answer is no. They're Fables, they can take a punch fairly well and the games no harder than the Walking Dead.

  • I'm the Big Bad Wolf, if that means I need to bust some heads then I'm damn sure going to do it! I'm always a class-act when around dames though, just to prove my roving predator days are well in the past.

    Admittedly, glassing Woody was a huge overreaction even though it was pretty funny at the time. I couldn't bring it upon myself to not pick that option.

  • I guess it is because we are in a modern and civilized environment. What I mean by that, we aren't in a apocalyptic setting. In the setting of the Walking Dead, you are thinking like a survivor, you are thinking about what you should do to survive. When I am playing the Walking Dead game, I won't hesitate to lie, keep secrets and use violence.

    In the Wolf Among Us, I am more honest, you are a detective, the sheriff, you follow the law (Depending on how you act.). I didn't wreck Georgie's place because I didn't see a reason too. I thought that I could get the information out of him without having to resort to violence. I must admit, that I did punch Grendel and use more brutal methods on Dee when Episode 2 first came out. Funny things, however, both examples are due to Snow in a way.

    • Gotta go with this. In the Walking Dead, you can only look out for you and your company. Anybody else can stab you in the back any moment, even your friends. But The Wolf Among Us is still a civil world. Being violent in TWD makes you look intimidating. Being violent in TWAU just makes you look...violent.

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