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Book recommendations for TWD and TLOU fans

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Do you know any books fans of these franchises would like?

They don't have to be zombie-related. I like postapocalyptic situations, survival, adventure and loooots of feels ;)

Edit: Please do not only list the title but also mention what it's dealing with.

  • Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead novel series.

  • War of the Ancients trilogy

    It's a world of warcraft lore book, but it's fantastically written with beautiful characters and the single best character arc I've ever seen. It has the same end of the world, all hope is lost feeling the walking dead has with magic, soldiers, and war.

  • The Stand by Stephen King and Swan Song by Robert MacCammon, two of my favorites. No zombies in sight. They re post-apocalyptic stories with a hint of the supernatural.

  • I gave Hunger Games Mocking Jay(last book in series) a shot after seeing the first two films wasn't expecting it to be so dark full of psychology and war good read.

    Love Anthony Horowitz books the power of five series all 5 books are class has fantasy fiction with dark undertones
    Hard to explain so give a link every page just addictive never know what's going happen next's_Gate

  • The Road: Story of a father traveling with his son in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Featuring desolation and cannibals. It's miserably dark, even by TWD standards. Definitely not my cup of tea, but some people enjoyed it.

  • The Morningstar Trilogy by Z. A. Recht. It's three zombie-apocalypse books about a strain that breaks out from Africa. It's got a great story and a wonderful array of characters, my favorite being a soldier named Brewster. He's got a lot of variations of the word "fuck".

    And The Exorcist. I think it's necessary for everyone to read that book.

    AAND another one. The Terror by Dan Simmons. It's about the real-life lost voyage of Captain John Franklin and his crew of 128 in 1845. They were never found, so beyond that, the book is fictional. It has them dealing with starvation, mutiny, and cannibalism. All the while they are being stalked by a monster.

  • I'm reading a series that's called Gone. it's kinda like the Under the dome if you know what that is.

  • These are books I have read and enjoyed:

    Hunger Games Books. Communities called Districts under the rule of a city called the Capitol are living in poor conditions and are treated as peasants. A few years before the Districts rebelled against the Capitol attempting to overthrow them. They failed and in punishment every year, two teenagers, a boy and girl, from all twelve Districts (24 people in all) are chosen to fight to the death in a arena, last person standing wins and lives.

    Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. A quest to destroy a cursed ring, crossing many obstacles across the fantasy land of Middle Earth. It all falls into the hands of a hobbit (small man) who must destroy the ring in a volcano or else the world is doomed.

    The Maze Runner series: A boy ends up trapped in a maze with a bunch of other boys, all of them remembering nothing about their lives before. The only way out is getting through a maze. Later on they find out the world was hit by sun flares, and they were put in the maze so that their brain patterns could be analyzed to manufacture a cure.

    The Hobbit. The prequel to LOTR. Its about how the ring was found and how a hobbit helps dwarves and a wizard reclaim the ancient Dwarf kingdom of Erebor from a fearsome dragon.

    Game Of Thrones series. Not sure how to describe it but its good.

  • The Prince of Nothing series

    • The Darkness that comes Before
    • The Warrior-Prophet
    • The Thousand-fold Thought

    The Aspect Emperor series

    • The Judging Eye
    • The White-luck Warrior
    • The Unholy Consult (upcoming)

    This is a dark fantasy with a big, complex world centering around the rise of a monk who comes from an isolated sect of people dedicated to seeking something called the Logos (thousand-fold thought), which is like a pure insight into the essence of human will, and goes on to include many main characters caught up in this one highly intelligent and yet pragmatic individual's ability as he manipulates people and events to prevent a coming second apocalypse

    The author draws from philosophy, psychology and neuroscience to build very deep characters and some amazing dialogue, not to mention a very brutal and unforgiving world where there are differing magic schools with their own styles, each with their own history of development and peculiarities. Very creative and interesting to read.

  • Thanks for all your recommendations :) I've heard about "The Road" and I think I'm gonna give it a try

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