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Do you have something you want to post but don't want to make a whole thread about it?Post it here!!!

Here are the rules:
1.When you START A POST that's not a response to anything else posted, be sure to title it.
2.When you REPLY to a bulletin SOMEONE ELSE POSTED, be sure to quote their bulletin and DO NOT TITLE YOUR POST.
3.I understand that this is a whole thread about posting unrelated topics, but PLEASE DO NOT SPAM!!!!I mean this kind of spam: "Hey everybody, I'm sellin' discount r.e.p.l.i.c.a. watches for a low low price!!!, or "Hey this thread sucks and I think it should be deleted, so I'm gonna trash it!JFIEAFFSDANFOEFJDAFDSAFDASFJEWAJDFNSAOFE!!!!!".Don't do that stuff.

Thanks for reading this post!Now post all you want on this thread!!!

P.S. Telltale, if you think this thread is a good idea, please feel free to give it a sticky.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I don't think this thread is a good idea, sorry. I'm closing this. If you don't think something is worth making a thread about, my advice would be to not make a thread. If you have something you'd like to say that could be part of an existing conversation, post it there. A place for people to post things that would under any other condition be considered throw-away seems like it might just encourage people to make throw-away posts.

    It's a good thought, and is maybe a need we can fulfill some other way, but this thread seems like, in practice, it will be asking for trouble!
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